3 Videos Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Needs to Succeed (And Examples)

While you might understand the importance of adding videos to your nonprofit marketing plan, this realization can only lead to another question: what kinds of videos are best for my nonprofit? 

Glad you asked! Nonprofit videos should be made for a few, specific reasons:

  • You want to build awareness for your nonprofit.
  • You want to get others involved as volunteers or activists.
  • You want to call viewers to donate.

Your organization’s resources are too valuable to waste precious nonprofit marketing plan budget on frivolous videos. That’s why we’ve made this video to help you figure out the best way to use your limited resources, to create videos with impact.

Learn What 3 Videos Your Nonprofit Marketing Plan Needs to Succeed:


In our last video we talked about why nonprofits need to start implementing video.

So now let’s talk about the types of video that you should be making.

A problem I see with a lot of nonprofit videos is trying to do too much in a single video, which causes it to the become unpointed and muddled. It doesn’t need to be that way. There are really only a few types of videos that a nonprofit needs in its repertoire.

The best known would be a “call to attention”: You know how sometimes you wish you could sit a person down, and show them the problems your nonprofit is trying to fix? Well that’s what you do with this video. Show the problem and how you are trying to fix it. This is the video where you would also include a call to action to urge people to donate to your cause. 

That brings us to a Thank You Video. Donors LOVE seeing where their money went. From being able to show the underprivileged kids using the ballet shoes you bought, to people painting a new mural on the side of building in a rough part of town—showing yourself or your constituents saying thank you, to see the smile grow across a person face, hearing the gratitude in their voice; it almost guarantees that the donor will donate again. 

The final type of video you should try is a fun video. Yes we know that nonprofits do serious work, but that doesn’t mean they have to be serious all the time. These can be a short video sharing a thanksgiving meal with your volunteers to highlighting an inside joke that happens in your office. These shouldn’t happen often, because you should never take the focus off your cause, but showcasing the amazing people that work at your nonprofit is never a bad idea

If you have a question, or you feel like showing off a video that your nonprofit has done, leave a link to it in the comments below.

Watch the Nonprofit Video Examples:

1. Call to Attention video:

2. Thank You video:

3. Fun video:

Thanks for watching!


Cole Jensen

May 6, 2013

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