Why Your Nonprofit’s Next Hire Should Be a Copywriter

Pictures may dominate your Facebook feed, and Pinterest proves that visual storytelling is digital media’s new normal. But don’t become so preoccupied with images that you forget your nonprofit’s most valuable kind of content.

Copywriting is the key to branding, forms the very crux of your nonprofit marketing plan and draws donors into conversation. Every nonprofit needs copywriting talent—that’s why the next person your human resources team hires ought to be a copywriter.

Fall in Love with Your Brand

Good looks can only get you so many dates. After a while, your beau will scrutinize your personality—if they like it, you two may go out again. But if your personality repels them they’ll cut you off faster than you can say “frozen yogurt.”

Nonprofit branding is like your personality by the third date. Craft an intriguing organizational identity so that supporters become dedicated donors. A copywriter can help you build your nonprofit’s identity, and its brand, one well-chosen word at a time.

Raise Money without Melancholy

Fundraising may be the most convincing reason why your nonprofit should invest in a skilled copywriter. Each aspect of your written communications must resonate with them so they’re inspired to donate.

Engaging readers with emotional appeals is a shared technique among nonprofit marketers. But few can move readers without brazenly manipulating their emotions. So don’t rely on your development director or marketing manager to craft an authentically emotive appeal. A dedicated copywriter can tell your nonprofit’s story without resorting to sap, schmaltz or sentimentality.

Make Friends with Millennials

Millennials are more personal than generations before them—they want to be treated as individuals and expect a personal relationship with your nonprofit.

Successfully marketing to Millennials requires copy that’s tailored to suit them.

In order to connect with Millennials your nonprofit’s copy must read as if it’s written by an individual personality, not some clunky corporation. Your copy doesn’t have to be written by a Millennial to be attractive to one, but a copywriter can help your nonprofit speak the Millennial language. Seek out their expertise in crafting copy that draws them in.

In this digital age your nonprofit’s audience is immediately broader. Your email marketing plan, your website and especially your social media presence are your opportunities to forge connections with an attentive audience. Your copy is the bridge between your nonprofit and its audience—so hiring a copywriter may be a necessary investment.

What kind of copy does your nonprofit struggle to produce, and have you considered hiring a copywriter to help you?


Jill Havlat

September 6, 2012

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