[PODCAST] Creating Direct Mail Campaigns That Get Results

Creating Email Marketing Campaigns That Get Results


How well do Plato’s models of persuasion hold up with respect to direct email marketing over 2,400 years later? According to our guest Derek Scott, pretty reliably!

Fundraisers who see poor results with their direct email marketing campaigns usually make at least one of the following mistakes.

1) They fail to segment their donors. You should always reward the most consistent donors and recalibrate for the MIA ones.

2) They excessively manufacture a sense of urgency to the point that recipients become numb to campaigns.

3) They over-rely on pathos (emotional appeals) to coax repeat donations without demonstrating the positive impacts of donors’ previous gifts.

4) They over-invest in the bells and whistles of their campaigns. A decision that communicates that donations just flow back into lavish automation cycles.

This episode covers how to craft intelligent and persuasive direct email marketing campaigns. Efforts that appeal to audiences’ logical centers in addition to their emotions, and that won’t bombard them when they aren’t interested.

Derek shares an email marketing ethos that prepares fundraisers for discerning donors. Ones who will ask questions like: “I see that there are struggling parties you aim to help, but what good is my donation if it is just reinvested in future email blasts?”

Assuring quality and staying consistent while not overmarketing takes finesse. Stream this episode to hear how Derek balances these elements.

Derek Scott is the president of Creator, an agency that specializes in high-powered direct-response copywriting. He founded Creator in 2021 after nearly two decades of writing copy and leading creative teams at agencies serving the non-profit space.

Derek has crafted campaigns for thousands of fundraising and marketing efforts, so he knows the art and science of direct response copywriting and design. This means he can lead his team to translate fundraising strategies into creative that empowers non-profit organizations to see the results they want.

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Meghan Speer

Meghan Speer currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing Support Network as well as with Nonprofit Hub. She and her team partner with nonprofits across the country to help get their messages to the right audiences and ensure top tier service for their donors. With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing and PR, she brings a passion and creativity to every project to drive results. Meghan published her first book, “Letting Go of Should”, in 2021 and lives in Pittsburgh, PA.

February 16, 2024

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