Understanding Why People Give

Relationship-driven fundraising

Understanding Why People Give

with Laura White Ludvik, CFRM President, USS Midway Foundation

One of the greatest uncertainties in fundraising is understanding what drives a donor to give. This Hubinar will help you understand how donors make decisions, the communication process as it relates to your prospects, and how to recognize barriers to effective communication. 

Join us live on August 11th, 2021 at 2:00-3:00 p.m. CT, or, register and the recording on-demand.

One of the greatest uncertainties in fundraising is understanding what drives a donor to give. As a fundraiser (and quite possibly a donor yourself), you know it’s impossible – and detrimental to your organization’s fundraising success – to apply blanket statements as to why people give. 

What we can do is better understand the decision-making process donors undergo, similar to the processes studied in consumer behavior. If you can effectively communicate with your donors, you can connect with them, no matter their reasons for giving.

Presented by Laura White Ludvik, President of USS Midway Foundation, in partnership with Fundraising Academy | Cause Selling Education, this Hubinar will explore the major forces that drive donors to give and how you can assist them in their decision making process. 

In this Hubinar, we will:

  • Appreciate the role that psychology plays in how donors make decisions.
  • Study the communication process and how it relates to your prospects.
  • Recognize barriers to effective communication.

About the Presenter

Laura White Ludvik brings more than 20 years’ field experience to Fundraising Academy as she continues to be a leader in professional fundraising and development. She recently joined the USS Midway team as the President of the Foundation, after spending 5 years as the Vice President of Philanthropy at Support the Enlisted Project (STEP). Laura reminds emerging fundraisers, “Fundraising is not easy. The needs in our communities are insatiable. But taking one cause, one person, one vote, one animal at a time, and working to enhance your community, is something to be really proud of.”

This webinar is presented by Fundraising Academy! Fundraising Academy Cause Selling Education prepares nonprofits and their fundraisers for greater, measurable impact by providing learning opportunities designed to enhance their cause, their communities, and the world. Through peer-to-peer instruction, our participants develop time-tested, relationship-building skills they can apply to their operations now and in the future. Participants complete their education feeling empowered to cultivate and retain donors, conduct successful campaigns, and be more effective in their roles.

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