Why Every Nonprofit Needs a Content Management System

Vitality is crucial for a nonprofit website—it’s extremely important to keep a website’s content fresh, engaging and current, especially on the homepage. Of course, along with that comes the necessary evil of actually taking the practical steps to update the content.

I say evil because for a lot of nonprofits, it’s a pain in the neck. It goes something like this:

You have new content you want to post, but you need to get it into the hands of the person who has that capability. So you email your go-to geek and, depending on his or her schedule, you have to wait. Sometimes a week, sometimes two. Maybe a month. In the meantime, your “fresh” and “updated” content becomes old and stale. And eventually changing out a paragraph, updating an event or adding a new picture becomes a hassle and not worth the trouble.

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Jay Wilkinson

June 29, 2014

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