Today’s Talk with Ross Kimbarovsky

This week, we spoke with Ross Kimbarovsky, founder of Crowdspring. For over twelve years, Crowdspring has created designs for all kinds of organizations. They are passionate about making great design affordable.

They also love to help nonprofits. Give Back is a Crowdspring project helping nonprofits that can’t afford expensive design services. Learn how to apply for this program in the video!

In today’s conversation, Ross also shares the psychology behind marketing a nonprofit. He has important advice for any organization that wants to grow and build awareness of their work. Watch the video below to learn more.

Ross will be presenting this week’s webinar and you can send in your visual assets for him to review live during the presentation! Sign up for his interactive webinar:
Send in your design assets by Dec. 1 to be reviewed by Ross:


Emily Dahlquist

Emily Dahlquist is an editor and writer who lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Emily studied English at the University of Nebraska and is working on her MA in Religion and Culture. Besides reading and writing, she loves cooking, spending time outside, and listening to podcasts.

December 1, 2020

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