The #1 Question to Ask About Your Website’s Structure

Have you ever asked people in your target audience, “If we were to build the perfect website, what would it look like?” This is crucial—that we understand what the end user is looking for in our website. After all, we’re building it for them, not for us. This is the most important question to ask yourself when it comes to your website structure: Does my site meet the needs of the people who visit it?

Far too often, nonprofits put a site together from the point of view of an insider. They structure their website according to how they see their organization internally. The problem with this is that the target audience may approach the website differently. If it’s not designed with the end user in mind, they’ll get confused and frustrated and leave.

Our sites should be built so the end user can intuitively find their way around. It shouldn’t feel like they’re solving a puzzle.

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Jay Wilkinson

November 22, 2014

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