Pinterest for Girls, Gentlemint for Boys—What This Means for Your Nonprofit

Okay, not to polarize social media but we speak the truth. Pinterest is mainly dominated by the female population: hopeless romantics planning their future weddings, fashionistas looking for a new stylish trend and the “warm fuzzies” crowd sifting through millions of pins of puppies and kittens can find a wonderful way of wasting time on Pinterest.

, whose tag line is “a mint of manly things,” focuses on tagging content that appeals to the mustache crowd. And while we could wow you with their wonderful content, that’s not our focus. The point we want to get across is the idea of  finding a niche. Pinterest, a wonderful concept of a virtual pinboard, wasn’t doing it for the men. So what happened? A company swooped in and created one that did.

Not only should your nonprofit tag content on both Pinterest and Gentlemint, but take note of the lesson illustrated: “bite-sized curation is a trend to consider.”

Check out the article linked below for the full scoop on this new growing trend that’s creating some buzz.

The Next Social Networks
[Chris Brogan]