How to Make the Most of the Resources Available to Your Nonprofit

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If you’ve ever held an executive position at a nonprofit, you have probably heard cliche mantras such as “work smart, not hard” or “do more with less.” While these snippets of advice surely have some merit, they don’t assist you in discovering how to work smart or how to do more. That’s where we come in.

One of the most difficult components of starting and maintaining a nonprofit is learning how to take advantage of the resources at your disposal. Some are free, and some aren’t, but it’s important that you know what’s available so you can work smart and do more.

Free online resources

Don’t trick yourself into thinking you need to spend a pretty penny in order to gain access to awesome fundraising, marketing and management resources. While many of these programs have premium or deluxe options, they often have free versions which offer everything your nonprofit may need. Here are a few of our favorites.


We’ve written before about how much we love Slack, and we’ve only grown to love it more since then. Its easy-to-use interface and customizable channel feature allows everyone in your organization to communicate easily, effectively and, if you so choose, privately. You can upload files to share with your staff, create channels for your various teams, and even make custom emojis. Best of all, Slack is free for organizations that hold a nonprofit status with the IRS. Pretty cool, huh?


Razoo is the self-proclaimed leader in free online fundraising, and it’s tough to disagree with them. They provide an intuitive platform for nonprofits to set up fundraising goals while allowing for users to search for charities they wish to donate to. Nonprofits can also set up a personalized branding style for their Razoo account, giving your fundraising efforts a sleek and professional feel.


If you’re a registered nonprofit looking for some professional graphics, you’re in luck. Canva is offering its premium subscription for free for nonprofit organizations. You’ll gain access to millions of images and graphics to give your organization the look it needs and deserves.

These are just a few of many free resources available to your nonprofit. Be sure to explore your options—you don’t want to break the bank when a free alternative is just a few clicks away.

Free webinars

A big component of running a nonprofit is simply learning how it’s done. Luckily, there are dozens of free webinars put on by nonprofits to help you get those wheels turning. Thought leaders from across the industry share their thoughts on fundraising, donor retention, nonprofit management and so much more. (Shameless plug: Nonprofit Hub has a pretty great webinar series—give it a try!).

Sponsored guest posts

Creating strong and meaningful content is a big part of gaining traction as a nonprofit,  but sometimes it’s hard to go at it alone. Setting up a tit-for-tat agreement with other organizations or writers can help ease the burden while giving your content a fresh perspective. Guest posts also help to establish relationships between your organization and others in the nonprofit community.

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October 25, 2017

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