5 Online Donation Tools to Delight Your Donors

Online fundraising garners millions in charitable giving for the nonprofit industry every year, but there are so many options it can be difficult to find the right online donation tools for your organization.

Here are some of our favorite online donation tools, with an emphasis on widgets and donate buttons. They are all both easy for donors to use and affordable for nonprofit fundraising at all levels.

1. Google Wallet & Google Grants

With Google Wallet, your online donation and shopping history is easily accessible from anywhere and at anytime. After initial setup, Google Wallet will allow donors to easily repeat donations in a few clicks. Not many options for personalization exist, but being associated with Google’s trusted brand will help assuage any fears about the online donation process.

The standard service costs 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. If you fit the application requirements, we strongly recommend applying for a Google Grant, which sets you up with AdWords, also completely free. It’ll take a few months to process your grant, but it’s worth it. With Google’s previous service, Google Checkout, the fees were waived for nonprofits with a Google Grant. However, it’s unclear as to whether or not that transferred over to Google Wallet when Google Checkout shut down.

2. Razoo & Razoo Donation Widget

Razoo is a great website for indexing your nonprofit organization to get exposure for your cause. Use Razoo to set up fundraising pages, or make use of Razoo’s donation widget to easily process donations on your own website.

Razoo has a competitive 4.9% processing free per donation. Plus, the widget accepts recurring or one-time payments and is super easy to set up.

3. Network for Good DonateNow Lite

Network for Good’s DonateNow offers a variety of fundraising services and software to help get your online donations flowing, including branded donation pages, email services, and hands-on customer service.

While the DonateNow services range in expensive and can be prohibitive for smaller organizations, Network for Good offers a DonateNow Lite service which can be implemented with 5% transaction fees, recurring donation functionality, and a fundraising page.

4. PayPal Donations

PayPal offers services to help nonprofits with online donations, especially in the form of their handy donation buttons for qualified nonprofit organizations. As a plus, if you know some HTML, PayPal’s donation buttons allow you to easily gather donor information in a way many comparable buttons don’t.

PayPal’s a valuable, trusted brand for processing money online. It’s ideal for donors who are existing users, but those without accounts are free to make one-time payments with a credit card. The standard processing fee per donation is 2.2% of the donation, plus $0.30.

5. FirstGiving

FirstGiving was designed specifically for nonprofit organizations (versus being built on a business model and then adapted for nonprofits). This donation tool can integrate with other tools including certain CRM, donor management, social media, CMS, analytics and email tools.

Not only do you have the option to accept donations online, but you can manage direct donations, donor communications, events and grassroots campaigns.

The standard fee per donation is 7.5% (5.0% support and enhancement of the product + 2.5% credit card fees). Event registration costs 4.25% for online events. Your organization can cover the fee, or charge donors the percentage.

These are just a few low-expense, easy-to-integrate options for online fundraising, but there are many other venues to look into, especially if you’re looking beyond widget-based online tools.

Some additional recommendations:  Causes is great for social media fundraising, and sites like EventBrite and CrowdRise are excellent for promoting events and fundraising pages. GoGetFunding is a good option for crowdfunding personal causes, projects and events. If you still haven’t found what you’re looking for, check out GiveZooks, Fundly, PaymentSpringJustGive.org and Amazon SimplePay Donations for some more options.

What online donation tools have worked the best for your nonprofit?

**This article was updated on March 3, 2014 due to changes in pricing and features of the online donation tools.

  • Ariel Royer

    I’m working with a non-profit in Jordan & keep running into issues. Our audience is mainly from the US & Europe so I really need to get a Donate button on our webpage. My non-profit is small and somewhat informal & we don’t have 501(c)3 status, which is necessary for all of the sites I’ve seen. What sites work with international non-profits?

  • In Norwa

    tthank you:) I have problem with adding the paypal button, so needed alternative advice:)

  • FYI ChipIn is now dead.

    http://www.chipin.com/overview = 404 error.
    http://www.chipin.com/ = Legal explanation that it’s dead.

    • Thanks! We updated this a few days ago and put a new tool in there for you.

    • Triple A

      Is it back up?

  • Carole Rossetti

    Do you know any tool that allow a NGO to receive time donations? Like ChipIn except that the donation can be time, kilometres, etc.

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  • Mark Ronson

    Try YouAid+ at youaidplus.org

  • Naomi

    Google Checkout no longer exists. Sort of disappointing to get an email in my inbox today with this article and then discover it’s out of date.

    • Lyndsey Hrabik

      Hi Naomi. We’re so sorry that somehow slipped by us! Google did discontinue Google Checkout, but Google Wallet should be able to provide the same type of services. We’ve updated the article with the correct name and features. Thanks for bringing that to our attention.

      • Melinda Caughill

        Google Wallet specifically states you cannot use it to accept payments if you are a nonprofit.

    • narmon hunii

      Less #PrivacyRaape is more better

  • Hi Marc — thanks for including Network for Good in this round up. I wanted to add that we work primarily with small to mid-sized nonprofits and have many small organizations who are using our full DonateNow service with great success. We’re also happy to share that we integrate with platforms like Constant Contact and DonorPerfect to help tie everything together. Our fundraising consultants are available to talk about what options might be right for a nonprofit’s unique situation.

    Will we get to hang out with the Nonprofit Hub gang at this year’s NTC?

    • Hey Caryn! Thanks for providing such a great tool. Unfortunately we won’t be at NTC this year — but we will be at AFP in San Antonio in a couple weeks. Hope to see you there!

    • GLOGAN1

      Network for Good – at 5.5% transaction fee – now how am I supposed to be impressed by your making these kind of dollars off small non-profits…???

      How about at least beating Paypal at 2.2%?

      • Jason N. Smith

        GivingTools.com puts Network for Good to shame on rates.

      • While I can see your logic, I can’t imagine a fundraising platform focused on nonprofits competing with an online payment giant that has a grip on the e-commerce universe.

        • Maybe they need to not pay themselves like bankers but like a non-profit. 🙂

      • boggy4062

        Well, GiveForward takes … wait for it… almost 8%. That requires a lot of balls. LIberal scum knows how to make a buck or two.

        • GregLogan25

          Boggy – While I appreciate your disdain re 8% – introducing politics does not provide a solution – as well as is silly. Liberals are equally disdainful of this kind of profiteering. The fact is you can get Trump trash and trash religious right engaged in the EXACT same kind of behavior.

          The fact is – these guys (GiveForward) are just thieves with no political orientation – they are are thief being that is unfortunately being used by Liberals as their pawns – just like the Rep-Con-men use evangelicals as their shills for profiteering, power and control.

          Just wanting to judge according righteousness rather than appearance… 😉

          • boggy4062

            Point well taken. You are right of course. I am simply disgusted with the Hollywood a-holes who want everybody else to “give back”, but feel entitled to $30 CDs.
            Anyway, I wanted to donate to a 17 year old girl ill of leukemia, but this outfit is a ripoff. Will send them money via PayPal.

          • GregLogan25


            I appreciate your thoughtful follow-up. I am curious – who in Hollywood is representative of what you are referring to?

            As to this outfit being a rip-off – amen! Maybe we should start a business that undercuts these profiteers….

    • narmon hunii


  • Ryan Shanks

    I’m on the BOD for a non-profit school and we are looking to integrate an online donation tool into our website. I’m looking for recommendations on easy to use/easy to donate platforms that can be used for our school. I use PayPal for my business, but it’s pretty expensive, so I am also looking for low cost as every dollar counts. Thanks everyone!

    • Riki

      This is exactly what I am looking for also! Any other suggestions out there??

    • Hello

      PayPal is expensive? Why are you paying for PayPal beyond the 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction fee? If you want to avoid their extra charges for accepting Amex, etc. than use Stripe. See why a lot of folks are switching from PayPal to Stripe (https://memberful.com/blog/stripe-vs-paypal/). And no, I’m not paid to say this, just a happy customer!

      • joolz

        Paypal can reverse payments up to 6 months after they have been cleared by paypal and they you are responsible for the payment to paypal even though the payment was used months before. I will never use paypal again. Also they have no link on their site to complain about anything to do with donations only complaints about recieve purchases. Takes forever to get through to anyone. Non existent customer service.

      • Alexander Leaf

        Their nonprofit rate is 2.2%

  • Thank you for the information! I’m looking for a site that will allow me to accept secure donations and also integrate ticket sales at multiple levels for different events throughout the year. I would love something that has an easy to install widget for WordPress and doesn’t charge a monthly fee. Any thoughts/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    • Brit Krause

      Brooke, I know your post is a year old, but I wanted to let you know about itrulycare.com. It allows you to sell tickets and accept donations and it is 100% FREE! We partner w/ a church in Ethiopia that serves 300 sweet orphaned and vulnerable kiddos. We are constantly looking for a site that gives us more of the money donated. Best of luck!

      • Suzanne

        Unfortunately itrulycare.com has stopped accepting new events. Does anyone know why? We used them in the past & are bummed that we can’t find a comparable site.

        • narmon hunii

          have you tried asking them?

      • Guest 123

        You should look into Benojo – an online platform offering donations, ticket sales, and more!! I have used it in the past – easy and great people to work with!

    • Reza Farzan

      Hello Brooke,

      I am not familiar with WordPress, but I do not believe it offers the functions that you want, https://en.wordpress.com/features/.

      One of the better choices would be Eventbrite, https://www.eventbrite.com/, that offers the exact functions that you are seeking.
      Thank you,

  • Renewable World

    HI, I have a question I hope someone can help me with. We are a UK based organisation (working internationally) and have some individuals in Canada who want to raise funds for us through a series of events. What would be the best tool to use to make this an easy process and to keep fees & transfer costs low.


  • yougivegoods

    Totally going to plug ourselves here: but we’re great for food and supply drives! You can even host a challenge, and we’re soon adding the ability for teams of people to sponsor a drive together. (And yes, we’ll even soon take cash donations for you) http://www.yougivegoods.com

    I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • riceguitar

    Hi Marc, thought i’d drop in and introduce a tool that we’ve recently released called CheerGive – http://www.cheergive.com – it’s very simple and the platform is free (minus the transaction fees). For those looking to received donations without a 501(c)3 it also has Pay Pages which allow for receiving donations or payments. Would love for you to check it out if you have a chance. Thanks Marc!

    • Alexander Leaf

      When I click it, it goes to get.cheergive.com 🙁

  • Barnaby Bienkowski

    I’ve found that adding a bitcoin donation button (like the one from Coinbase) also gets a surprising amount of donations. People can donate small amounts (like fractions of pennies), or big amounts. The processing fees are tiny (1%, compared to 3% from paypal) so you keep more of the donations, and you can spend it instantly. It all adds up.

  • Stella

    hi Marc

    Nice listing for Online Donation Tools but i want how to manage that donation.. currently we are using the http://www.easychurchtools.com/church-donation-software/ but

    i want better featured with better price software so help me to find correct software for donation management

  • BPT Press

    Include Brown Paper Tickets in this list! ZERO fees for accepting donations (yes) that are then hooked up through whatever processor you want to use. Regular ticketing fees for all are even lower than EventBrite and Crowdrise’s fee for verified 501(C)(3) orgs!

    • Brad Canham

      BPT website says the cost is 99 cents + 3.5%

  • A.Reza Saadat

    Social Seam

  • Doffie

    Another great product is ClearGIVE. You can find us at http://www.poweringthegreatergood.com.

  • Ahmad Saadat

    Can you please add Socialseam.org?

  • Campaignion is an open source tool based on the popular Drupal CMS. The platform is
    designed from scratch to help non-profits, NGOs and activists make an
    impact online. Have a look: http://www.campaignion.org

  • Earning Moore

    My question has never been successfully addressed by any donor platform hosting co. to date. Maybe like minds or knowledgeable viewers can suggest a ‘do-able’ strategy or suggest a correct course of action I might employ in my fundraising efforts.

    In order to keep it simple, I’ll list the facts in numerical order, followed by one question, which will hopefully be enough info for readers to provide a directly- relevent answer.
    Thanks for viewing and a special thanks to those who reply with helpful or insightful responses.


    * I work as an independent fundraising contractor for a 501c3 nonprofit charity organization.

    * I use telephone and email communications to solicit donations, primarily from business entities.

    * The charity in question already has an online donation page on their site. Donors have to enter a code while donating online, which is how the org. recognizes the funds received as originating from a particular fundraiser, like myself.

    * Most businesses I successfully engage by phone and email prefer to mail in their donations, again using a 3-digit code on the address label. (My inability to successfully encourage supporters to use the online donation method, or credit card by phone, for that matter, is holding me back. Folks are wary, and extremely cautious (as well they should be these days) in completing any transaction by phone, especially on a call that they themselves did not initiate.

    * I am highly interested in, and have been for some time, employing the use of an online giving platform, possibly coupled with a targeted or saturation marketing campaign; however the cost seems prohibitive, and setting up a third party donation site on my own involves fees and costs which actually detract from the entire idea of pure fundraising: besides not understanding how to properly report, track, and submit those donations to the charity, in order to receive commissions for generating them.

    * The charity directors offer no provision for third-party fundraising online, outside of referring donors to the existing page on their site. They would also take a dim view of the necessity of having to commit one of their accounting staff persons to process continuous (and usually small) financial transactions and donation receipts. In fact, they actually prefer their contractors not submit donations of less than $25.00.

    In summary, I feel I have a great cause to represent, which needs constant exposure to philanthropic individuals, small business owners, corporate decision-makers, and the average, concerned, citizens of America.
    But I am frustrated, and trying very hard at this point to not give up on my goals, and the potential impact one dedicated person might make, if he or she is committed to a project like the one I’ve chosen.
    Making the world a better place by encouraging participation from everyone online sounds great theoretically, but it’s extremely challenging and many days heart-breakingly, discouraging, to say the least. I’ve been a telephone fundraiser for many years, and have raised quite a bit of revenue for some very worthy organizations, but never have my results been as poor as they were in 2014… and in the first quarter of this year.
    Operating solely on my own little island, from my home office, with no marketing software, no online database programs in place, no budget to speak of, and no idea of how to even legally collect funds online, I’ve reached an impasse: Either keep cold-calling, buy a (questionable) donors list, switch non-profits, or quit.
    I’m a fundraiser, not a charity.
    What can I to increase my results?
    Will an online platform actually increase donations?
    What about indep. contractors, can this system be set up with custom protocols to work for those in my position?
    The non-profit in question is state registered, IRS recognized, financially compliant, and does great work locally with veterans, and with the needy and homeless.
    But they don’t want their callers spending valuable man hours researching grants, soliciting corporations, or otherwise engaged in any non-immediate-revenue- generating activities.
    Successful donor-hunting is very fulfilling when it happens, but so far has been rarely experienced, by me, with this campaign. (Current statistics report that literally billions of dollars per year are still being brought in by charities, from telemarketing alone: now imagine what’s possible with online donations: if it’s done right.)
    I apologize to all viewers for selfishly being so longwinded.. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to vent a little, and maybe pick a few brains.

    • narmon hunii

      And what is your cut of each donation? or annual intake?

  • Your post is very awesome and I get
    complete info about donation gadget. I have also make this gadget on my website
    now visit and tell me this is right or notList Of Best Online Shopping Sites!

  • Caris
  • Voiie Marketing

    Voiie is a non profit solution, You can accept donations by SMS and have donations widgets integrated with your website using voiienonprofit.com.

    Standard monthly fee + $0.5 per donation, that is most cost effective for nonprofit market than any other system. No percentage just processing fee and use your own payment gateway to process the actual payment. Voiie integrate your own payment gateway and can setup recurring payments and so on.

    Also it’s a complete CRM to track donations by contact and full marketing automation using email, auto dialing and sms reach to your existing contacts base.

    • Alexander Leaf

      What is the standard monthly fee? How adaptable are you to squarespace websites?

      • Voiie Marketing

        We do apologize for the late reply, we did not monitor this forum correctly. for non profit users we have $9.99 monthly base, plus usage, you can visit our website for pricing details, We just wanted to mention, we will set you up with a Merchant account that is lower than your current merchant account and integrate your machines if you use any offline processing machines and you’ll be able to process ACH payments as well.

        for websites integration, we can provide a donation/payment widget that will show up on your website with a small javascript file, or we can build you your own landing page that match your website theme.

        If you have any questions, please let us know. for the late reply, we will wave first year subscription fees. @alexanderleaf:disqus

  • If anyone is looking for a lower cost option, but with more of the functionality, a newer option that launched in 2014 is Aplos Donations: https://www.aplos.com/online-donations . Nonprofits can create as many fundraising pages as they wish, accept one-time and recurring gifts for no monthly fee or set-up fee. Card transaction fees are 3% + $0.30 and 2% +$0.30. You can also export all of your donor details for your contribution statements. I hope this help you!

  • Dor

    Although they are in the beginning, a simple easy way to donate, and only 1 dollar-

  • Max Gus Evans

    A new product coming out in Beta in a few weeks is Catapultian. Sign-up if you’re interested in giving feedback or enhancing your personal giving here: https://catapultian.org/beta-registration/

  • stephen ochingah

    i woould like to know about what you are doin to the community!

  • macat5

    I also have a fundraising tool that is free for anyone to use, (third party fees may apply), I charge nothing. You can find it here:


  • joolz

    A warning about using Paypal for donations. What they don’t tell you is that in you receive a donation they can reverse it, even after they have cleared it, for up to 6 months. They they will put you account in debit so that you cannot use it, until the money is paid back. Most small charities will no longer have the money in 6 months.

  • Lyle Seales

    CONTACT LYLE AT lyleseales@gmail.com or 917-447-7938
    TAKE A SEEK PEAK AT THE CERTIFICATES AT http://www.addmoresales.com

  • Jason N. Smith

    Actually, GivingTools (www.givingtools.com) puts all of these options to shame. Much lower rates, easy to create appeals, easy reporting…and it supports traditional cash-and-check gifts, too, so it can all be tracked from one place!

    • Suzanne

      Are you affiliated with this company? Is there a way to use it without monthly fee? We do just a one time event on an annual basis.

      • Jason N. Smith

        Suzanne, Yes, I work with GivingTools. The monthly fee is required, however, there is no early-cancellation fee, so you can of course sign up, do your big event, and cancel, if you like. But I would encourage you to consider ongoing appeals, including opening the door to recurring giving…create a sustaining circle of regular givers… Let me know if you have more questions. Thanks!

  • Lilian Eaton

    Withcauses.org makes giving online accessible by providing online forms as well as live chat. While new tools are in the making and exciting this nonprofit provides great features to help donors give what they can.

  • if you pay more than a 2.9% processing fee you are a sucker. Square, Stripe, PayPal, all have lower processing fees and no monthly fees. They all have easy to install widgets, super easy sign up, and loads of other features. Do your nonprofit a favor and stop giving away more than you have too.

    • Rav

      I used paypal for a charity but could not customize it to add text required to be present on charity receipts in canada. I spoke to paypal support and even made a feature suggestion. The organization had to issue a separate tax receipt, If this has changed please provide me with a link explaining how to modify the automatic paypal receipt.

  • Lois Barger

    Maybe this has been mentioned before…but I just inquired at Google Wallet and they don’t offer a service to process donations online.
    From their tech team: “We appreciate your interest in setting up an account with us. At this time, Google does not provide a payment processor for physical goods, digital goods, services, or donations. Currently, sign up is only available to developers looking to sell apps in Google Play and Chrome Web Store.” 7.14.2015

  • Thank you for your time. Please help my family. Please share.


  • Folks,
    Some one help us get there, I have been trying different online donation pages to try to raise funds for our course but all attempts seem fruitless! I have attempted global hand, network for good, betterplace.org, global giving, etc! but no fruits! how does this work? may be some more knowledge and tips on how online donations work would really help

  • Jignesh
  • Jignesh
  • Jason N. Smith

    GivingTools.com outshines all of these options on rates…credit cards are at 1.9 percent +15 cents, debit cards are less than that, and echeck or ACH is just 25 cents with no percentages. The system tracks your appeals, supports traditional givers too, and provides emailed statements if donors wish. There are no minimum use fees, no startup fee, no cancellation fee, it does recurring giving, you can sell products and event tickets, and it works solidly and looks great. I encourage folks to check it out!

    • Michael Culp

      I just looked them up. The rates are lower but they charge a monthly fee of $14.95.

      • Jason N. Smith

        For services that enable you to create and track appeals and do recurring gifts, that is actually an extremely low monthly rate. Even PayPal Pro (which is required to do recurring gifts) is $30/month (and isn’t really made for donations but more for subscriptions). Network for Good is $59+/month.

      • narmon hunii

        How is that not a bargain?

  • Abdelwahab Bounasser


  • Eva

    If an individual or company wants to raise money for our cause on their own website, is there an easy widget to integrate that can just route money to our account? We currently use paypal on our own site. Thank you.

  • daniel

    Dona is a unique application to raise donations for associations. It is possible throughDona to hold multi-participant charity events, collect donated fund by smartphone and issue receipts for participants in real time for the full amount of the donation.http://donaapp.com/

  • Hello, maybe is important to had our service to this list: in the past
    months we have launched Helpfreely.org , a nonprofit platform that generates free funds for NGOs all over the world.
    Every time a user shops online, can give a percentage of what has spent online to his favourite Causes, safely and completely free.
    Hope you like it!

  • Hunter Orghunter

    Brooke, Please take a look at the work OrgHunter.com is doing around charity search and donation processing for over 1.4 million charities in the United States. Here is the link to the WordPress Plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/orghunter/ and they also have a plugin for Drupal. https://www.drupal.org/project/orghunter

  • Kennedy Foundation

    Any recommendations which program works well with Stripe in terms of auto-generating a Thank You for your Donation and an acceptable Canada Revenue Agency Tax Receipt? Stripe works well for confirmation of receipt of payment, but I cannot find something that would then trigger my customized Thank You and Tax Receipt. I appreciate any thoughts on this issue.

    • Hi Kennedy Foundation,

      I just came across your question on nonprofithub.org regarding a program that can create an acceptable tax receipt for online donations through Stripe.

      I did exactly this for LimeAid.org a few months ago. When a donor enters their donation amount and checks out, they get an email that they can print for their tax filing. It included a serialized number for tracking, and a duplicate portion to keep for personal records.

      The website is built on WordPress, and I used Easy Digital Downloads as an ecommerce engine. I added a combination of extensions to support Stripe, variable dollar values, email receipt templates and some custom coding to make the whole process automatic.

      If you haven’t already worked out your own process, I’d be happy to help you with mine.

  • Leonid Simkhovich

    Any recommendations for fundraising apps? Curious if we can set up tablets during events to enable participants to give without attendants.

  • From experience and talking to other nonprofit executives. 4.9% is not a competitive rate at all. If you use paypal you can get as low as 2.5%. First giving universally is considered a big rip off, their customer service is terrible, their fees are high and they seem to put all their money into salespeople.

  • Alexandre Vix

    Hello to all,

    I’m replying to this discussion in hope of finding a solution to what I’m looking for.

    I am currently volunteering for an NGO based in DRCongo.
    We are looking to introduce a fundraising tool and payment system to accept direct donations to the organisation through our website.

    However, I haven’t found a system yet that would allow us to get direct donations to our local bank account (at the Trust Merchant Bank).

    Would anyone know of any company/website that would give us the best service for that?

    Also, I’ve already looked through the fiscal sponsorship option and it’s not really what we’re looking for right now. Thanks in advance for your answers, it would help a lot!

  • Amber Perona

    Hi- we currently use Simple Give and are having tons of issues. Any other similar platforms to transition to?

  • Melissa

    HI All – I’d love to add artful.ly to this list – it can be used as a donor database, ticket sales, and donations – it also easily interacts with mailchimp so you know how many mailings each donor is recieving. they are fantastic, artist focused and easy to interact with – they also have low percentages and real people to help with real questions.

  • narmon hunii

    for the low low cost of supporting evil in the world (visa vi tides)

  • narmon hunii

    PayPal exhibits the progressive “tolerance” the way they act in out in American streets: shouting, violence, and irrational discrimination. They have been removing conservative charities from the rolls:

    Mercury One, Texas

  • Henry Muhwezi

    Other available websites to donate while you are in the Netherlands: Learn about 1% Club organisation in the Netherlands. You can also be part of this sanitation and health education campaign online: https://onepercentclub.com/en/projects/give-a-brick-for-a-school-toilet

  • Reza Farzan

    Does anyone know a firm or service that could review our school’s donation page, and give me recommendation as to how improve or even redesign it?

    • CC Marketing Agency

      shoot me an email at clientconversionmarketing@gmail.com and I would be more than happy to take a look. I am a social media marketing consultant who has taken on a few non profits in the past.

  • Ali Jaffi

    DonorPerfect is great too! It’s more for larger nonprofits looking to grow their fundraising, however. Check it out at http://www.donorperfect.com