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Featured Volunteer Recruiting

5 Creative (and Free!) Ways to Attract More Volunteers

It can sometimes be a challenge to attract more volunteers to your organization or event. Maybe shaking up your recruiting methods will help. Here’s how.

Featured Nonprofit Technology

3 Ways Your Nonprofit Could Benefit From Virtual Reality Going Mainstream

Virtual reality is changing the world. Let’s look at how nonprofits have used virtual reality, and opportunities for nonprofits to use it in the future.

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Why Local Marketing Matters for Fundraising

Sure, there are important national programs like United Way or massive online listings of nonprofits that give credibility and visibility for fundraisers. But it often is the local marketing that comes from trusted, known recommendations that can garner the most benefit.

Social Media

7 Reasons Nonprofits Don’t Try Harder with Social Media

Take a look at any social media platform, and you’ll see it’s dominated by celebrities and big corporations. Social media is saturated with many users, which makes it difficult for nonprofits to be noticed.

Featured Nonprofit Technology

5 Creative Technologies to Inspire Your Nonprofit’s Efforts

Look around you. How much technology is in your general area? We use it so often because it makes our lives easier. Check out these five creative technologies to inspire your nonprofit’s efforts.

Featured Nonprofit Marketing Plan

5 Types of Data Your Nonprofit Should Use for Marketing Success

Nonprofits should take advantage of the resources at their disposal and prioritize them. Check out these five types of data your nonprofit should prioritize to achieve marketing success.

Featured Human Resources

Holiday Productivity Tips for Your Nonprofit

It’s one of the most important times of the year for nonprofit organizations, because they can receive a quarter of their annual donations between October and December.

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing Plan

Tools to Make Your Holiday Email Campaign Easier

Sending a holiday email campaign to remind people about the good you do year-round is vital. Fortunately, there are free tools you can use to make it easier.

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Marketing Plan

6 Examples of Nonprofits Working with For-Profits for a Greater Good

Partnerships between charities and for-profit companies go beyond writing a check. Nonprofits are tapping into resources from companies in different ways.

Featured Nonprofit Web Design

Why Your Nonprofit Website Needs a Stories Section (and How to Do It Right)

Nonprofits have a powerful tool that can be extremely worthwhile when used wisely: storytelling. Let’s learn how to tell stories that resonate with others.