Like it or not, what other people think about your organization matters. While you can’t prevent negative reviews, especially in this day and age of social media and online review sites, you can take control of your brand’s online rep. Here’s where to start.

1. Create a Consistent Brand, Logo and Mission Statement

Be sure to carry this consistency throughout your website, social media pages and all other marketing materials. Be clear to your audience about who you are and what you stand for—that consistency will help you build a solid positive reputation as a nonprofit that’s trustworthy and committed to its cause.

2. Solicit Honest Reviews

Sometimes a simple request is all it takes. Don’t pay for reviews (that’s unethical), but feel free to ask constituents and supporters if they’d be willing to share their opinion of your organization. Use a suggestion box or a site like SurveyMonkey to get feedback from people connected to your organization. Responses can be anonymous, though they’re more credible if actual names are used. This is an effective way to get positive testimonials to feature on both your website and social media pages.

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