6 Examples of Nonprofits Working with For-Profits for a Greater Good

These days, nonprofit organization partnerships with for-profit companies go beyond writing a check (although that’s still a useful part of the relationship). Nonprofits are tapping into the resources available from successful companies in all sorts of ways. It turns out, many of these companies are eager to help. When businesses and nonprofits develop mutually beneficial partnerships, they can maximize impact not only for each other but for the public good.

Here are some different examples of nonprofits that are receiving help through valuable relationships with for-profit companies. Use these ideas to spark some of your own ideas to partner with for-profit companies.

Nonprofit Organization Partnership Examples:


The amazing stories that come from the Make-A-Wish Foundation have turned this nonprofit into a household name. Make-A-Wish grants ill children once-in-a-lifetime opportunities that come in all shapes and sizes (from meeting famous athletes to becoming Batman for a day).

One example of their success happened recently when Make-A-Wish partnered with Mustang parts company CJ Pony Parts. Caleb, a four-year-old with a passion for Ford Mustangs, was granted an unforgettable day where he got his hands dirty and worked on his favorite cars.

ChildFund International

Helping some of the world’s most impoverished children in Liberia is a complex problem, but ChildFund International receives help from an important partner back in the U.S.: TOMS Shoes.

For every pair of trendy shoes that TOMS sells, a pair is donated to a child in need through one of their on-the-ground partner organizations.

A pair of shoes might not sound like much, yet there’s a big need for them in Liberia. ChildFund estimates that 15 percent of children don’t have anything to put on their feet. The new shoes are much appreciated by the children who receive them: “They were so excited to get their shoes,” said a TOMS employee who helped distribute them. “They didn’t want to stop for lunch.”

Mozilla Foundation

Mozilla, the company behind the Firefox browser, is a for-profit entity that’s always promoted the idea of an open Internet. The Mozilla Foundation is a nonprofit organization that was formed thanks to the success of its parent company. The foundation works on web-related issues through advocacy, mobilizing volunteers and organizing events.

Some of the issues that Mozilla has taken up include curbing government surveillance and promoting net neutrality in Europe. With new legislation involving the Internet becoming more and more frequent, the Mozilla Foundation will continue to be busy in the future.


General Electric is a behemoth of a company and they give back to communities throughout the world with the GE Foundation. That support goes beyond donating money through grants, although that is an important component of the foundation.

Thanks to the GE Foundation, AmeriCares has received medicine, supplies, and help from GE staff to operate 750 free clinics. These clinics serve five million people a year.

Google Grants

Google offers its employees extremely generous matching gifts benefits when donating to nonprofits. Even more useful to nonprofits of all sizes is its Google Grants programs.

This grant provides nonprofits with $10,000 to use in advertising through Google’s search results. It’s an amazing way for nonprofits to expand their audience and reach out to potential supporters.

There are some restrictions, as the costs-per-click are limited to $2. This means it can be difficult to show up highly in search results if you’re using popular words. Still, this is an extremely useful tool, and the application process if fairly painless for registered 501(c)3 nonprofits. Check out some of the case studies to see what kind of impact has been made.


Coca-Cola might seem like an odd partner for an international development nonprofit like Pact, but this pairing has made an enormous difference. The philanthropic arm of Coca-Cola has donated several million dollars to the organization in the past few years to help boost female economic empowerment in Southeast Asia.

The Coca-Cola Foundation has also donated more than half a billion dollars to various organizations through grants with an emphasis on “women, water, and well-being.” Nonprofit organizations are welcome to apply for funding.

Check out the Good Referrals page for our database of companies who do more good by prioritizing partnerships with nonprofit organizations. Be sure to ask them for the “do more good” discount!


Kayla Matthews

July 22, 2015

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