Today’s News That Shouldn’t Be: Nonprofits Not Using Data on Their Impact

What’s the point of fundraising if we don’t see impact? Concurrently, what’s the point of our impact if we don’t report it?

Unfortunately, some just don’t know a good thing when they have it.

Whether we are preaching to the choir, or about to blow the minds of the uninitiated, measuring the impact in our funding is key to growth. How else will we know how we are helping our mission? When we measure our impact, we have the advantage of showcasing our good to funders as well as providing how effective their donations are to the cause.

It’s just a head scratcher that some haven’t done it.

For more on using data on our impact, click on the link below.

Funders Failing to Use Data on Their Impact to Become More Effective, Report Says [Third Sector]