We made it—another trip around the sun will conclude tonight at midnight!

This moment every year provides us with plenty of opportunity to reflect on what has been, and also dream of what might be during this upcoming year.

For nonprofits, next year is a figurative time when you figure out all your problems, come up with the perfect fundraising formula and become the place where everyone wants to work.

A year is a lot of time in which you can accomplish many things. Just don’t get overwhelmed and forget to set your priorities for the year. The following article by Wayne Robbins of Bloomerang outlines how you can make 2015 the year you change the tide and make big things happen.

Don’t close the door on 2014 too early. You can still reach out to potential donors to make a last push for donations before midnight.

Don’t wait. It all starts right now.

Next Year Never Comes for Nonprofits [Bloomerang]