Assembling Your Super Board of Directors [Infographic]

During the climactic battle scene in The Avengers movie, Loki uses the Tesseract to summon the Chitauri fleet through a wormhole, and it looks like New York City is doomed. The only hope is a group of superheroes who very recently didn’t much care for each other. They each had their own skillset, that on the surface level didn’t appear to work well together. However, after a brief pep talk, they rally around the common cause and save the day.

Sometimes it can feel like you are fighting a massive fleet of alien invaders while working on your nonprofit. While you don’t have to deal with the Chitauri space fleet, you have plenty of your own issues. That’s why you need your own team of superheroes to help your cause on your board of directors. They each play a specific role to help fight off the evils of laziness, inaction and apathy. And now you can possess the power to fight for your nonprofit and the good of all humanity.

Superboard Infographic

Superboard Infographic

Devin Thomas

Devin Thomas is an Interactive Media Architect at Nonprofit Hub, bringing nonprofits visual and interactive content to inform and share. Whether it’s producing helpful videos like our InKind series or designing infographics, he is always looking for new ways to bring nonprofits vital information.

September 17, 2014

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