The mid-level donor is often forgotten and left in a middle child-like limbo. They’re not treated the way they want or the way they feel like they should be treated, which leaves them not giving as much to your organization as they’re capable of.

The mid-level donor is defined differently for every organization, but typically looks like someone who gives more often than once, but isn’t a recurring donor yet, or isn’t giving enough to be considered a “major donor.”



Maeve Strathy lets us know that a lot of times these donors are actually willing and able to give more – they’re just not being cultivated effectively. The tactics that help to move entry and mid-level donors into the major level may surprise you, but are tried-and-true ways to make the most of your fundraising efforts. 

Some of the things that Strathy and Randy dive into in this episode include:

  • #DonorLove
  • Defining the mid-level donor
  • Donor conversion to inspire larger gifts
  • And so much more

Following the tips and tricks Strathy outlines will get you that much closer to transforming your fundraising effectiveness.  


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