6 Reasons to Consider a Monthly Giving Program

In the U.S., recurring donors typically account for less than 10% of an NPO’s supporter base. Many organizations don’t even have a monthly giving program. But with online donations, accepting recurring gifts has become a realistic option for nonprofits of all sizes. There are no checks to mail, no reminders needed and much of the hassle has been eliminated.

Here are six compelling reasons to consider a monthly giving program.

1. It’ll boost your revenue.
Recurring donations can increase the lifetime value of your donors. One study showed that supporters who gave one-time gifts donated an average of $97 in 2009, while recurring donors averaged $220 for the year. Also, recurring donors tend to have much higher retention rates.

2. It’s a win-win, for both you and your donors.
A monthly gift allows supporters to spread their giving across the entire year. They end up giving more, but don’t feel the pinch of a large one-time donation. And from your perspective, recurring donations provide an easy way to ask for a larger commitment.

3. Recurring donations even out your cash flow.
About 33% of donations are typically made during the holiday season, which means you likely have months when your revenue is light. Building a steady stream of recurring donations can help provide support during slower months.

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November 22, 2014

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