Eliminate the Headache—3 Grant Funding Sources to Help Your Org Succeed

With a little help we can achieve our greatest goals. At our nonprofit organizations we need a solid board of directors, enthusiastic volunteers and generous funders to help us achieve our missions.

But sometimes even the most generous funders aren’t enough to propel us forward. Speaking for organizations everywhere—thank goodness for grants (when we can get them, that is).

With the proper tools and the right grant funding sources for nonprofits, you can find even more funding to help reach your overall mission. You may not believe us yet when we say that finding grants doesn’t have to be a headache. Have faith and read on. We’ve combined the most affordable and helpful resources all in one place so you can find the grants that best suit your organization.

Grants.gov: Federal Grants with Easy Searchability

Would your organization like access to over $500 billion in grants? Rejoice, nonprofit grant seekers, because you can have access to these grants for free. Grants.gov has information about over 1,000 grant programs.

The great features of grants.gov include:

  • Flexible functionality—the opportunity to search online for grants through specific agencies, specific criteria like investment types or different categories of organizations. Or, applicants can browse by the agency that offers the grant.
  • This site eliminates the guesswork. You can spend the extra time you may have spent looking for grants on actually writing the grants.

If your organization matches the website’s eligibility requirements, you will be able to apply to receive a federal grant. (Don’t worry, most 501(c)3s are eligible.)

Foundation Directory Online: A Personalized Plan for You

You’ve got a budget, and the Foundation Directory Online understands. That’s why the site was designed to provide help for nonprofits at all stages. Whether you’re just starting out or are an established nonprofit with hundreds of thousands of volunteers and donors, there’s a plan for you.

An awesome features with FDO include:

  • The site is updated weekly, meaning you won’t miss any important grants.
  • FDO has a great reputation with over 108,000 U.S. foundations and corporate owners registered and over 3 million recent grants awarded.
  • You can tailor the right plan to meet your needs. Check out the FDO’s terms to find the right plan. At the most basic level, a user can sign up for $19.95/month, and the most expensive plan tops out at $179.95/month. However, there are different rates for organizations that invest in an annual or two-year subscription with more users.

The Grantsmanship Training Program: Intense Training

Tradition rings true for the Grantsmanship Training Program that dates back to 1972. And as the times have evolved, so has the program.

Benefits of the GTP include:

  • It’s run as an intensive 5-day workshop that covers how to approach the grant writing process, but also gives you access to the program’s grant funding databases.
  • Plus, the program is offered in various locations so you can find the workshop nearest to you.

However, this program may not be realistic for all organizations since it costs $875 per person.

Remember to evaluate your nonprofit’s budget to find the most affordable option that meets the needs of your organization. Applying for grants isn’t easy (and can be a headache), but it’s worth the effort. And these three grant resources will help you dive right it.

What other grant funding sources has your nonprofit found useful?


Lyndsey Hrabik

Lyndsey is a former editor for Nonprofit Hub and Nonprofit Hub Magazine. She now serves as a guest contributor, writing on topics such as social media, technology, marketing and starting a nonprofit.

May 22, 2013

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