Outreach and Technology for Upwardly Mobile Nonprofits

Technology is only as powerful as you make it. Ignore the tech tools available to you and your nonprofit may miss out on major revenue and donor engagement. Worse, your organization could be left behind as others adopt the technology that was too time-consuming for you to take on.

Among the most important tech developments? Mobile-friendly web designs. The number of cellphone users now outnumbers that of toothbrush owners. Investing in a mobile nonprofit marketing plan is now, officially, essential.

Get Connected

Hands down, your nonprofit website is the cornerstone of your marketing plan. Every marketing channel—your email newsletter, your YouTube Channel and even your year-end appeals—invites audiences to visit your website. But people don’t spend all of their time chained to their desks.

A mobile website makes your nonprofit more accessible. Donors can read your blog while riding the subway. Volunteers may check the event schedule while waiting for class to start. Board members will review meeting minutes in between appointments of their own.

Altogether: smartphone-friendly nonprofit websites benefit everyone connected to your organization, but in different ways and from different places. That’s the point.

Flexible Giving

Few fundraising methods charm donors better than direct mail appeals. But here’s the rub: you’ll need to get donors from the mailbox to their computers to make a donation. And the route to mailing a check is even more roundabout. These extra steps in the process increase the risk that donors will abandon their initial decision to support your nonprofit.

Like shopping cart abandonment for e-retailers, your organization could lose donors almost as soon as you’ve won them. But inviting donations through supporters’ smartphones (which are always nearby) mitigates that risk.

Upwardly Mobile

Thanks to smartphones, your supporters’ brand experience is more comprehensive. Instead of only interacting with you when volunteering or attending a fundraising event they can connect whenever they check their mobile phones.

Don’t overwhelm supporters with constant messages. But do take advantage of connection opportunities outside of your supporters’ desktop time.

The potential of nonprofit mobile outreach is enough to make any organization’s marketing manager giddy.

As you prioritize your nonprofit marketing plan with essentials such as your website, allocate resources to integrate mobile technology.

How important is mobile technology to your nonprofit’s marketing plan?


Jill Havlat

October 18, 2012

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