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Cause Camp Recap: When It’s Okay to Think Inside the Box

The saying “think outside the box” should be a first-ballot inductee in the Overused Cliché Hall of Fame. Often the answer is right there, inside the box.

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It’s Time for Nonprofits to Grow Their Earned Media Strategy

When it comes to earned media, it’s quality over quantity. That’s the takeaway message from M+R’s new MediaMarks study. According to them, the best strategy is to “develop tunnel vision” and narrow your focus to better the results you’re getting from media coverage. When you review your media hits, you should be able to say…

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How to Turn Volunteer Opportunities into a Job (For the Employer and Employee)

Volunteering is an amazing resource and that also serves as a way to turn volunteer opportunities into a job. This benefits the volunteer and the NPO.

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How to Use Social Influence to Inspire Action

Persuading people is never easy, but it can be a game-changing skill in the nonprofit world using the principles of social influence.

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Next-Level Fundraising with Nonprofit Psychology

Knowing how the mind works isn’t reserved for the funny talking man, asking about how you feel. Take your NPO to the next level using nonprofit psychology.

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The Problem With Crowdfunding

Both individuals and businesses have begun to turn to crowdfunding to pay their way out of misfortune, generate donations and fund startups. The grass isn’t always greener on the side of crowdfunding; less than half of campaigns reach their goal.

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Why Volunteering Needs to Be a Family Affair

By now, you know the stereotypes; people in their early 20s don’t volunteer and if you’re looking for donors, look first to the older people in the community. However, a new study on giving and volunteering makes the argument that you should stop looking only at the generations, and instead take a look at families.

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5 Web Design Trends and How Your NPO Can Take Advantage

With nearly half of the public looking at your website to judge if you’re legitimate, it’s important to make a good first impression. We’ve gathered some of the more popular web design trends from around the Internet.

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The 501(h) Election and What It Means for You

There’s a simple one-page form that can save you a ton of time and stress if your organization does some sort of legislative lobbying. Form 5768, more popularly known as the 501(h) election or the expenditure test, can do wonders for your lobbying efforts.

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Tax Forms, Annual Reports and Ways to Keep Your Status—Oh My!

Nobody likes taxes. In May, many nonprofits are coming up on the end of their fiscal year and that comes with filling out a lot of tax forms. We’ll simplify it as much as possible and try to keep you entertained along the way.