3 Nonprofit Conferences You Don’t Want to Miss This Summer (and How to Stand Out From the Crowd)

Summer convention season is just around the corner for nonprofit organizations, a good time for groups of all types to recruit and also promote their message. Conventions are also a great place for nonprofit workers to network and hear about the latest innovations and ideas.

Here are three important nonprofit conferences coming up this summer, along with some tips on how your organization can use them to stand out.

National Urban League Annual Conference

Location: The America’s Center Convention Complex in St. Louis

Dates: July 26-29

Details: The National Urban League Conference is the largest conference focusing on civil rights, with more than 20,000 attendees on an annual basis. The main purpose is to raise and address the issues and challenges facing African-Americans, including employment, health care, small business and housing. It’s a good opportunity for any nonprofit dealing with any of these issues.

Nonprofit HRCon

Location: Hebrew Union College in New York

Date: Aug. 3

Details: New York Nonprofit Media’s annual Nonprofit HRCon is a convention designed to help empower groups of all types. There are opportunities for networking, as well as sessions on how to create an innovative work environment and recruiting best practices. It also features an exhibit room and career fair where groups and potential recruits can meet and network.

Young Nonprofit Professional Network National Conference

Location: Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center in Atlanta

Dates: Aug. 11-14

Details: The annual National Conference of the Young Nonprofit Professionals Network is exactly what it sounds like — a chance for young professionals in the nonprofit sector to meet, network and learn about the latest in their field. The conference includes Deep Dive sessions in which attendees spend half a day or a whole day learning about a leadership skill or topic. There are also innovation tours showcasing how other nonprofits go about their business.

How Your Group Can Stand Out

Here are three ways your group can stand out at these three nonprofit conferences, as well as other conventions and events that pop up throughout the year.

  1. Embrace Social Media: Social media is a key component of the operations of most nonprofits these days, and that should be no different when it comes to conferences. Use the various social platforms to engage conference attendees, as well as to inform those who might not be on site. Most conferences use various tools such as Twitter hashtags to help stimulate the online conversation.
  1. Don’t Overlook Signage: Trying to network with and meet potential recruits on the convention floor can be a tough proposition. Busy conventions can get hectic with all types of groups, organizations and companies competing to get the attention of attendees. One way to stand out is to utilize custom signage to draw attention to the fact that you’re there. Convention booths that look clean and professional tend to draw the most traffic.
  1. Do Your Own Networking: Not only should you meet and network with as many attendees as possible, but you should also get yourself and your group in front of as many other nonprofits as you can. If you can position yourself as a leader and sound example in the nonprofit sector among your peers, that sentiment will no doubt trickle down to potential recruits and employees.

Conferences for nonprofits are great ways to both learn about the latest in your field, and also build support for your cause.

And, if you plan to attend any nonprofit conferences into 2018, don’t forget about Cause Camp! You can sign up here to stay in the loop as the event gets closer.


Kayla Matthews

June 14, 2017

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