So your nonprofit’s heard a lot about this “social media” stuff that’s all the rage lately. You’re a progressive and forward-thinking nonprofit, so you take the plunge and get a Twitter account.

But Twitter is a vast and confusing landscape, with a bunch of unspoken rules and expectations. There are many ways to do Twitter poorly–but you should be getting involved. Just learn to avoid some of the common pitfalls nonprofits make when starting out on Twitter. Watch below to learn our nonprofit Twitter tips:

Watch to learn Nonprofit Twitter Tips #1 – The Law of Reciprocation:


The Twitterverse opens up the opportunity for your organization to reach hundreds, thousands, even millions of donors and volunteers. It isn’t just for following your favorite celebrities. Although you can find the latest gossip, it’s time to get serious with Twitter for your organization’s sake.

Just stick with our Twitter commandments to better engage with your constituents on Twitter. Today, we look at Commandment #1Thou shalt follow the law of reciprocity.

Let’s go back to your glory days of elementary school. It was a time when the Golden Rule was the answer to everything. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

In the Twitterverse, it goes a little differently. “Share other people’s content as you would want your own to be shared.”

We all know that one person who makes everything about themselves. You could be talking about a place they’ve never been, yet they still find a way to chime in. It’s tiresome. We get it. Don’t be that person. Don’t make your Twitter feed all about your organization.

Now don’t get me wrong, donors and constituents want to see what your organization is up to. But you won’t be truly engaged in the Twitterverse if you can’t connect with others.

So spread the love. Get out there and read what others are writing, then share. In turn, your following will steadily rise as relationships are built.

Have fun, because the Twitterverse is ready to be explored. Stay tuned for the next Twitter commandments coming your way. Thanks for watching.

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