Our Favorite Articles from Nonprofit Hub in 2014

It’s been a busy year around Nonprofit Hub, and we don’t doubt that you’ve had a busy year too. As we wind down 2014 and dust off our party hats, we thought it would be helpful to bring back some of our favorite and more popular articles from the past year.

Assembling Your Super Board of Directors

From September 17, 2014

This infographic by our own Devin Thomas lays out what roles you need on your board of directors, and how all of the parts work together. If you like nonprofits and/or superheroes, this infographic will provide insight on how a nonprofit board of directors can bring together several individuals to form a team that functions as one unit.

Stop Trying to Engage Me (Tips for Nonprofits from a Millennial)

From June 30, 2014

Millennials are tough to figure out. They are still coming into their own and carving out their niche in the world. Millennials are still desirable as they are the future of organizational leadership and the next generation of donors. Kathryn Pauley, our very own Millennial Girl, provides a tip sheet for how nonprofits should engage millennials.

The Importance of Nonprofit Workplace Culture: A Thorough Hiring Process

From June 9, 2014

This summer, our managing editor Lyndsey Hrabik wrote a series examining the culture of nonprofits. This part looks at DoSomething.org and how they have established their nonprofit culture through hiring the right people. They balance having fun while making an impact in the world—all while wearing some pretty cool onesies.

The Greatest Online Video Ever Made by a Nonprofit

From August 23, 2014

Many people try to make great videos. Many people fail. Bloomerang’s Steven Shattuck highlights a video made by Greenpeace USA that illustrates all the elements of producing a great video. Read up on the three lessons learned from the video and also check out a marmot licking a camera lens.

The Break-Up: How to Say No to Volunteers

From July 10, 2014

Not all volunteer relationships have a storybook ending. Sometimes you have to tell volunteers no—whether that is for lack of opportunities or the skill set you need doesn’t match. This article by Lincoln Arneal covers details about how to handle the break up when you just aren’t that into them. Just let them down easy.

Our list could continue much longer, so feel free to dive into our archives to help you with whatever topic you need. (And if you can’t find an article about an issue you’re having, let us know!) Come back next week when we will highlight the top non-Nonprofit Hub articles from the past year.

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