From the creation of Facebook’s Timeline to proper Twitter etiquette, social media was evolving at a rapid pace in 2012. Looking at the year, these were the top nonprofit social media posts that you wanted to read.

1. Top 10 Nonprofit Hashtags to Spark Social Good

In the Twitterverse, a hashtag can go a long way. And you wanted to know the top hashtags that would ignite social change for the better. From the basics like #activism and #volunteer to the more intricate #sm4sg (social media for social good), here are the hashtags that make social good go round.

2. With Your Nonprofit and Twitter, Be More Like Lady Gaga–Yes, Mother Monster Herself

She’s captivated millions with not only her music and personality, but also her Twitter Account. And she’s not stopping anytime soon. You wanted more Mother Monster, and you got it. Read more to brush up on thanking your donors the way she thanks her fans.

3. How to Use Hashtags Effectively

Once again, readers took note of the proper Twitter hashtag etiquette. Brush up on the article again to make sure your Tweets are trending in the right direction instead of pushing followers away.

What other nonprofit social media posts are atop your list?