Content Writing Truths—Your Mother Told You Never to Steal, and She Was Wrong

Sorry to burst your innocent bubble, but thievery in the blogging, social media world is a common practice. So either get with it, or get out. We may not be robbers in the classic “cops and robbers” sense, but we’re dirty little thieves nonetheless.

Who do we steal from, you ask? Ourselves, of course. (Betcha didn’t see that one coming). Perhaps recycle is a better word for this common practice (but stealing sounds much more hardcore, so we’ll stick with that). You probably write one original piece of content a day, right? But how many social media outlets do you post it to? If your answer is “just one,” you’ve been missing out.

Check out the full scoop on stealing (a.k.a. recycling) content in the article below.

Why I Steal Content (And Why You Should, Too) [@ProBlogger]