Even Online, You Can Tap into Emotions

When’s the last time you shook someone’s hand? Think hard. If it was longer than a week ago, you know first hand that times are a’changin’. Prior to the days dominated by social media, people would meet face-to-face, be introduced and then expected to carry on a conversation in person. (The horror!) As technology has transformed our society and diminished personal contact, our people skills have suffered.

It’s easy for nonprofits to take the easy way out, bank on apps, social media and interfaces to relay your message to the world. But you can’t be lazy. If you want to truly inspire action and support your cause you must continue to appeal to emotions: passion, hope and empathy.

Keep in mind, there is an interactive aspect to online interaction. And you need to ensure that your nonprofit is utilizing it. Your digital outreach needs to be as warm and friendly as that handshake you haven’t practiced in a while.

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The challenge and opportunity of true connection [Network For Good’s Nonprofit Marketing Blog]