Our Favorite Articles from Nonprofit Hub in 2015

As we complete another trip around the Sun, one can’t help but feel a little nostalgic. (We blame the eggnog.) Before we close the door on 2015, let’s take a look back on some of our favorite articles our staff has written this year. During the past year, we’ve written articles about fundraising, how to start a nonprofit, the latest social media trends and much more. Enjoy! (Click on each headline to read the full article)

The Way We Should Be Talking About Our Nonprofit Jobs

It is quite likely that at one of the holiday parties or social outings you’ve attended, someone has asked you what exactly you do at your job. Your first response is to say that you work for a nonprofit; but that’s selling yourself, and your job, short. Lyndsey Hrabik helps explain how you can better tell your nonprofit’s story when you’re undoubtedly asked that question again.

Build Your Nonprofit Budget Like a Boss in 7 Easy Steps

Budgeting is like cleaning out your gutters. It’s a chore you know you have to do because if you don’t it could result in disaster, and it’s not really as bad as you think. In this article, Lincoln Arneal gets tips from Ali Maloy, who in the principle for an accounting firm that specializes working with nonprofits. Give this a read through before your 2016 budget becomes real life.

4 Nonprofit PR Lessons from Pope Francis

Back in September, Pope Francis visited the United States for the first time. Besides just being a big event, the trip can also be a learning tool for nonprofits. Nick Small wrote about four marketing lessons nonprofits can take away from the Pope’s visit.

Finding Your Perfect Love: Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofit Organizations

The search to find grants seems like a never-ending quest, which according to our staff writer Kathryn Pauley, is kind of like dating. Here Kathryn looks at lessons you can learn from the dating world and use to help you end up in a long-committed relationship with granting organizations.

Lessons Learned from Starting a Nonprofit in 2015

Finally, we have a more personal story from our staff that you can learn from. Earlier this year, Nonprofit Hub opened up a coworking space in our hometown of Lincoln, Neb. Randy Hawthorne wrote an article in our magazine detailing the lessons he learned a few months after we opened our doors.

Wasting Time While Doing Good: Nonprofits and the World of reddit

Those final few hours before the long weekend can pass at a glacial pace. One of the best outlets for that is reddit. Despite what your boss might think, you can actually use reddit for good. Read the tips from Devin Thomas about how you can find information and tips on reddit to help your nonprofit.

There are many more articles than just the ones we liked writing. We enjoyed helping you do more good this year and look forward to writing more articles next year. Come back next week when we’ll highlight the top non-Nonprofit Hub articles from the past year.



Hub Staff

December 23, 2015

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