Finding the Right Donor Database for Your Nonprofit

Consider this—7 out of every 10 donors only donate once. Not enough to shock you? Let’s add to the mix. 77 percent of donors leave due to a lack of communication.

Those are downright terrifying numbers. But there’s some reassuring news—Those are numbers that you have the power to change.

And with the right donor management tool to fit your organization’s needs, you have a better shot at communicating in the right way and building better relationships, so donors come back for round two.

Check out our list of donor management tools to find the one that works best for with your organization’s size and objective.

Small Nonprofits

You’re a small nonprofit, which means your budget doesn’t have much room to, well… budge. And that’s okay, because these options won’t break your bank and they will offer the donor management basics.


“Technology should never replace human interaction. Instead, it should enable it in creative ways.”

Store your contacts in the cloud. Batchbook gives you a free 30 day trial. Organize your contacts, build better relationships with your donors and collaborate with your team members. BatchBook starts at $35 per month for an unlimited number of users.


The multiple reporting tools offered by DonorSnap help make this donor management system unique. From standard reporting to QuickBooks integration and more, up to five different reporting tools are offered. DonorSnap only costs $39 per month, but also has a $200 one-time setup fee.


After realizing a need for donor management in the community, NonprofitEasy was formed.

For the NPE Lite package, your organization can have one user, up to 1,000 contacts and 10,000 annual batch e-communications. Plus, support is offered. NonprofitEasy starts at $20 per month.

Medium-Sized Nonprofits

You’re smack dab in the middle. You’ve got a little bit of money to invest in donor management, and your number of constituents is growing. But you don’t have the budget to spend an arm and a leg. These middle donor management systems are for you.

Avectra netFORUM

Get all of your organization’s information in one centralized database. You’ll also get integrated member data and will be able to manage members, chapters, non-members and other relationships that are important to the success of your organization.

From social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to social events and membership, Avectra allows you to track a wide range of profiles for effective donor management. Pricing available upon request.


“It’s not about you, it’s about the donor.” And your donor retention rates are up front and center on the dashboard so you know exactly how your organization is doing. You’ll also get a view of each individual constituent’s giving history. Their engagement is measured in “cold,” “warm,” “hot,” and “on fire!” Plus, you’ll get smart reports, a timeline of individual constituents, access to email distribution designed to increase retention and printed direct mail pieces.

The middle package offered by Bloomerang is for 5,001 to 15,000 records. Your organization will pay $299 per month for an unlimited number of users and free email and online support. Other packages start at $99 per month for up to 1,000 records or $499 per month for up to 40,000 records.


The cloud gives you the ability to access your unlimited contacts and unlimited users from anywhere. One database manages your supporter relationships and their gifts, pledges and payments. The middle package runs for $199 per month with up to 5,000 records.

Large Nonprofits

You’ve got more constituents and a little bit more to spend. Check out these donor management systems that were built to handle large amounts of donors.

Raiser’s Edge Fundraising Software

Raiser’s Edge offers tons of different giving options all in one place—major giving, annual fund giving, planned giving and online giving. Plus, build a 360 degree view of your supporters and host all of your management in the cloud.

And we love that there’s a mobile app so you can take Raiser’s Edge on the go. Pricing for Raiser’s Edge available upon request.


The same software built for businesses is also available for your nonprofit. Instead of sales, track donations and manage your donors like you would a sales contact. After all, nonprofits are in the business of sales. Unique to the Salesforce system, you’ll have access to pre-integrated applications that can help you with events management, volunteer management, fundraising and more. Salesforce pricing available upon request.

TrailBlazer Nonprofit Management

Track everything from finances to pledges, donor relationships, all donor touches and more. This management system works with Mac, PC and iPad. You’ll have access to free fundraising tools, cloud-based software and more. Pricing for TrailBlazer available upon request.


What has your experience been with these nonprofit donor management systems? What would you add to the list?


    Wow thanks for this!

  • Thanks, Lyndsey!

  • @littlecitizens

    @roundCause the only Enterprise Nonprofit CRM solution built 100% Native on the Platform.

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  • check out Little Green Light – – very powerful for fundraising and starts at $39/month.
    otherwise, nice summary … but keep in mind that the first in the list – BatchBook – isn’t build with nonprofits and fundraising in mind, so it doesn’t really compare to the rest. (looks great for small-biz CRM, though)

  • Deborah Turner-Davis

    Did you review NeonCRM? We’re curious about it. Thanks for your opinion.

    • Hey Deborah – we haven’t, but we’ll try to put it on our list and let you know!

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Deborah Turner-Davis

        Thanks. Looking forward to it.

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  • Very useful piece. Am wondering which, if any, have fully integrated automated marketing solutions. A lot of the good solutions for marketing are out of reach for many nonprofits (and weren’t built with nonprofit needs in mind). Thanks!

    • Jenny

      Hi Claire, Sumac has bulk email marketing built right in, and doesn’t charge for sending email. Very affordable CRM solution with lots of perks! Starts at $20/month!

  • Thanks for the shout out’s Lyndsey!!! 🙂

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  • ESwit

    we are currently using two databases –eTapestry to store donor information and Salsa/DIA to conduct advocacy. Therefore, we have to manually sync data weekly. Has anyone found a good mid-priced solution that does both good donor tracking and advocacy (contacting congress and CEOs, etc)?

    • Amanda

      The Databank is a CRM for nonprofits with a very robust advocacy tool that’s integrated. Full disclosure, I work at thedatabank, but it really is a great system with great tools. You can learn more about the advocacy package on the website: I hope that helps!

      • Zvik

        @Amanda – what would it cost to install the databank? Is it user friendly for both individual and institutional givers?

        • Amanda

          Hi Zvik,

          It is very user friendly! Each system varies in cost depending on the individual needs of the organizations. I encourage you to follow the link in my previous post and contact one of the sales reps for more detailed information. I don’t want to get too salesy all over someone else’s blog post 🙂

          Thanks for your interest in the system!

    • Karen Price

      You should also look into Powerbase, which was built for this sort of advocacy work and has built in fundraising.

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  • Josephine David

    Nice article Lyndsey. Interesting points. I think we’ve gone a bit overboard on the cloud hype and it worries and confuses many of us. Our non-profit has settled on just two that need to be offsite and on the internet: stakeholder collaboration and backup. From non-profit perspective the big benefits from cloud come from collaboration portals– communicating and sharing information with project members, board members, staff, etc. This means being able to have folks access and retrieve pertinent documents, cases, etc, without having to call and meet about every little thing. So of course that means it needs to easy and secure. If the collaboration portal isn’t easy, no one will use it and get confused. Consequently admin costs actually go up if it’s complicated. There are a ton of confusing collab portals out there. We tried a lot of them. Our pick here is Centroy. Easy and intuitive… for users. And make sure it’s encrypted and has archiving– showstoppers not be overlooked. Centroy again won there. The other important “cloud” thingy–perhaps more boring– is backup. If a drive failure hasn’t happened to you, it will someday and if you lose data, well…. Two things here to consider: easy to set up and automate. You don’t need to have a tech guy involved. The other thing is reliability and time retrieval. Here you should test them out with free trials. But also google “data loss” and pick the online backup vendor. There are complaints of all of them loosing data, although seems few and far between. We like Crashplan because we can backup the same data to the cloud as well as each other’s PC drives. Kind of double data insurance piece of mind. So far so good for us.

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  • I’ve heard positive things about BatchBook, but am skeptical as to whether the software is as suitable as it needs to be for a nonprofit? Would appreciate reviews 🙂

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  • I notice there is no discussion of Donor Perfect…any thoughts?

  • Jenny

    Don’t forget about Sumac! Starts at just $20 a month, and can do donor management, events, memberships, volunteers, grant management, case management, ticketing, course registration, and more. Also comes with built-in build email marketing, so you get a complete solution to manage your entire organization. Here’s a 2 minute overview video I think you’ll like:

  • Stephanie D’Amico

    Awesome piece, thanks! I’ve worked for both small non-profits, and larger corporations, and can say that while being very comprehensive, salesforce is typically a more expensive solution that can sometimes be out of reach for smaller non-profits. I’ve had great experience with Sumac both from an affordability and versatility standpoint. Sumac is a very powerful program with many functionalities, and the client support is great which means a lot when you’re a small organization with limited resources.

    • Thanks, Stephanie! Glad you liked it and thanks for the other suggestion.

  • Shelly Connor

    Anyone have experience with NationBuilder?

  • Beth Phillips

    Did you review We reviewed a lot of systems for our blood center that manages hundreds of volunteers. We landed with Duplie and it’s been very nice/easy! It allows for growth too with fundraising, custom forms (with registration payments) and an online store. We’ve been very impressed so far, and they add new features almost weekly. Go Duplie!

  • Prasad Papudesi

    Very well written article. is one of the best in the market and its peer to peer fundraising and team fundraising features can significantly increase the funds raised by a nonprofit. I have used this extensively and it makes a lot of difference using such software.

  • Alex Hrm

    kindly help Syrian refugees in this cause–5/x/12638003#/
    Thanks in advance

  • My supervisor asked me to research what types of databases are out there for non-profits and this article was really helpful. Of course, even the “small non-profit” options are more than the director wants to spend (i.e. nothing).

    • Bryony Schwan

      Tell the director “Spent nothing, get nothing”

  • Mark

    I have been trying to get to grips with Salesforce but it is not the easiest to get your head around, although it is free for non-profits.

  • kimleonard

    Thanks for sharing!!

  • Ali

    You guys missed the best of fundraising software: DonorPerfect! It’s the complete fundraising and donor management solution. Check it out at