Why Online Fundraising is the Future [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re familiar with the 2013 Nonprofit eBenchmarks Study, you know that online fundraising isn’t just for the future: it’s important for your nonprofit right now.

Fundraising online isn’t a channel that exists in isolation from direct mail, word of mouth and event-based fundraising: it makes each of them stronger! The web makes connecting easier–before and after events, in addition to receiving a newsletter and as a way to retain those who are already donors. Read the free infographic below to learn more about the power of online fundraising:

Online Fundraising is the Future – Click to Enlarge







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Devin Thomas

Devin Thomas is an Interactive Media Architect at Nonprofit Hub, bringing nonprofits visual and interactive content to inform and share. Whether it’s producing helpful videos like our InKind series or designing infographics, he is always looking for new ways to bring nonprofits vital information.

May 29, 2013

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