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When you hear the term “navigation” in regards to a website, it’s referring to how users get from point A to point B. Every website has a navigation system that helps users find what they’re looking for. In fact, the navigation system is the single most important component of the structure to any site. Why is it such a big deal? Because the easier it is for people to navigate, the more likely they are to stay long enough to give money or volunteer and come back to do it again.

Here is the golden rule of navigation: A website should be built so that end users can intuitively find their way around.

What I often see in the nonprofit world: Organizations put their websites together from the point of view of an insider. They structure their sites according to how they see their organization internally, so basically their websites get built for themselves, not for their audience.

Do you see how this is a problem? Your target audience is going to approach your website differently than you do. If you don’t create a navigation system that makes sense to your end users, they’ll get frustrated and leave. A well designed website that’s been built for your audience will come with several ways to navigate your site.

To see the four website navigation tools your organization should have, check out the full article on>>

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