No Funds, No Problem: Starting a Nonprofit from Scratch

We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. If it did, starting a nonprofit would be as easy as planting a money tree. In a world where money doesn’t come quite so easily, starting a nonprofit with no cash can be a challenge. Luckily the task isn’t impossible. These steps will help you determine the needs of your nonprofit and solutions to finding the money necessary to achieve your mission.

Starting a Nonprofit: What You Need

It’s always good to know what you’re up against before diving into a challenge. Before you file for 501(c)3 status and tax exemption, you’ll need to pay a fee that is dependent on the size of your budget. Since your nonprofit is starting out, the fee shouldn’t be outrageous. If your operating budget is $10,000 or less, the fee will be around $400.

Your organization will have approximately 15 months to file a form 1023, which is a form that assesses your nonprofit’s structure and programs. The form is necessary for 501(c)3 status. The standard fee for most nonprofits starting out will be $850. Additionally, to gain 501 (c)3 status you must be incorporated, and most states charge a fee when you file for incorporation. Once you have filled out the necessary paperwork, it is important to know what you’ll need to file at tax time each year. You might want to review this list of IRS forms for exempt nonprofits.

Trust Your Mission

Gaining trust and supporters is often put on the back burner until organizations can raise the initial funds to start their nonprofit. Don’t make this mistake or you will end up elongating the process of becoming an official nonprofit.

Trust that your mission can help you earn money by connecting on a personal level with possible contributors. If they know and understand your goal, they will be more likely to help you achieve it. With more volunteers and donors by your side, the process of becoming a nonprofit will seem like less of a burden and more like you already have nonprofit status.

Use the Buddy System

Everything is better with a friend by your side – or in this case another nonprofit. Grant money seems like an easy and obvious option for a nonprofit that is still new. But grant money is not as easily attainable as you might think; especially if you have yet to build up a reputation. Look for a similar organization that can help you get started with finding grants. They will have a list of organizations that gave them grant money that would likely be willing to give to your nonprofit since your missions are similar. The government can also be a great source for nonprofits that need financial assistance. Websites like and offer places to search for nonprofit grants and funding. From these websites, you can specify which state you’ll be starting your nonprofit in, and find specific funding at the state and local level for your organization.

Finding another organization with a similar mission can be helpful in a variety of other ways besides finding grants, with tips and insight into everything you’re about to be doing. They’ve been through everything already and should be able to guide you. The common interest in your goals will be an instant connection among organizations, meaning you’ll be on the same page.

Don’t focus so much on finding money and then starting your nonprofit. Instead, build your nonprofit as you try to gain 501(c)3 status. If you’re passionate about your cause and people know it, they will, in turn, be excited to help you. But like we said, money doesn’t grow on trees. So, how did your nonprofit handle financial problems when you were starting out? Don’t forget to check out Cause Camp to really dig into starting and maintaining nonprofits in a whole new way.

  • I want to start a foundation dedicated to my grandfather because he was the first person in my family who noticed there was something wrong with my right leg when I was about 22 months old and he demanded to my mother to get me a doctor immediately. My problem today though is that I do not have money to get it started and I really would like to get one started so more research becomes available to older people. Very little is being done for anyone that suffers from cerebral palsy and if nothing isn’t done, soon this will be one disorder that will forever be neglected. It is so not fair.

    • Once I finish my bachelor’s degree (this fall), I plan to get a graduate certificate in non-profit administration and hope to find a way to start my dream of beginning a non-profit for families with children or parents with disabilities. I was fortunate enough to experience taking care of my ill mother and physically disabled brother throughout childhood and I can’t think of anything else I rather do for a living than to help families like mine. I eventually want to be able to offer advocacy, school and medical liaison, case management, and mental health/ therapy services. Of course, this is still a long ways off (I’m just 21, and I’ll definitely need to get my Master’s and License as a Social Worker to be able to perform some of these things), and of course I will have to have the right time, funds, and location (I’m an Army wife), but if you or anyone who sees this are interested in becoming a part of this project in the future (Board of Directors, general ideas, donations, actual employment, etc), I definitely need the support!

      • Jerod Bagwell

        Would definitely be interested In helping to raise funds. My son was diagnosed with PDD-NOS in Sept of 2014. Been thinking of trying to start a non profit for families dealing with autism and developmental disabilities. I’m planning a 400 mile bicycle ride next summer to raise money. If interested email me at

      • Ashley Ahrens

        hello! just wondering how long did it take for you to get your certificate and could you do it online?

        • suchi

          hai casey..even i have similar views and thoughts too..nd even having same doubts in my mind as urs
          …soo i hope u can help me out with this….

      • Diadra Lee

        I would love to help with this

      • Christa Preston

        Hey Casey, Did you ever start your organization? I am currently working on an organization that has a similar mission KultureCity. I run the international arm and am bring the advocacy and education you mentioned to Africa. Would love to talk to you more about your dreams. I also have a special needs brother

        • Fern Robinson

          Hey guys starting up an organization for some of the same things for at risk youth, young adults, single families with children and displaced women in need needing housing, mentoring, advocacy and other services. I would like to connect with you guys.

          • Rich Elliott

            Hi …… Fern I am trying to do the same type of non profit in NJ. I have a organization called the foundation helping me start up you should look them up they have been a great help. I must warn you that they do charge, but it was worth the money.

          • Nayirah Rai-nee

            You have a Facebook? Add me Nayirah Rai-nee’ or email me please at

          • Jamie

            Fern Robinson, did you ever start up your organization? I was looking into starting one to help my daughter get a home for her and her two boys. I found non profit organizations can buy homes for $1 to give away for charity. I started looking into what it takes to be a non profit organization today because I had the $1 however it seems to be finacially imposible to become a non profit organization charity, you would think it would be free to provide free things to others in finacial destress. When you achieve your goal and become a non profit organiztion I would be for ever grateful if you would take my $5 and get my grandkids and my daughter back into eachothers lives with one of these 3 bedroom homes at and maybe a 2 bedroom for me 🙂
            Hope to hear from you in the future -Jamie

          • Julie Leonard

            I have a strong desire and passion (as does my husband) to help people. The homeless is where I feel most drawn to help and my husband wants to help Alzheimers and dementia patients and their families. Hypnosis and
            hypnotherapy are evidence-based treatment options that should be considered for sufferers of dementia and/or Alzheimers. We are in the middle of a move to Kona, Hawaii and would like to figure out how to start a non-profit doing what we have a passion for…helping others. If anyone has any suggestions on where to start I would be forever grateful!

          • Monique Thompson

            Hello guys, I started a organization that helps families with children and the under-served community in Jamaica Queens. It has been a wonderful experience and I can’t stress that enough. We offer shelter for families with children , we also offer mental health and substance abuse services , interview preparation and resume building, Dress 4 Success, domestic violence services, family planning ,and housing assistance for people on the path to permanency , we also offer HIV/STI free & confidential testing and counseling all done on site. This is the most rewarding adventure you will ever partake in . The one thing that makes our organization different and what made us take off so very fast is that I will not let my organization become so political that we forget the most important part the people .. They are what matters the most.

          • Jason Bavaro

            Could you please please contact me I am in Manhattan I have a Hugh following of a organization in starting maybe you could call or I can come talk in person

          • Monique Thompson

            sure you can come on over our office is located @106-38 150th st, Jamaica NY, 11435, or you can give me a call at 718-291-4600.

          • Natalia Haden

            Hello Monique and my fellow New Yorkers, I have also been thinking about creating my own organization. I just finished my Masters in public administration and I am ready to chase my dream.

          • Jason Bavaro

            I’m getting dressed on my way your going to love this what time you there till and do you have time to speak

          • Jasmine Berry

            one I admire what you are doing.I want to start a program myself for the homeless in my area if you could offer any advice to me at I would appreciate it!!!

          • Andrea Threadford

            Hello Monique,
            My name is Andrea. I am looking to start the same kind of organization that you have in my area for single and homeless mothers. Is there any information you could offer? Any information would be appreciated. My email is

          • Hellen Gitahi

            Hello Monique,my name is Hellen frm Kenya Africa. I am in the process of starting a non profit org to young girls,empowering, mentorship, sexual abused,and those who miss sch during their cycle due to lack of sanitary ,I would wish if you could help with information , emails gitahi. hellenn @ gmail. com

          • Natalie Burrow

            Hi Monique! Congratulations! It’s a beautiful thing to be able to help others! Continue your best work!

            My name is Natalie and my vision is very similar to yours. My organization empowers people to prevail through their struggles of life by providing shelter and transitional housing for both men and women; homes for families; transportation; medical resources; job readiness; GED courses; and multiple streams of counseling. The thing that sets The Nurturing Team apart from the rest is caring for the entire family. Often times men and young boys are neglected with limited resources to help them recover. Helping families overcome as a unit will increase success! I incorporated my nonprofit in St. Louis, MO but I didn’t have the funds to establish my 501c3. I’ve considered saving my own money but that is taking too long. Then I thought about obtaining sponsors but wasn’t quite sure how that could work. After reading this article I see that is legal to operate as a nonprofit while establishing exempt status. How did you get started? What are your suggestions?

          • Monique Thompson

            That is so kool . At least we have the same idea . My housing is also for families, and we cater to men as well . We offer domestic violence services for men , as well as family planning that’s geared toward strengthening the fathers role in the family . We also offer individualized care plans upon intake for each and every client on intake . No two people are the same so like wise no two situations are completely the same . We need to make sure they are stable enough to maintain stable housing once they leave our doors so housing is usually the very last part of our program. Otherwise we will continue to see a repeat of the revolving doors we call the shelter system . I got started through my own funds . I am also a licensed realtor so i used my personal funds to fund my organization . I really wish you all the best in this endeavor

          • Marlo Larson

            Hi Monique, I just wanted to connect with you I have similar goals in serving the underprivileged/homeless population. I too am a licensed Real Estate Broker, and one of my main reasons for reactivating my license recently was to strengthen my financial state so that I can move forward on my non profit adventure, without the red tape of State/Gov funding. Seeing that you also are a realtor, I wanted to reach out. I feel like both the financial gain and the connections made through my real estate work are the thing that will move me into a position where I can offer services to this population. My vision is more of a resource center than a shelter, but then who knows how it will grow–I’m just merely willing to be the vessel to make it happen. One thing I would like to do is to create a fund of sorts, perhaps a scholarship, that would focus on meeting the needs of foster children and single parent families to help them access things like extra curriculum activities, assist with holiday and school clothes expenses and generally lighten the load and bring equality to the working poor. This fund, combined with an actual resource center will hopefully be just what our community needs in these tough times. Any words of wisdom you might have?

          • Emmanuel Cyril Eshun

            Hi Marlo, I am in Ghana/West Africa and also the founder of Dream Lifters International that aims to empower teens through education. check our website I believe we can something together to help humanity.

          • Lalia Inc

            Hi Natalie, awesome! I have a startup nonprofit and funding is confusing at best! Regarding exempt status….once your 501c3 is approved from the Feds you are basically exempt. I know you must file appropriate tax forms on time….I also registered with the Office of Charities Bureau in NYS. They have a bureau in every state. I also found out if you plan to fundraise in different states via email, in person events, etc….it is wise to have authority from those states. There is a multi state application whereby by you can choose as many states as you want. I am guessing in the long run this will assist any nonprofit if they decide to hold events in different states to raise funds as well as awareness. Best regards. Charlotte Bethune-Fisher

          • Teresa Chestnut

            Hello My name is Teresa,

            I want to start a non profit organization as well, for youth that were in a difficult situation as mines. I was recently in the system of foster care. I aged out this year! Maybe I could help you guys with any questions or concerns that you may have about youth in foster care.

          • HatchettLaw

            We’d love to connect with you. Please contact us

          • Indra s

            Hello, I am interested in opening a origination for youth ageist out of foster care, may I ask how was it for you ?

          • Monique Thompson

            Good morning ! I used my own funds to start up my non profit. However in NY you really can’t aquire any assistance from sponsors or donations without that 501c status confirmed so i used my own funds to apply for it because as you know it is not something that will come in a week like your incorporation paperwork . If you can borrow from family, friends to get that 501c paperwork in i suggest you go for it .

          • Danielle Stella


          • Hellen Gitahi

            Hello and good work.

          • Morir Soñando

            Hello Monique. My name is Janet and I live in Upstate New York. I am so happy I found this thread. I would like to establish the same type of service for my community. I was forced to live in a shelter with my children after an unfortunate event in my life and it was a blessing in disguise. My area only offers one shelter for families and serves a very large community. I would like to establish one to help families and empower them to help them be successful, self sufficient and nurture them too. I am not sure where to go or where to start and perhaps, I could connect with you if you would be so kind to answer some questions for me so I can figure out where to start so that I can provide such services to my fellow community members and families in need. Thank you so much. It really is an amazing thing and you and programs like yours as well as my experiences are what inspire me the most.

          • Kia

            Hi Natalie,

            I have a similar mission for a nonprofit that I am in the early sieges of starting in Florida. I just wanted to check in with you and see how the process has been for you and if you have had any success thus far!!

            I look forward to hearing from you .


          • Lalia Inc

            Hello Monique! OMG that is awesome! I am on LI and in the process of nonprofit startup for Transitional Youth aging out of foster care, but need continued support. I would love to meet you. Please email me a convenient time to visit in person. I look forward to meeting you. Charlotte Bethune-Fisher

          • Marie

            Amen Monique, we work with the homeless here in San Diego, CA. and it has been a blessing for us as well…keep up the AWESOME work.

          • Monique Thompson

            Thank you . I truly wish you the best of luck in the future as well …

          • Sam

            Hi Marie, I am local and would love to connect with you. I am starting out a non-profit in San Diego to bring bikes to the homelesss . Can you please send me your email or website, or visit ours and message me there? Thanks, Sam.

          • Jennifer

            Hi I am looking to start a long term shelter for Veterans and their families in San Antonio, TX would love any ideas or suggestions. Thank you

          • Rita-ann Prestage-grofer

            Jennifer… one awesome source would be Your local chapter of the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) and the DAVA (Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary).
            The DAVA is for women that did not serve in the military. They are an auxiliary that helps the DAV raise money, plan events at the VA Hospitals, help with their fundraiser 2 times a year & so much more.
            The DAV & The DAVA meet once a month. You can Google the DAV & the DAVA in Your area and call the number listed and ask for their meeting schedule and attend with a proposal. At that time ask them for help & advice.
            I am a Lifetime Member of the DAVA.
            This would be a great place to start!!!
            What City & State are You in?
            GOD Bless You!!!

          • Katrina Owens

            Hi Rita.. My name is Katrina and I am looking to start my own non profit to house homeless veterans in the city LA,CA.. I would love some suggestions on what to do next and where to start I already received my name reservation from the secretary of state but need to make sure that I follow the necessary steps to go forward.. Please help. Thanks

          • Marty Bugg

            Hi. I saw a posting you did on a funding for non profits webpage. Saw you were interested in helping homeless. I currently am the Assistant Program Director for The Place of Restoration in Washington. We take homeless and ex felons fresh out of prison and others into our program that live on our property and teach them job skills in the construction field. They live here and do charity work in the community fixing the homes of people in need that wouldn’t normally be able to afford the work and it gives them a learning opportunity. We get our funding from the prison system for housing them and taking on some clients who have money and do a nice donation to the program for the work. Once they are with us for 9 months to a year we help them with applications for construction jobs and talk with local contractors to get them hired or assist them in starting their own private contracting company if a few want to get together and do that. A hand up and not a hand out. It’s clean and sober so if homeless they must be clean and not drink while in the program. Places like Home Depot and Lowes fund tools for us and occasionally materials. I would like to do something similar in another area. I got into this job while I was homeless and live on the property with the guys in a separate trailer from the main houses they stay in. Helps with accountability and it’s a free place to stay for me and my wife. She runs a thrift store on the property that we stock with donated stuff and occasionally give things away to people in need out of it. Not a big money maker but 1 more way we can help. If you want to start something like this I would be more than happy to spit ball some ideas about it back and forth with you. Finding funding isn’t to hard for me. Main costs are startup and finding an investor willing to get a property big enough to house people on. We have gotten trailer donations from people in the past as well and they make great starter projects for the guys to fix up and learn some basic skills like sheetrock and painting.
            Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you.


          • Rita-ann Prestage-grofer

            Hi Jennifer,
            What city & state are You in?
            I would recommend starting with the DAV (Disabled American Veterans) & the DAVA (Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary.
            The have chapters in most large cities & the meet once per month. Are You familiar with these organizations?
            They can offer You help & advice.
            I am a lifetime member I. The DAVA.
            They can offer You help & advice.
            I can contact them for You since I am very familiar with how they work if I know what city & state You live in.
            I have the the Commander of my local DAVA for several years.

          • Vilavanh

            Hi Marie,
            I’m in San Diego as well and I’m looking to start a non-profit for Single Parents with young children that are going through emotional, financial and physical stress similar to what I have gone through. I’ve worked in the corporate world for the last 10 years and after three years of endless, nasty court battles I woke up and realized that the corporate path didn’t fuel my fire and I have an amazing story to tell of pushing through. I started with helping out my divorced friends and being a sounding board for my other friends as single parents and helping them get through their rough times. I fell in love with the feeling of giving back to my community and pushing other’s to be strong. I’m looking into how to start my own non-profit organization and I would love some advice and help if you can give me any. I would also love to volunteer with the homeless to get the real experience of managing and running a non-profit. You can reach me at; any help or suggestions from everyone/anyone would be greatly appreciated.

            All the best,

          • Shawna Bunch

            Hi Monique,
            I would be interested in talking to you about guidance how I can do something similar in my area.

          • Walidah

            Hi Monique! Your organization sounds awesome I am looking to do something like that in mn and would love to speak with you

          • Tammy Woods

            Hi Monique your program sounds wonderful as it is so needed. I would love to talk to you and get some ideas as I’m currently working on starting a program for people women with mental health issues.

          • Karen Mann

            Monique, I would like to do the same thing in our community. We have shelter for abused women and a men’s shelter. There is a need for homeless women and homeless famiies. May I have a contact number for you?

          • Jasmine

            Hi Monique, I have been wanting to start a homeless shelter with the same programs and opportunities that your organization possesses. My city only offers shelter, but none of them offer anything to actually help people get back on their feet. How did you do it? I am very interested in learning to help my city. I can be reached at Thank you.

          • D’Wanna Hicks

            Hi. I want to start a shelter for pregnant women ages 18-24. I want to offer parenting classes, counseling, TASC preparation, and other services. I live in Brooklyn NY. Can you help me. Anyone who is interested can contact me at

          • Robyne Grant

            Hey Im in the process of starting a non profit oraganztion for girls , (empowering,mentoring and etiqque) I am stuck!!! I would appreciate it if i could get some guidance please I can be contacted via email at

          • Tyeshia

            Hi, I am looking into doing the same but for single parents and provide free daycare and provide life skill training. You can reach me at

          • T Marchella Hunter

            Hello, Tyeshia I would like to help. I have the same vision. You can reach me at

          • Daphne Thornton

            Hi Robyne Grant, My name is Daphne Barber-Thornton. I to, have the same goal as you. I have searched everywhere for someone who can write a non-profit grant. my e-mail is
            Please e-mail me and if I hear anything.
            You have a blessed and prosperous year

          • Maneka Cooper

            Hi Robyne interested in starting a nonprofit or group home aimed to uplift girls as well.. how far along are you in the process? I am also looking for sources for guidance I would like to collaborate or network with you. I can be reached at or

          • Nina

            Reach out to Angela at

          • Tee

            Hello Monique I would love to learn more about your organization and how you got started. The organization I want to start is similar but more focused on homeless families, budget preparing, job training, resume building…etc. Please contact me if you are willing to assist me Thanks

          • crystal

            Hello Monique, I am in Houston , Texas and I always had a passion helping out the youth. from reading your ideas is what I will like to do and I need some guidance and help to get started. if you have anytime can you please email me


          • olivia kearns

            Hi Monique
            My name is Deandria Kearns I also live in the Jamaica Queens area. Iam in the process of opening an out reach program serving in the Jamaica Queens area. I see that you have a similar organization and would like to know if we can speak further.

          • Monique

            I would love to start an organization just like this in my community. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you.

          • Teambera Ware

            Hello. I’m trying to start up the same organization in the South…like first step. I would love to get your help if at all possible.

          • erin

            i am starting a non profit organization in helping dressing single moms who can’t afford clothing for job interviews/ starting a job. Is your dress for success same thing? Can you share your experience if so?

          • sharon hunter

            Contact in Denver, Colorado the Dress-for-Success organization that works with The Gathering Place, a daycare center for women, Denver, CO: 1535 N High St, Denver, CO 80218 · (303) 321-4198. Good luck.

          • ivelisse

            Hi Monique. Please contact me at I really would love the opportunity to talk to you more about your organization and how you got started. Thank you for sharing and God bless you.

          • Akirah Garrett

            If possible please contact me.

          • Theodora

            Hey! My name is Theodora . I’ve come across your post whilst trying to research about how to build a charity. People such as my friends and family tell me it’s difficult to help people around the world who are suffering all sorts of needs. I wish to create a non profit environment for children around the world who are suffering from abuse and abandonment . I have been watching and reading so much on this matter and it shocks me. I want to follow my heart and instinct to do something! It’s a world problem, these are people, children, babies and I just can’t sit and wait for someone else to help them. Who is that person? It’s us! Me! We! We need to help! If we can then why not! If I help only a handful of children I know it’s literally a drop in the sea of children … But every single being that this suffering should help. If I can help a handful of children then I will! Anything I can. My heart breaks when I see all this suffering , particularly the most vulnerable including children and animals . My love , passion and dream is to just see these children smile. I was in Greece and first time I have seen a child beg in the street. It was hot and busy. His face and eyes said it all… I gave 2 euros and walked away… I then was so sad and said to my self, I am about to go shopping and buy shoes probably costing me 50euros and more and that child ( maybe 10 years old) is suffering . I went back, gave him 50euros and just touched his head . His smile was like I gave him the world . I just started to cry. People say many people are cheats and likely that child is being trafficked or forced by his parents, whatever the reason his life has to be bad. No child wants to sit in the hot sun for hours begging for money. If we assume everyone is a cheat then who will we ever help. There are higher people that couldn’t care less and there are those who do care. We can’t sit and wait for governments to help , we are the people of this world let’s all try and help. I’m 27 years old now and been working in china for over a year. What I’ve seen about the child problems there and things such as accusing children of being a witch in some parts of Africa and the sheer abuse and even death just pushes me
            More to want to save these children and try and give them a normal life . Would much appreciate if someone has any info how to set up a charity where every child matters . Thanks a lot. Theodora

          • Emmanuel Cyril Eshun

            Hello Theodora, am moved by your passion to help the young ones, I am also an advocate for teen education and empowerment, I believe education is what we can give to these innocent teenagers, who by no fault of theirs find themselves in situations beyond their control. You contact me or I believe can work to achieve a common goal.

          • Bridgett Bryant

            Hi Emmanuel, I am all for the same in our youth. I am currently working on a organization for the youth in order to bridge the gap in our STEM careers and educate and empower our young women. I am at the beginning phase of my organization but I have already talked with a state representative who is willing to assist me with this. I have my proposal and everything all laid out but still working on finalizing my plans and paperwork. I would love to converse with you and maybe share ideas you can email me at if you or anyone else who have similar passions.

          • Deanna Bucci

            I was scrolling down through all the post in the nonprofit hub and yours caught my eye. And I wanted to say to you, that God has given you the gift of compassion which not everyone has especially at your age. This compassion comes from a heart that is filled with a non superficial, non external love, a love that resignates within your heart that also has been given to you from God. He has also given you this passion, desire and vision to do something. I encourage you to NEVER get discouraged, NEVER give up no matter what obstacles or circumstances come before you. For the evil that comes against these children will also do it’s best to come against you because you STAND for GOOD. Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews. I will be praying for you and asking God to reveal to you what it is HE has for you to do, to give you clarity and to open the doors that only He can open and shut the doors only He can shut and to make your way clear. It was no accident that your heart was convicted on that day with that little boy, He has a plan and purpose for you. Seek, Listen and Follow. I felt compelled that I had to give you these words of encouragement. Prayers and blessings.

          • Eliz

            I have been wanting to start something here in California for a very long time, exactly like your mission. Are there any grants that have been quickly obtained to begin this that you know of? Any assistance, referral, resources will help! Thank you and God Bless!

          • Gwen Jones

            hello i am in california to and looking to start an non-profit for battered women and childern or just displaced, in my area with different types of services available please contact me at to talk more on this subject of getting started. Because there is a need in my area.

          • Shamika

            Congratulations!!!! That’s awesome 🙂 I would like to start something very similar. If anyone could lead me in the right direction please feel free to email me at

          • Kia

            Hi Monique,

            Your organization sounds wonderful! I am currently in the process of starting up a nonfrofit that is very much similar to your organization in the sense that I would like for it to be a single-stop center, providing a variety of resources for underprivileged persons. I wish you nothing but the best of luck! Hopefully we can touch base and meet when I visit NY!


          • Anita Dominguez

            Hello Kia,
            I too have that desire to start an organization to help the underprivileged . I am not sue how to start. Any assistance you can provide would be wonderful and a true blessing. Thank you.

          • Kia

            Hello Anita,

            Unfortunately I am in the very early stages so I cannot provide much assistance! I have gathered about 5 people that would like to be involved and on the board, have come up with a mission statement and have registered the name of the organization but am still getting things off the ground. Where are you located?

          • Mama TCI

            HI whats your organisations name, I would like to start an organisation in my country, offering the same things that you are but i don’t know where to start. please share your steps with me

          • Mercy Galing

            Hi Monique, I would like to start a non- organisation for my province in the Philippines. The hospital has free service but the poor has to buy their own medicines. Pls contact me on

          • Debbie

            Hi Monique,
            I am very interested in starting a homeless shelter for single mothers with the hope of expanding it to provide additional services. It seems like your non-profit business is established and running smoothly. I would like to understand how you got started: the type of business structure you chose, funding you received, how did you get donations (furniture, etc), etc. At your earliest convenience, can you please contact me at I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you for your time.

          • Gracie George

            Hi Monique, I Having been praying and wanting to start an outreach programs in my area for youth and young adults for quite awhile the need is so great. I really believe this is my year to step out on faith. I have inquired on what I have to do in order to start, and I have started to reach out to others who have started similar programs. I would really appreciated if you could please share any information,that would help me begin to organize. Any help you could offer or give me would be greatly appreciated.
            If you are willing to offer any type of information Please email at
            Thank you & God Bless you

          • Jennifer Hopson

            I am looking into starting a non profit organization for female veterans because I am a veteran and I also have a couple other ideas as well and I am not sure how to go about making that happen and also do you need to live in the city that you want to start up the non profit in.

          • Lisa

            I just wanted to thank you for your service Jennifer and I hope your non-profit is successful.

          • Nettie

            Hi Monique,
            I too am in the process of starting a non profit transition home for families. It will not only give them shelter but help them become self-sufficent by providing them with education and job skill preparation. Budgeting and finance education just to name a few. I would love to speak with you to see how you started your business. I truly want to help hurting families. I have my business plan and budget completed. My email is

          • Zoya Adnan

            Hi Monique!

            I am a fresh grant writer need to help a US non-profit 501(c)3 company to serve underprivileged kids for better studies. In my area, I am unable to find any helpful resource that can get me started to start the process of receiving grants. I am looking some expert critique who can help me improve my LOI and grant proposal so that I can start processing to reach foundation to achieve the noble goal of helping young kids for better education and for thriving career. Any guidance and tips from experts and from your experience will be highly appreciated. my email is

          • allease

            can you contact me please my daughter is doing something similar thanks

          • Anthony Bells

            I am very happy for you and your organization,
            Thank you and God bless you.
            I would love to talk with you about something I am planning on starting.
            Please email me at

          • cynthia blevins

            Awesome, I really want to start an organization for the homelesss women and children here in Atlanta. There is an abundance of women and children living on the streets of Atlanta and I want to find a building and apply for a grant to open a shelter that will provide, shelter, education, career assistance, counseling, etc. Any assistance or advice would be great.

          • Wanda Fowler

            I waiting for an approval of my non profit, this nonprofit provide a resource link for all service that are provided by other agencies as well a health promotion and awareness and substance abuse and mental health counseling. Where do you suggest getting start up funds

          • dunia r olson

            Monique Thompson hello, this is Dunia Olson I am contacting you because like everyone here is in the nonprofit organizations. My organization has a name but has not been register. I don’t have any funds to work with. My organization will be directed to the Latino community offering many services with bilingual staff. The organization will be open in Galveston Island, Texas. If you had any information about where and how to start, I would appreciate it if you share it with me.
            My phone number is 214 960 0331 available after 2 pm every day

          • jenzion88

            Hello Fern Robinson, my name is Jennifer Weaver and I am looking to also start a non profit organization for at risk girls and young ladies. My program will be to educate and mentor girls of all nationalities and ages. I am new to this so I would like to connect if possible. Thank you

          • Stephanie Burr

            Sounds great how are you coming along with this. I want to start a foster care youth shelter where no child is turned away and they have the option of staying till they age out. I see so many foster parents giving up as soon as an issue comes up making these kids go from home to home to home. They have no place to call home. No Child would be turned away. These kids aren’t being taught to survive once they age out. Would like to teach life skills, help with education give them a place to be permanent in. Please let me know how you are coming along. I am in need of some guidance of how to start

          • Teresa

            Aged out Youth is one of my main target populations of my non profit and I’m starting over in a New state of PA I wish you Blessings. These youth need all the support they can get

          • Teresa
          • Ronda Carter

            Hi Fern My name is Ronda Carter Iam a 30 years old woman thats currently caring my disable brother that has brain damage and my five kids i been reallying searching for help to get our own home and just get my store out there is there a way that i can do this because right now its just us because my mother died and I was left with him

          • Akirah Garrett

            This is great. I thought I was pushing too hard btu i now see that I am not the only one who notices the problem. If possible please contact me to network

          • LaKentra Hargrove

            Hi Fern,

            I want to start a non profit in my area for troubled youth. I am trying find as much information on where to get started with creating my non profit. Do you have any starting up information?

          • Tiffany Young

            Hello. I’m Tiffany. I seen that you were also looking to start a non profit organization to aid at risk youth and their families. Is there any advice that you could give me. I’m just now trying get everything together as well as understand the process.

          • Hi fern. I’m Wanda here in indy working on opening my own homeless shelter. Can you tell me what foundation that offered help with funding or were u having them for fiscal sponsorship? Thank you

          • Mara

            I just graduated and this is my dream!!! But I also need some guides. Want too open up in Tennessee.

          • Chris Floyd

            Hey Fern I live in NC and am starting up an organization that helps at risk youth and have some really great ideas ……just looking for someone with the same passion as me ……I would love to know in a year’s time how far you’ve gotten and if partnering up is possible

          • BOAZ ALELA

            It was a year when you thought of these were you able to put in practice. Just been thinking of bit now would you be of a great help.
            I am BOAZ from Kenya.

          • Kia

            Hi Fern,

            I just wanted to see if you have started that organization of yours! I am currently in the process of starting up a nonprofit that is very much similar to your orginal idea in the sense that I would like for it to be a single-stop center, providing a variety of resources for underprivileged persons. I wish you nothing but the best of luck.


          • Maneka Cooper

            Hi, did you start your organization yet? I have very similar interests and am interested in finding out about tips and having questions answered. I’m also open to offer support and assistance.

          • aldrienia

            Hi Fern,
            please email me at I have a child with type 1 however I am trying to open a non profit organization to assist with homeless pregnant teen housing, parenting classes, and single mothers, along with feeding and volunteering in the community. Please email me if this is something you may be interested in or others. Thank you and God bless!

        • erin

          does your organization do mission trips to Africa?

          • Christa Preston

            Hey Erin, We do do mission trips but we are specific to people with expertise in special education/therapy for children with disabilities.

          • Naturinda Winniefred

            Hi Christa, I have started up an NGO supporting vularable and hopeless children and youth here in Uganda .. We have in our organization some children who need special education and therapy but since the Organisation is still very young we are finding it difficult to support them in that way due to lack of specialists in that area and school here concerning special education are too expensive yet if we don’t , we don’t see any one doing it for them.. . How can you help us? my email is…

          • hello Christa Happy new year, that sounds great work you are doing and i am interested in knowing more about it. Thanks

        • ruth vinga

          Hello christa my name is ruth and I am starting a non profit organization for children and underprivileged families in African cameroon. taking care of orphan children and violence against the girl child. Just left cameroon where I had free health care and seminar and workshop with the underprivileged girls. contact me my email

      • Jill Marcum

        Where are you on this goal?

        • Hi Jill and everyone! Finally found my way back to this site.. over the years I’ve gotten several Facebook messages about my post. I did finish school but I ended up finding a great job and so for the last few years I’ve been trying to decide if I want to go the SW route or even rather go back for an RN program (I’d make more money doing what I do now and thus be better able to afford the route to being a LCSW)… my husband recently got out of the Army and I’ve been focused on helping my brother who has special needs and we’re hopefully going to buy a house soon, so my plans with the nonprofit and school are kinda put on the back burner for now but not forever!

      • Marie

        I am interested to hear if this is still your goal please contact me @ thanks may GOD bless this project and you as well amen.

      • Johnny Estep

        I would love to be able to reach contact with you. My name is johnny estep, and i also have simulor goals for 2016, and so much more. Is there a way to contact you? You can also get an idea of what im doing by seeing my page. a long life dream of mine and a goal that im finally reaching. Please reach out to me if you can. I can be contacted from that page as well. or phone 812-413-3220

      • Sylvia Tavares

        Hi, was wondering if you created your non-profit organization? I, also, would like to create a non-profit organization in order to help parents with special needs children. Good luck!

        • Eartha Smith

          Hi Sylvia,
          I am trying to do the same thing. If you are still working on something like this i would really like to speak with you. Please email me at

        • Pauline

          I want to do the same . My son is autistic ,as well as having other diffibilities . As we call them . and a 17 year old daughter , with mental health problems . I want to open a centre , for. Both . 3 days a week each . So it will help the best of both .
          Can anybody hel me . As I don’t even know where to start
          Thank u
          My email is

          • June

            A retarded
            Son and a mentally ill dgtr. God bless

      • warrenf_peace

        Read EgoBionics, and follow their advice: Visualize, Verbalize and Vitalize!

      • keith barnes

        I would like to be a part of that program

      • rob weber

        Hey Casey, My name is Rob Weber, I am starting a new non-profit organization for single working mothers, over 9 million single mothers in the US as of 2016. The gist of it is, a housing complex of 100 – 3 bdrm units with a cooperative onsite daycare, utilities are free (solar) and 60% of the rent goes into an account for departure, this money is to be used on a down payment for their own home or to build a new one, this is a 5 year term program, this is a pilot complex, i’ll need this one to give me actual numbers to tweak the following, when successful i’m looking to provide at least 5 per state. Also on site, will be advanced educational resources and even think tanks for wanta be’s entrepreneurs and room for a lagre garden for each unit. I came across your blog in the site and it sounded like you may be interested in the project. The project is in its infancy, laying out the platform, crunching the numbers creating networks etc… I was wondering how far along you have gotten with your endeavours.

        • Marlo Larson

          Hey Rob! Love love love your goals here. As a single mom, (nearing the end of my child rearing life!), I have a huge heart for things of this nature and share similar non profit goals. I would love to be a part of this as you move forward. I’m in the State of WA — let me know how I can help you on your endeavor! Marlo

          • rob weber

            Hello Marlo,
            Always looking for good help, can you give me some background.
            Since I am planning on interstate development i’ll need assistance in every state.

          • Marlo Larson

            Hi Rob,

            Great to hear back from you. Yes, I have used GoFundMe site before — pretty user friendly site. It’s free to use if you email out to people directly, but I believe there is a fee if you want to aggressively promote it. As far as backgorund–I’ve worked for the school district as a Registrar for the last 18 years. As you can guess, I’ve worked with families from all walks of life. I’ve also been a single parent for more years than I can count and know all too well the struggles, both financial and emotional, that such a task carries. I particularly feel for the working poor single parent homes as they often work their way out of qualifying for assistance, yet are not able to make enough to really improve their quality of life. Always one paycheck away from being homeless. It’s not a good feeling. As I look toward a stage in life where my last child is moving out of the home, I anticipate getting to a place where I can fulfill my vision of opening up a non profit facility that caters particularly to single parents through in house services as well as an exterior resource center. I see it as a facility that encompasses not only material resources, but emotional support, classes, and just generally a place of refuge. I would also like to offer activity type classes where foster kids and their bio parents can come for quality visitation times. There are a lot of other details involved, and a lot of it will take form once it gets going and the needs present, but I think you get the just of it. Of course all this will take money–that will be the challenge, but I believe in the need and endeavor to see it through.

            I have experience in the legal field, public entities as well as a licensed Real Estate Broker, so I come to the table with a wealth of information on how infrastructures work, understanding people and how they interact with organizations. I most appreciate using the skills and knowledge that I have gained over my careers to help people who are often lost in the shuffle.

            Please keep me posted as you progress and let me know what I can do to help!

            Take care,

          • rob weber

            Up late I see,
            Based on your reply I think we can use your skills, tell me, can you give more in depth on your legal and real estate experience. We are trying to employ assets through technology, basically, telecommuting, not sure how convenient this will be, however, nothing ventured, nothing gained. I think through Skype of face time etc… we can execute the same as being in one office, that said, as things progress, we’ll need to have fairly easy access to each other. So, we’ll see how this works for now.

            We are currently structuring our organization and we are looking for like-minded support. Ultimately, our goal is to establish chapters in each state requiring basically an entirely separate organization for each chapter, but that’s a bit down the road.

            That aside, if you can look into legal requirements regarding the setup of a piggyback organization within your state, that would be of great help. ( as far as compensation for your efforts, at this point in time, this will be up to you until we get established. This is a new endeavor, nevertheless, we believe in the cause and expect it to flourish rapidly as it is sorely needed. We will also look into the same from our end, lets see what evolves from there

            Rob Weber
            CEO / Founder

          • dani primus

            Hi Rob this is a great idea. It brings so much awareness to what single mothers experience as well as offering the support they need. I am also in the process of starting my own nonprofit working with youth ages 13-24 in low income undeserved communities. We will be offering resources to empower their creativity and develop their ideas with the assistance of professional mentors and volunteers that will work on their projects that can empower confidence and a chance of designing a path of their passion to a successful career.

          • Chad

            Hi Dani, I was considering the same nonprofit support group in my area. I am at maybe we could help each other find ways to make it a great program. I currently own a small business called Gilberts Lawn & Handyman. I grew up in a struggling community. I understand how hard it is for young people to find positive leadership in a world that seems to offer no guidance.

          • rob weber

            Do you have any experience with GoFundMe or any other fund raising site similar to this.

        • Zetria

          I would love to be apart of this business venture. I am in Dallas TX

        • grvtywrks

          Rob Love your goals. Let us know if you have a kickstarter of GoFundMe fund. I have wanted to start something similar, except always pictured purchasing an extended stay suite hotel. I wanted to turn the top floor into a ‘safe’ floor that needed a special badge to get to for domestic violence victims so they could feel safer while Starting back on their own. I also wanted a daycare and educational services on site for kids. A chef on site to help teach how to cook healthy meals on budgets (so wish I had that), and counselors and job search services available.

        • Lisa

          I wish there were more people like you in this world Rob. I live in Maryland and if there is anything at all I can do to help you out here please let me know. I dream of starting my own non-profit Animal Shelter some day but I lack experience. Maybe helping you could help me accomplish my dream. Also, my daughter is a single mother who lives at home with me and would surely benefit from a program such as yours. Thanks again for showing much needed compassion to single mothers.

          • Diane Perry

            Hi Lisa and everyone
            I also live in Maryland, and live paycheck to paycheck. I was out in the streets and got my life together and I really want to start a program to feed the hungry. Due to my financial situation I was only able to make 300 hot dogs and deliver them homeless who live under the bridge. My kids are older, but I am working and doing job I love, but my true passion is helping the homeless. 300 hotdogs gone in 15 minutes, I did give them water too. My heart, and mind can not stop thinking of how to help them and I have ideas but no money

          • Dee Mason

            Hey! I’m in the process of starting a community-based nonprofit in Maryland. Ive already incorporated it and now finalizing the organizing documents. I have so many great ideas. But not so much money. Without a cushy bank account to pay all the fees you can’t solicit tax deductible donations until you’ve submitted your 1023 to the IRS and you need donations to afford the fees. Big catch 22! I’m going to keep forging ahead knowing I will find away to obtain everything I need to help build strong, self-sufficient communities. Feel free to check out our website

            All insight is welcomed and appreciated!

        • Latraya Mckire

          Wow that sounds wonderful coming from a single mother that’s homeless and can’t find shelter. I hope you can get it up that would be wonderful or others like me. I’m in the process of looking to ways to help the homeless even though I’m homeless as well but I do have a job. I can’t stand to see people out on the streets it just kills me and looking at my own situation I know alot of them just went threw hard times and just couldn’t get up alone. And sometimes the man up above put us in situations to be able to help other hope all goes well Good luck buddy 🙂

        • Jade Sembric

          Rob this is truly amazing! A friend of mine wanted to collaberate with me just to start a nonprofit food pantry but so much money had to be put into it just to get started and we’re both single working mothers in poverty ourselves so we couldn’t afford it. I was brought to this site for a paper that I’m writing for school and I came across your post. You’re truly amazing! I hope this works out exactly as you planned for it to. How is it going so far?

          • rob weber

            please see the most recent post and contact us directly to get involved. Thank you

        • Christine Cooney

          Where is the housing complex? I’m interested in your idea. Hope all goes well

          • rob weber

            Hello Christine, The project is in its infancy, putting together business plans, developing organizational structure, creating web site and all social media venues etc….a ton of work for one person to start, however, it’s not like our government is going to get off their butts to get something right, unless they are paid off to the right politician, yes I’m a bit jaded and that’s why I decided to do something about it, the pilot project will be in Colorado but would love to franchise it to every state (non-profit franchising) anyway, I could use all the help I can find but would at this point need to be all volunteer. If you would like to be part of it please contact me directly at and check out my prelim web site at I am currently setting up fundraising accounts through ALL the fundme type venues. Just a note, this is in no way a money making scheme I don’t need it, I think money is toxic, over the last decade my wife and I build our house off grid with no bank and now have no mortgage, this is what we want for our residents. As an FYI to other respondents to our cause please contact us at the info above, join the team and be part of a great project. Thank you very much for your interest. Sincerely Rob Weber

        • Mary

          hey Rob I have a similar idea but not sure where to start I have been thinking about this for a few years and just started to recently do some research, I too would like to help single mothers and families, in Minnesota, there are 8,000 children homeless with the average age being 8 years old, being a grand mother, I want so desperately to help these children, but not sure how to go about this. I have lots of ideas and a lot of goals, I thought maybe you could give my some ideas on where to start, how do you fund it, I wanted to buy a nursing home so each family would have their own room and bathroom and of course it would be a transitional housing moving them on to self sufficiency, I even have the name
          Please contact me if you have any insight on this @

    • Carolyn Di Donato

      There are many foundations for cerebral palsy my cousin now 42 was the post child several times. You should research foundation for cerebral palsy. Research has came a long way he has stood up for the first time in 40 years last summer. So there are great foundations, and research in that area. Is there something your having trouble getting help with?

    • Hi Jamie, the Help Freely Foundation offer the possibility to raise funds for Nonprofits trough the online shopping of your supporters. is free and thousand of Nonprofits are just using it to receive donations. It should help you to start raising funds for your initiative. Hope the best, Filippo of

  • Shannon

    I want to start a foundation for kids who parents need a little break from dealing with just life issues that we all go though with kids who have problems a place where your kids can come so you can just get a little break for parents to have a little time for parents to go shopping take a walk even if it’s just I want to have a long bath just to have a few mintues for you

    • Cornelia Buchanan

      Hi Shannon….I have a similar goal as yours but I would like to focus on helping single mothers financially. Initially I’d have to start with helping out with a bill or two but my vision is to offer temporary financial relief, at least until they are able stand independently. Right now it’s just a vision until I can come up with the resources. I pray you are able to implement your plan. God Bless you.

      • Bridgette Williams

        Hi Cornelia, I have a similar goal and vision as yours. My vision is to help single parents along with the elderly. As a single parent on disability I know the struggles. Also as a daughter of a 90yr old mother and knowing other elderly blessings I know some of the struggles they deal with and not wanting to lose their independence. I’m writing my vision according to Hab 2:2-3 and standing on faith for the manifestation of my vision, every financial need, status, paperwork, volunteers, help that may be needed to come forth in the near future. May God bless you and your vision bringing it to light.

        • shannyn

          Hello. Bridgette my name is shannyn and i also want to start a non profit. Homeless shelter for woman and children while helping them build closer relationships find employment go back to school, and stable housing. I love you’re ideals.

          • Kamia Johnson

            Hi Shannyn and Bridgette, I would like to do something similar. I want to start an organization that will house single parent families and give them a support system, childcare, while also providing education, job skills and helping them become self sufficient.

          • Annet Kitana

            Hi Shannyn, my name is Annet I live in Kenya and a single mother of four children. I would like to start an organisation to help single mothers who are going through what I have gone through and help them go through life easier with their young ones.Please help me get grants here in Africa it’s quite difficult

          • adean

            High Shannon . I too am trying to start my own non-profit for the homeless families with children. I was in a shelter that helped my family and it had a HUGH impact on helping us restart and get back on track. I just feel the passion and the desire to give back.

      • Monica

        My goal as well… I lost my job an I faced major hard times went to various organizations for help, they told me in order for them to help I have to pay a large portion before they submit any monies., my children was out of power for days…I felt lost alone an afraid.. the town I live in has failed me.

        • Sabrina

          Hi Monica,
          My family and I recently experienced this same situation this past week. I had to contact the organization that actually funds the Energy Assistance program to get help. Because of this happening I am even more dedicated and determined to find a way to help families that need that extra voice.

    • Terri

      Shannon, you might find it helpful to contact the Vanessa Behan Crisis Nursery here in Spokane, WA. It’s very similar to what you describe in what it provides, and I’ll bet they could give you a lot of great information. Good luck!

    • Kim

      I have spent the last 10 years being a professional parent, raising children in out of home placement. Many of these children could have returned to their homes if the parents could have learned some new parenting techniques. I would like to open a non profit to teach parents how to parent. The sad truth is so many families are torn apart because of not having the skills to get the best out of their child. I would like to cut down on the amount of children being raised outside of the home and give the parents the tools to keep their families together.

      • Francesca Murch

        I absolutely love you idea as well as Shannon’s idea for a non profit. I completely agree with your views. I have seen to many parents that are overwhelmed and don’t know who to turn to for help. It seems that in our society if you ask for help then your seen as a “bad parent”. Many of these parents will not talk to state organizations for help because they are afraid they will get their children taken away or they will be deemed unfit. I would love to start a non profit in OKC Ok for families that are low income and have been involved in the DHS system. I would love to offer “real” parenting classes. How to deal with children with behaviors, mental health issues and disabilities. How to cope and manage with the issues of a family that was separated due to mental health issues, and or drug/alcohol addictions. To offer reunification therapy between child and parents. To break the cycle and unify family units in a healthy supportive environment.

    • shannyn

      Hello shannon. my name is also shannyn and i to am interested in starting a non profit. My vision is for homeless shelter for women and children in my city there is a great need.

      • momo smith

        Hello! My name is Monique and my vision is to open a homeless shelter for women and their children.What state are you from? Funding is the biggest concern. Do you have people willing to be on your board and support you in your journey to reach your goal ? Hope to hear from you soon Good luck!

    • Jill Marcum

      Shannon that is amazing. Parents NEED that. I am a parent of a young child with Autism and I see the need for this.

  • Annette Simmons

    I need advice…I am trying to start up a place called My Forever Home for keeping high kill shelters from killing animals….how do I do this?

    • ginoue16 .

      I am trying to start a foundation for Haiti specially for children that parents have no Income . To focus on their talents and give them opportunities that they wouldn’t have normally . Teach them about health & all of the diseases that existed around the world.

    • Jean S

      Annette, I have the same goal. My main focus is on the rehabilitation of semi-feral cats, and colony management. Strays, for seniors, and disabled.Companion pets. Where are you located?

    • Alexia Madrigal

      Hi, I’m in California and my passion is to start a non-profit for single women with pets. Statistics show women are aging alone with lower retirements than men. Housing is not affordable for women and along with their vulnerability, so many turn to their pets for comfort. I would like to combine the two missions. Housing for single woman who have pets. One of the requirements is the women must have a pet in order to live there.

  • kerby

    I want to start a foundation for kids with autism I have 2 kids with autism they inspire me to help kids with autism by providing gift for Christmas, therapy, and support there parents we as parents to need to stand up for better our children they are different god made them for a reason I want to help kids with autism find there passion, and love who they are I need help please help me make a different in this kids life.

    • Beyan Flomo Pewee

      My name is Beyan F. Pewee from Liberia and i run a register non profit
      in Liberia called Youth Coalition For Education (YOCEL). YOCEL is a nonprofit, non-political,
      non-governmental, non-religious and a youth oriented
      organization with focus on campaigning, advocating and building the capacity of
      young people to stand and raise their voices for quality education. YOCEL is
      committed to the fulfillment of quality education for every child without discrimination.
      YOCEL is also committed to empowering youth and providing them the opportunity
      to be change makers. We take serious our responsibility to advocate, lobby and
      implement projects and programs that seeks to advocate and promote quality
      education, gender equality, youth empowerment and entrepreneurship.

      but i am looking for partners that i can work with to
      establish branches around the world like the US and other interested
      countries ……here is my email if you are interested : or skype me

      visit us @

  • Rhonda McGhee

    “I am very passionate about hair and the overall beautification purposes of my hobby.”
    Rhonda McGhee-

    Hi my goal is to one day start an organization with this mission: “To beautify the community one head at a time”.
    By providing services to families in need, whether that is single parents like me who would benefit from my organization due to little too no income, including the many homeless people who are in and around our community, because I have been there too. Lets no forget about those kids who are waiting for a forever home, and the forever faithful senior citizens, the “Whole Community”, simply starting by beautifying one person at a time, one head at a time. Helping them to feel better about themselves and help motivate them and give that drive to be the best, they can be in and around their small community, city, state to maybe one day I am a self-employed disability Navy veteran with a degree in Business Administration, Master Cosmetologist/ Instructor five year old disabled daughter dealing with life issues seem unfair, when we get a bad break or things don’t go our way, but this is why I keep pushing forward because I know that” He is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him”. Desperately trying to build a new life and be financially stable for me and my baby is an expectation….because failure is not an option. That’s why I want to give back to the whole community one head at a time.:#thewholecommunity

  • Crystal Reed

    I am wanting to start an animal rescue in my community as we do not already have one and hope to help the animals who need it but not sure how to get the funding for it. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

  • Kevin Barnett

    President and founder of If I Die Young – Non Profit Organization
    dedicated to suicide prevention, battling addiction, and self harm.

    Looking for any legal advice / funding to file our 501C3 status.
    If you have any advice, would like to support us in any way – that would be awesome!


    • faithlessfate

      I’m starting a mentorship program from suicide prevention among transgender and gender non-binary youth…

      • Pamela Chambers

        How are you doing with your goal? I am in the startup process of a trans teen shelter and would love to talk with you.

  • Lyndsey Hrabik

    Love all of the aspirations here! If you want to find out about funding for your organization and how much it costs to start an NPO, begin here—

    In February, we’ll have an entire course on our Nonprofit Hub University to take you from point A (the idea for a nonprofit) to point B (I’ve founded a nonprofit!). Check out for that. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask!

  • tequiladm1

    This was a great article! I so needed this because I am struggling in raising money for my daughter. She is 10 and she came to me in December wanting to start a charity. I have created a gofundme account but it’s hard when people around you don’t want to see you do something good for your community. Oh the charity fund is just in case anyone wants to help. Thanks!

  • Brad Lev

    Im looking for some partners to start a new non-profit to help raise funds for local organizations by partnering with local bars & restaurants – let me know if anyone is interested…

  • Linda

    I have an adult son that have autism here in SC. There is no place in my small town for adults with autism to go, and just have fun. Like maybe have a dance, or interact with other adults with autism. These adults are isolated at home most of the time. It is not fair. No one seems to care much about them. I want to open a place where adults with autism in my town will have a place to go each day and be alive! Have staff to take them on outings. Take the men to get haircuts. The ladies to beauty shops. Have their nails done. Every human spirit have something to offer to the world. These beautiful beings should not be shut away with shame. I know nothing of how to start place such as this. Can I get some help please. These beautiful people’s lives are being wasted.

    • Randy

      Hi Linda I too am wanting to start a non profit to help the parents of Autustic. This has been on my mind for a long time and just reading some of these inspiring posts gives me the desire and determination to form the non-profit NOW and calling it Joyful Noise. And with Gods help it will transpire.

  • AOD
  • Anthony Manna

    My search ended up bringing me here and seeing all these comments for great organizations really gave me hope. I’d like to start a foundation to help children and teens (under age of majority) with problems at home. In most cases these young men and women can’t stand up for themselves because of age, misunderstanding, and fear of what may happen if they do try to speak out. I’m talking about mental, and physical abuse from parents or guardians. Anyone who’s dabbled in psychology knows about the disorders that develop in minors who’ve had troubled childhoods.

    There are options in many cases for these people to take care of the issue themselves. Say a school counseler, or telling the police. However, this can lead to more problems as soon as the parents hear about it. I’ve grown up with people who’ve been refused food for days, or have been so berated at home they can’t sleep at night. You can imagine how this affects the rest of their lives.

    My ultimate goal is to have a team of counselers, therapists, lawyers, and investigators all working on behalf of those who’s voice would otherwise go unheard, and give them a chance before it’s too late.

    I’ve known too many people who’ve taken their own lives because they saw it as their only way out, all before even reaching adulthood. It’s my dream to offer another option. Its a long way off but I would happily devote my life to making tomorrow’s youth feel safer, and help them have a vibrant and fruitful childhood instead of fearing going home and turning to much more drastic options.

    • Francesca Murch

      I love your idea Anthony. I would love to expand on that and unify the family’s. (keeping in mind only the families that are able to be unified) I understand that many times the abuse is extensive and families can’t be unified through therapy, mental health medications, or addiction services. I do know that many times abuse begins because no one addressed these issues. Also because many of these parents are scared to ask for help or admit that they are overwhelmed, addicted or stressed. So if these issues are addressed and a family can be reunited.

      • Anthony Manna

        That’s an excellent idea. It would really help the family as a whole if that was a possibility. Much more so than the kids being put into foster care in some situations. Most children and parents still have a deep love for each other and the separation may do more harm than good. I completely agree and thank you for your support and thoughts 🙂

        • Francesca Murch

          Where are you Anthony? I would love to hear updates on your venture. My family and I already have a non profit established. Now it’s time to fundraise and market the idea to the community.

          • Anthony Manna

            I’m actually in Colorado. But possibly relocating to Florida for work. I’m glad to hear you have your non profit established. I would love to hear how you did it all.

          • faithlessfate

            Is your organization trans* friendly? I’m beginning a non-profit mentorship for trans youth, you’d be a great resource…

          • faithlessfate

            Francesca Murch Is your organization trans* friendly? I’m beginning a non-profit mentorship for trans youth, you’d be a great resource…

    • Jen

      Hi Anthony, I’m based in Montreal and am working on a school project I came across your idea and having the same one. I know what its like to not have a “home” but rather just a house to go to. it effects everyone mentally and physically I would love to hear more about your venture and if you have expanded on the process of creating a safe place for children to go to. My goal for this project is to expand on children’s needs and hoping that this project will bring insight to my future plans of becoming a social worker and focusing on the safety of children before they get to a point of no return. Hope to hear from you soon.

  • Tristan Williams

    Hi I’m Trying to start a program that helps anybody that’s in a struggle with drug addiction or just needs to just reminded that they are worth having around on this earth.
    I come from a small city called Port Orchard, Washington. And over the past couple of years I’ve had multiple friends overdose from there drug addiction and pass away. not only that but also suicide.
    I too once had a extreme struggle with drug addiction but was able to overcome this by having somebody simply be there for me. And showed me Love that I had forgotten all about..
    Overcoming this obstacles is within all of us who have or are struggling. I feel like Too many young adults fall through the cracks and are forgotten about because of the wrong they have done.
    I’m very well known in the community and feel that me and some select volunteers can really provide a personal outreach to these individuals.
    This of course is only an idea and I don’t even know if I can qualify for help with something such as this. Some insight is all im asking for and also ideas. I’m sick of losing my friends and loved ones to addiction and being alone. Just simply giving some buddy a safe place to rest and kick drugs and taking them out to eat, hike, to a,a, and just simply be there. Like I said this is a brand new thought to me and im not even sure how to began. so please help me and let me know what I can do…
    I’m not looking to make any money or anything.
    All I want is to do anything in my power to help.
    Thanks for reading

    • Ryan Coleman

      I se this post is a couple months old so not sure if you check this site frequently but I have the same goals I finish my AA degree next semester and and will hopefully start my bachelors soon after I now own a roadside business which keeps me busy 6 days a week as well as my four kids and one on the way I am 29 years old and have been fighting addiction for my whole life I feel I am meant for something more I want to help and make a change this is something very important to me and with the help from the community and our hard work and dedication we too can make change I have yet to start or even come up with a name but an very motivated and sure that I will will in the near future how has your journey and have you started up yet if so great and if not don’t give up the fight stay strong feel free to contact me via email or thru this site I just signed up not quite sure how it works but will check back frequently


  • Vivian Palmer

    I am a nephrology nurse with over 27 years of experience. I would like to start a nonprofit that provide relief to caregivers and families of individuals that are performing dialysis treatment at home. Home do I start this process in Georgia?

    • Vivian—For information on how much it takes to start a nonprofit, check out this free guide—

      Besides that, you can find articles on Nonprofit Hub or check out our entire Nonprofit Hub University course on starting a nonprofit here—

      Wishing you great luck!

  • shannyn


  • Cathrine

    How do you start an International non-profit organization with a 501c3 status in the US?

  • Deaf Talent Guild

    How do I start a 501c6 professional association with a membership consisting of talent? Where can I find funding for a professional association like this? Thank you for any tip or suggestion you offer.

    • The IRS has information on guidelines and things you’ll need to start a 501(c)(6). Check that out here—

  • Faisal Alif

    I plan to start a non-profit for helping homeless veterans. There are many organizations that help the homeless veterans by giving them food. There are also many who have job opportunities for the homeless veterans. But my organization is going to focus on helping homeless veterans from the street get connected to these organizations so that they may recieve the help they deserve.

  • Michelle Jones-Simon

    I want to start a woman shelter along with girls housing and boys housing so they can bring thier kids. don’t have land nor money but will do all work

  • datch

    So…starting a nonprofit with “no money” is easy as long as you have money. $400+$850+Incorporaton and tax filing fees and gas money to travel to the other nonprofits to make connections. Some of us have great ideas and GENUINLELY “no money.”

  • Tempest Bryant

    Thank God for this article. My nonprofit will be for mentally challenge /disabled adults. It’ll be like a daycare but will provide numerous of activities, field trips and education. I was wondering what deal degree will be best for me to pursue.

    • Luke Haverkamp

      Maybe I could help you get started. Email me:

    • chermone oldham

      Hi Tempest I’m cherome I have almost the same veiw on this I want to start a nonprofit program in my hometown and in every small town that the world has forgotten about where all our young are kill each other for lack of guidance And love and where I’ll daughters have no self worth I want to show them that everything in life start with God Frist. I don’t want it to be like church for them I want them to learn that anything possible with faith and believe I also want to have a place for them to enjoy themselves like learn to cook take care of there baby’s and their own appearance. Just to motivate and encourage By showing them that we care and that there is a God who love and is there for them always

  • Luke Haverkamp

    If anyone is in Iowa, I’m looking to help a non-profit get started here. I am an accountant and looking to help with all the paperwork and IRS filing. Email me at

  • Angela austin

    Hi,.my name is Mrs.Austin.I would like to start a foundation for the people who need food for more then a few days or they could only come once a month to receive it,.I would like to start a foundation for people at less once a week,i need help finding it,also finding free company’s that donated food to these kind of problem .Could you please give me some advise on this matter..

  • Theater of the Universe

    We want to start a nonprofit organization to save an art treasure that was lost for over 40 years. A series of 16 spectacular paintings depicting the big picture of the Bible in briliant color. We are preparing to launch a campaign to raise the money for the project.

    Want to help? like us on Facebook

    Follow us on Twitter @TheaterEarth
    We need your help.

  • Lacy L

    Just getting started. My vision is a foundation to recuse people and pets at the same time. I know there is the foundation for veterans and pets…. I want to begin this for other suicidal people in my area….people who need a helping hand…even random acts of kindness…. pets that need help… to be able to combine the two… pets doing good deeds… people doing good deeds…AZ…. have no idea where to begin with all the legal stuff… any comments
    would be great…

    • Pamela Chambers

      Good luck with your vision. It’s very similar to one I am creating in OH. Mine will be targeted at transgender teens and shelter animals.

  • Sandy Pacheco

    I have been working with mothers of special needs children in my area I send cards once a month two kids I have bible classes once a week and working on so much more I am hoping two become a non profit organization just don’t have funds right know and everything I am doing comes out of my pocket and it is getting hard two kid love cards up and going so hope I can find help soon thanks

  • Lisa Joiner Kelly

    HI!! I was wanting to know can you have “funds drives” to help cover the cost of becoming a non profit?

  • Antigone

    hello I have in set in my heart to start something for young girls from the age of 11-15 I really have been brainstorming and by doing research I have come up with so many ideas I feel a bit overwhelmed is there anyone who has advice for me..I need it

  • Vianey Fierro

    Hi my name is Vianey in I just started my non profit organization for helping abonden mother and orphan children here in US and also Mexico. The name of my Mission is Vianey Alive Missions. Please pray for me and also if you what to help me financial, you can email me at
    Or if you want to donate for this mission you can due it at Bank of america for Vianey Alive Missions
    Account #3250 4909 8978
    Thank you and God bless you

  • Mrs. Yoder

    My husband and I are looking to start a school. We want to make it turn-key so that other schools can be started everywhere. It’ll be a boarding school with local day school option and all of it will be on a sliding scale so lack of money doesn’t hold a child back. The purpose of the school is to find a child’s true potential and help them realize their goals (or even to realize what those goals are!). More importantly, breaking the mentality of victimhood in poor communities, letting children work at their own paces, teaching them to help each other, helping them identify in each other strengths and weaknesses (especially children with learning disabilities since they often have poor self-esteem), and educating them in the ‘real world’ vs the artificial construct that schools have made. There’s so many goals that we’re having a hard time breaking it into two or three sentences for material to give to potential investors and people who are interested in the school. We need teachers who think outside the box, specialists in learning disabilities, etc. We don’t even know where to begin with looking for a similar place to get advice from on starting out! lol Any help would be appreciated. Once we get the 501 papers done we want to produce a video for kickstarter and other crowdfunding websites to get the school built (or buy a building) and get it going. Anyone have any advice for us?

  • constance7

    Hey people. I need help achieving my dream.

    My dream is to open biggest Woman Center in the World to provide any kind of help any woman or mother need for free.

    Constance needs 2.147.483.647$ to make this dream come true.–2/x/11576618

  • Lakeshia Armond

    I am wanting to start a non profit organization helping people with a 2nd chance. We all know someone who needs help, I was one of them, and I really got blessed with an amazing couple who took me and my daughter in. I want to give back. I am in the process of finding funding to start this organization, and researching to complete my business plan. I have thought about it over and over of a system to help people who need a 2nd chance, and it finally happened, just needs the funding. You can contact via email at for an overview of the program.

    • lisa bowen

      Hello, Lakeshia I love your idea and like you I was a person who needed a second chance. I had this desire for a goal but a lack of funds kept me from tackling the dream I would love to have transitional housing for women escaping from domestic violence.

      • Lakeshia Armond

        Thanks Lisa for your comment. I am so excited when my idea is up and running. If you have any ideas that can help me, it will help. And not even that, but to you as well in fulfilling your dreams.

  • Jimbo

    I want to start a non-profit to save my Mother’s home since she has become bed-ridden and suffering from various ailments.
    Im now in the position to pay all her bills and she makes very little from SS. If I had the capitol to invest I would have. I could fill a retail space and at least one load or more of scrap metal every month with items I come across when I’m mining internet waste streams. I could offer a percentage of the procedes to different charities every six months so I can help a variety of humans and animals. diabetes foundation would be the first charity.
    I can hire another driver to help increase inventory levels.
    the city i live in wants a cut , so that might derail me since Im on a shoestring budget.

    • Antonia Jones-Storey

      I want to start a nonprofit organization that is called “Finding My Way” it is to help abused foster kids find their way into a better life. I was a foster child and I want to give back it will be good to tell my testimony and let foster kids know things will be better and let them see there is hope, but the only problem is I don’t know where to start so if someone’s out there that can help me please let me know…

  • Shanna Steienrt

    My name is Shanna Steinert and I am starting a non profit after school center for children with Autism and developmental disabilities. I am in Grimesland, NC. I have received non profit status already and need help finding funds.

  • Shanna Steienrt

    My name is Shanna Steinert and I am starting a non profit after school center for children with Autism and developmental disabilities. I am in Grimesland, NC. I have received non profit status already and need help finding funds.

  • Shanna Steienrt

    My name is Shanna Steinert and I am starting a non profit after school center for children with Autism and developmental disabilities. I am in Grimesland, NC. I have received non profit status already and need help finding funds.

  • My Maternity Closet

    I started a clothing closet specifically for Maternity Clothes and so far in the 8months I have been operating I have helped 15 expectant moms. I started out asking for clothing donations and I had a huge response from the community. I am now hoping to acquire 501(c)3 status

  • This is where I’m at with raising funds, when trying to get your 501(c)3 completed. It’s maddening.

  • I am 16 years old and I have Cerebral Palsy and Dystonia… I want to start a non-profit organization using photography. I want to help people who have disabilities, terminally ill, and or hard just going through hard times. I want to be able to show everyone no matter how your life is a picture is still worth 1000 words. I have been working on this for weeks now and I just want this to start up! I love photography but I also love helping someone smile!

  • Preventing the World of Stroke

    Hello Guys,
    I have created my organization called Preventing the World of Strokes. the website is on
    My goal at the moment is to become a non-profit organization but to do that we needed funding. We really need the help to make our dream come true. Help spread the word!
    Our goal is to help prevent strokes from occurring, and to do that, we need your help to get things started. More information is listed on the website!

  • Minda

    Hi everyone, I am currently working on building my nonprofit organization with the help of 3 kids.

    Our Vision:
    To promote a society of compassionate individuals with a common goal of sharing “ALOHA” for families in time of grievance.

    Our Mission:
    Providing emergency travel assistance for individuals across the nation
    whose loved one is in a healthcare crisis.

    In the event of a death or imminent death in your immediate family, you may have to travel on short notice and without the financial means. We understand that the loss of a loved one can be devastating, with the added stress of planning an unexpected situation where last minute travel is required. Sadly, not everyone has the means to do so on such short notice due to monetary situation.

    We at Sharing Aloha Foundation are here to offer you a defray airfare (bereavement or compassion flight) to travel and be there with your loved one(s) in time of grief. We strive to make things a little easier for you and your immediate family members to cope with the circumstances by offering last minute fares at NO COST to you and your

  • Ann Murray

    My name is Ann I have several ideals I want to help out the miltary psd an open up like a Ronald McDonald house not for kids but families that have to travel out of town an need a can’t afford to stay in a motel where they can stay have childcare food until their live ones get out an shelter for abuse women with their families

  • Ashley

    I am currently in the research stage. I am wanting to start a non-profit in North Carolina. I want to create a tiny village for disabled vets, those whose disability was denied and homeless families. But I want to also help these people with growing a garden, raising livestock and just helping beyond getting them a place to live. That is a good start but doesn’t help with all of the problems that face the homeless community. I’m just stuck because I am creative and business savvy enough to make this work but have very little knowledge on non-profits and raising money.

  • Krystal Levingston

    Hi guys, I’m wanting to start a prostate cancer foundation for my father who passed away from it when I was 11 years old. I’m not sure what route I want to go with it yet, the problem i’m facing now is that I’m dead broke(college student), but I was thinking that I could get some sponsors from my hometown(Huntsville, Texas) as well as his hometown(Mexia, Texas). The idea to do this came to me about two years ago, but i’m really wanting to get it started within the next year or so. If anyone has any ideas or steps I should take, or are willing to help, please let me know!

  • Vanessa

    Great resources and people here. I’m in Phoenix and I would like to start a Non-Profit program for kids to join for free, to teach them how to become leaders in their communities through outreach, volunteer, and philanthropic work. I believe helping to develop altruistic children is one of the bests ways to begin to tackle the problems of the world. I would really love to find a group of people to help me with this vision. Does anyone have any ideas on how to find people locally to join your cause?

  • Sean Donrad

    I am an attorney in California. I can help you to start your
    non-profit organization. My fees are reasonable.
    Please contact me at
    Please call me between 11 A.M. to 7 P.M.

  • Shantaya Gibson

    I started a non profit here in mobile, al. Our services are dedicated to cleaning the home of cancer patients going through treatments. We want to take the stress off of the patient and the families. We are incorporated but we want to apply for the 501 c3. Currently we are looking for ideas on raising money so that we can apply. Do you all have any suggestions? We are on Facebook faithful cleaners of mobile, we have created a go fund me account but have not had any success.

  • April

    I want to open a non profit for the homeless men women and children helping them get on their feet find jobs and make sure they have everything needed to succeed in life

  • Raptorx Xray

    My name is Stephen (currently homeless 35 years)
    and I have raised $100,000 pledged and I am short $100,000 to begin a FOR
    PROFIT company with the goal of later opening a NON-PROFIT COMPANY. Both
    companies are geared to help toward ending child forced labor (slavery) and to
    aid orphaned street children of less privileged countries in the world by first
    evangelizing and sharing the word of Christ and secondly by bringing employment
    and education to the children through various resources. I am seeking funding
    to bring this into fruition. If you have a heart and the resources and desire
    to help Please contact me. Just Think if only 100 true Christians pledged
    $1,000 dollars each would raise $100,000 bout the cost of 2 IPhones each)
    Please! if you knew that, then contact me and just say- “Yes, I know, and
    because I know I want to help and here is my gift to help in the cause to end the inhumanity,fight
    poverty, child abuse and end child slavery”… When I open my business I would like to
    have a wall. I would like to call it the “Wall of Saints and Angels”, it will have all the
    names of those who cared and gave donations, and they will be mounted
    permanently into the wall. However, much more than this I pray for all those
    who will give to have their names along with many others “Written into the
    “Book of Life”. May God Bless and bless abundantly all of you who are
    sharing their Love in wanting to help others. I ask for your prayers that my endeavors bear
    fruit, just as I have prayed (just now) for all your Loving aspirations to come true for you!

  • Ian Kabat

    Hi everyone, I have started a nonprofit to give less fortunate kids access to the Arts, art supplies, music and dance equipment, tix to museums & shows ect. and we just got our 501. Does anyone have any advice on the best way get some seed money to start ramping up. My board of directors have helped with the lawyers fees and a few other small things but we are all artists we need some funds for awareness to get our name out there. Is that some that will come out our pockets?

  • Charles Presley Jr

    Looking to start a educational program that targets youth males at risk of from single parent homes with absent father’s. Focusing on mentoring, tutoring, entrepreneur information, sat prep, college applications, college tours, debt responsibility, and the impact drugs have in our communities, using or selling. Giving them something to look forward to besides prison or early death. Breaking the cycle from previous generations.

  • Addline Holman Bova

    My goal is to start a non profit that serves as a clearinghouse for resources and education for kids with childhood apraxia of speech. Finding a physical location and funding for it are my biggest obstacles right now.

  • Tiffanee Brinkman

    I have started feeding the homeless with my own money. I have a few small donations from some friends. I want to make this much bigger. It’s so amazing feeding people who have fallen on hard times. Someday I hope that I can start a homeless shelter. Bless you all.

    • Katrina Owens

      Hi Tiffanee I saw this post and it really touched on why I’m looking to start my own non-profit organization to help not only the homeless but our Veterans who fought for our Country but are now living on the streets with no where to go. Some even need psychological help but don’t know where to go… My heart hurts every time I see someone on the street with no food or place to sleep. I’m not sure what area you are from but I’m from the Los Angeles area actually one of the biggest city with the most homeless. I would love to reach out to you or you can contact me to see if we can maybe come together to see what we can do to help our homeless community by ended it.. Also need to know how I can start my organization and resources that will help. My name is Katrina email

  • Ricky Rembert

    Hello, I am a U.S. Air Force VETERAN who is currently campaigning for donations to help with intial costs and start up fees. My foundation is gonna focus first on helping homeless and hungry people survive and to improve their situation. Please if you would like to help out, read and donate! But, at the very least, share this on a site like Facebook. The more people that know, the more likely someone will help. Here’s the link….

    Thanks in advance!!! And GOD bless!

  • nakiesha

    I would like to start an organization for the homeless and families in need there’s a lot of programs out there that really doesn’t help. I would like to start something that can help young mothers or troubled teens that turns to the street. I advocated for myself pretty good for myself knowing that me and my children were homeless and they kept denying everywhere.

  • Kevin Price

    Good morning to everyone. I started my new career path as an insurance agent a couple years back mostly dealing with seniors. Since that day, I’ve been blessed to meet so many and share stories and family. As an agent being invited in their home, I’ve also seen huge struggles seniors are going through, some I can’t understand how they even make it financially day to day, deciding on wether to turn on lights or a/c or to buy a very modest amount of food for the month. Cars broken down in need of repair, homes in need of repair, some desperately needing food. These aren’t the people you see holding a sign on the corner. Most cases too proud. Some handicapped or have health issues. So many issues-all behind that front door we pass each day in our cars. You would never know their living conditions if it weren’t for that chance invitation to come into their home for a short visit. This ongoing issue with so many has led me to start a non-profit to help these seniors. There everywhere. Struggling, some alone. Any assistance or ideas would be appreciated.

  • Jasmine Berry

    I lost my home and everything becoming a domestic violence victim.I am now getting my life back together and want to start a program for the homeless because the department of social services and the programs in my area are HORRIBLE.I’m going to actually help people not only endure safety but become goal oriented and enjoy one would do it for me but I’m doing it for the people that need my help.

  • A Place For Me

    Wonderful ~ we are based in Los Angeles, CA. We are a youth mentoring foundation for girls age 9-18. Our mission is to Empower and Uplift our Youth. Becoming non profit is a long process but so worth it. My only issue is the money to become tax exempt through the federal side. I wish everyone much success. Check out our FB:

  • Ciji Dugars

    Hello everyone, My now 11 year old daughter and I started a non profit organization last year. We help families and individuals with limited to no income. We also help the homeless throughout the year. We are now looking for grants to obtain a physical location for our organization. All of the items we have that we give is stored in our home. If anyone knows a start up grant website please let me know. My website is and our email is

  • Catherine Freed

    I ‘m just beginning my quest to learn what’s required to start a homeless shelter for families with children in the Dallas, Tx area and would like to connect with like minded individuals who can give me some much appreciated advice. I would like to shelter intact and single parent families and connect them to needed resources in the community, as well as provide job readiness skills, child daycare, clothing and home essentials, referrals, counseling, housing referrals, and home ownership programs. This is my first step towards a dream that has been in my heart for years. As someone who has been in their shoes I know I will be able to encourage the people entrusted in my care from a compassionate humane nature that I rarely saw demonstrated myself. Thank you in advance for taking the time and effort to steer me in the right direction and may God bless each and everyone of you willing to make your world and community better tomorrow than today.

    • Shelia

      Catherine I have the same interests as you. If you can send me info on what you have obtained that’d be great. I’m in Texas too.


  • Gina Dixon

    I am now in the process of starting my own non-profit, I want to open a house that caters to foster children and young adults who are having trouble with becoming self sufficient. These teenagers age out of the system and are forgotten about. These are the kids who become statistics, my program will help them get the skills they need to become an independent adult. My parents have been getting foster kids all my life and the story is the same around this age. My program is going to change that. I hope to be up and running very soon. The start up is a problem I am a mother of 6 so money is rare, however I not giving up on this idea.

  • ashley miller

    Hello I’m in the process of starting up a non profit for needy families and children. I’m starting from scratch and would love any tips or info anyone has to pass along. At one point I was in the position where I needed help and have always loved helping others. My children are going to be a big part of this organization aswell. Again I would love to chat with anyone willing to pass down some helpful info.

  • Michael Gutierrez

    I woke up one morning and started looking around the city where i live and started not to like what i saw, it was the less fortunate people that was dealt a bad hand in life which keep them down and out and they finally gave up. I believe with all my heart that everyone deserves a second chance to make a difference in life my organization will provide that second chance for homeless, less fortunate, homeless youths, I realize that turning our back on people is just not right cause it very well could be you in that situation we will also provide living quarters,reeducation,staffing, drug free facility, counseling for mental or physical problems, provide second chance at a new start, job training, the people that will be help will up keep the facility, there will be a kitchen that they will serve the residents there also they will clean the facility cause bottom line everyone know how to do something to help out. then job placement will take place and finally they can stand on there own two feet again this is my mission statment.

    • Sarah Mutua

      Hi Michael Gutierrez, am moved by what you are doing to the people that are less previlaged around you God will bless. If you would not mind please send me you email so we can discuss more because we have the same

  • Sarah Mutua

    Hello my name is Sarah Mutua and am a Kenyan. I want to start a foundation that helps women and the young generation in Mwingi district in Kenya.School drop out level are high because this area is a drought striken, crop failure, malnutrition among children and starvation is the order of the day.
    poverty rate and drought that cause the young people to leave their rural homes in search of work and others that endup dropping from school to do manual works hence less development in this region. The girl child faces alot of challeges eg genital mutilation is done to girl at the ages of 7 years and above. It pains me to see my community suffer when we can be of help to them. All are welcome to share on more ideas and thank you. Sarah Mutua

  • Maureen Hyman

    I am owed money by a non-profit organization that has now reorganized under another name and some new board members,c an I still collect?

  • Jim H.

    I am very interested in setting up a non-profit Fitness and Wellness Organization. I have battled with weight issues my entire life and am now helping an informal group of people online lose weight and get in shape. I think it is time to bring this team a little more structure and I think creating a Non-Profit might be the answer.. I am in So Cal. Any suggestions?

  • Leslie Hughes

    I want to start a non profit for Veterans. I went back to finish my bachelors in Rehabilitative and human services. As a veteran myself this is important to me there shouldn’t be homeless veterans, veterans unable to get health care, find decent jobs. As another Veterans Day arrives I wonder how many more will find themselves searching for shelter, a decent home, dinner. I know they have places but they are already overwhelmed, I live in a small town so this would be perfect. We have a VA center but I would just like to be stepping stone where they could come, I could get them started in the right direction and continue to help. I just need to find out how to get started.


    My name is Mae Hughes, and I started a program in 2010 2nd Chances 4 Felons (2C4F) I am wanting to expand my business BUT I am unsure of what to do or how to do it. If anyone is willing to talk with me via email, or through my program’s FB page I would really appreciate it. I have worked extremely hard on my own, paying out of pocket for everything. I really need help because I know God didn’t bring me this fr to leave me and I don’t want to throw in the towel on something that has not only helped others change their lives but myself as well. To learn more about me and my program please visit this page of my website I do not know if 501c is the best option for me, or what I should do. I just know that I need help, I have relied on myself, what I learned while obtaining my degree, and God to get me this far BUT I really need a helping hand. I hope someone finds it in their heart to give me one. I am looking for advice mostly so if you have any please take a minute to contact me please. My email address can be found on the Contact Us page of my website. Thanks for taking time out to read my post. God Bless 🙂

  • Nick

    I feel like I’ll be coming to this website a lot.

    I want to start a nonprofit mentoring agency here in central VA that uses the performing arts as its main model. I want to bring spoken word, dance, music, and theater to the front of this community as an opportunity to engage middle and high school youth. But I have no idea what I’m doing.

    Check the website if you like at!

  • tay

    Im trying to start a business helping EVERYONE. Not just the homeless or disabled, EVERYONE! From bullied to diseases to domestic violence etc. Ive been going through life wondering what im going to do with my life. I would always ask myself “what do i want to do”? Or when someone years ago would as me “what is you future career”?…..i could never answer those questions. Then one day i was coming out of some store in Atlanta and i seen this homeless guy walking around asking for money or food. There was a lot of people around where he and i where, people who you could tell had at least a couple dollars to give the guy. Every last one of them he asked denied him saying “no i dont” And others didnt even give he a chance, they hurry away quick just so they didnt have to speak to him. The look on his face after being denied by all those people tore my soul to pieces. So i walked up to the man and gave him all the money i had on me at the time. (20 dollars) That sad face quickly turned into a teary smile And at that very moment i knew what i wanted to so with my life. He thank me and ran into the nearest restaurant in that area. That was the most single best feeling i have ever had in my entire life and it saddens me that people can be as heartless to walk right pass these people. HOMELESS PEOPLE ARE HUMAN TOO! But everyone treats them like animals. The faces they make and the jokes they say behind there back or right to there faces… is truly sad. Then i realised that there are far more people in just not homeless people but other too, bullied kids, depressed people, suicidal people, people with disabilities or sicknesses that cant affored treatment, etc. Nothing brings me more joy then to see people happy. To know that kindness and caring still do exist in this crazy thing we call life. So if anyone can help me make this dream a reality please, please contact me whenever possible: or send me a message on my instagram: Lost_Voices_of_America

    Thank you.

  • tiffany johnson

    I am trying to start up a non profit organization for disabled children’s or become a case manager or an advocate for individuals. My inspiration is my son who is permanently disabled and have a short life span. I am a senior graduation Dec 12 2015 double majoring in Criminology and Sociology. I really need help on where to start any help will be greatly appreciative. My name is Tiffany and my email address is

  • Katrina Owens

    Hello I’m reaching out to those who can give me any advice on how to start my own non-profit organization for our homeless Veterans. We celebrate them on Veterans day but our country is doing nothing about the fact that a lot of them are homeless living on the streets with no where to go or food to eat. If any of you who have succeeded in starting your own organization please reply to my post. Thanks in advance and God bless you all !!

    • Jennifer

      Hi I am trying to figure out how to do the same thing in my area please let me know if you get any ideas. My husband and I are both Veterans ourselves and feel very strongly about the lack of resources for our brothers and sisters that are struggling both young and old.

      • Katrina Owens

        Hello Jennifer sorry for late responds to your email but I am working on getting my business name reserved so I can start the process of starting my non profit for homeless veterans.. When i get the resources and other info to help me I will be glad to reach out to you with all I get.. You can email me personally at also what area do you live in I live in the LA, Ca area. Contact me when you get a chance so I can save your contact info because I am also meeting with someone who lives in Detroit in Jan. who is advocating the same fight in that area. Talk to you soon. Have a blessed day !!

  • Nick Savage

    So how does this relate to no funds. You need to reword your title to be truthful.

    • Nick, Thank you for your response. I don’t believe the article title to be misleading. The money talk in the first point is so that readers know what they’re up against, not necessarily implying that they already have that money. Then, they would need to go out and find supporters to cover those costs, as discussed in the next point. Use mentors, research grants, find new supporters—but be aware about just how much you’ll need to get started. This doesn’t mean you have to put your own money into the startup costs. I hope this helps. —Lyndsey

      • Lyndsey, I totally agree with your statement “build your nonprofit as you try to gain 501(c)(3) status”. It’s definitely all about creating a portfolio and establishing a reputation in your sector of interest. A few years ago I started expanding my volunteer efforts and it all morphed into an amazing non-profit focused on empowering homeless children throughout New York City. I have a corporate finance background so we were able to pursue our goals and establish the non-profit without any out of pocket expenses from our team. The interesting part is that we never sought out to establish a non-profit because we were very content with our corporate careers. I’d love to give your audience insight on how they can accomplish their charitable goals with the five steps we followed before establishing our non-profit status. Seems like many on this platform could benefit from our shared knowledge. Maybe a blog post?

  • Dobbie Herrion

    Hey Everyone,
    First of all, let me compliment everyone on being brave enough to follow your passions and start your non-profit! I’m in the process myself and as I’m developing my business plan, I came to the financial section and got stuck. I’m starting a non-profit dedicated to helping prepare job seekers for employment by providing the technical skills and social skills needed to be successful, as well as professional business attire. My question is, does anyone have or know of a similar program and if so, do they charge a service fee of some sort? Structurally I’m still trying to figure all of this out before I start looking for grants or fundraising ideas. Feel free to contact me directly at

  • Clarity

    Start up is not easy. This is an ambitious non-profit, but it needs addressed in this country!!

  • Tracy Johnson

    hello i want to start up a place young woman who is experiencing unplanned pregnancy and need that extra hand my place will provide free pregnancy testing ,ultrasounds,clothes for the baby and mother,formula ,sex education,parenting classes for both mom and dad if he is involved ,prayer,counseling ,mentoring i just dont know where to start or how can anyone help if so please email me @

  • Gabe

    I am a 14 year old that has a friend with a large family and more siblings coming they have a very small house and expenses are high. I’m a freshman at a private school and my goal is to raise enough money that by our senior we will having his graduation party at a new house where they don’t need bunk beds in every single room. Any tips, anything could help.

  • Terry Carmack

    Hello…I have had a dream for years to help the homeless…I firmly believe that if given the right help we can help the homeless get to a point of working and taking care of them selves. Can all be helped? no but every person helped is a wonderful thing….I have a huge idea how to accomplish how I would like to approach this but realize it will take a lot of money..Something I dont have…..Im thinking a whole lot more than offering a bed..Im thinking respect, the idea of giving a person the feeling of self worth, guidance. Problem is I dont know where to start or how to raise funds to start this, To make this work I would need a building such as a hotel with space for classes, laundry, Kitchen and dining area, offices, Shuttle services, so need a small passenger bus, a small apartment building….I have a hole idea of what Im looking to do and maybe Im crazy but I seriously think I can make a go of this….There are a lot of details Ive left out but would be happy to discuss with the right people…. All this to say who can I talk to that can point me in the right direction…


    Hello. I want to start a shelter, what do I need to do to get this started. It would be local at first helping the ones that we have at home in a small town that doesn’t have family and friends to live with. I want to know what steps i could take to do this type of thing. I am no millionaire and i don have money myself to pay how can i start up a nonprofit.

  • Alice Davis

    Hello all,
    I see such kindness on here. Congrats to all and I hope some of you have been able to complete your goals. Mine is to help struggling family stay afloat. If buying diapers, car seats, new Socks and Undies, shampoos, laundry soap ect. to help keep you clean and health and making it hard to pay the bills and keep the lights on, or just give a blanket to the homeless to keep warm or clean fresh socks and undies to help keep them healthy.
    I have been that struggling parent living in a week to week hotel trying to come up with money for bills but diapers and other items were hard to get. if I can help take any level of there stress away then I am accomplishing what I want to do. I have worked in a fast food restaurant where I have seen countless kids not in a car seat If I can provide a free car seat and just save 1 life it will all be worth it!
    My question is has anyone tried crowd funding? If i read it right it looks like they want to take $0.35 for every $ made and I find that steep? Any one else have any Ideas. I have been selling Candy but it is a very slow process, so any other feed back would be appricated! Thanks,
    Alice D.

    • Marty Bugg

      try working with places like World Vision. Minor cost to get bulk goods. Very helpful for helping a community in need. Everything from printing paper and soap to beds and furniture and everything in between. $300 a year to partner with them and by your second month of pickups you are well over that in what you’ve received to give out.

  • Stacey Cannady

    I am trying to start a non profit organization and I do not have the funds to get started. How can I get started? I have used some of my personal funds to purchase some supplies and reserve my name within my state. I make just enough to cover my personal expenses from my regular job, but I am really passionate about the services that I want to provide. I started my website through vistaprint to advertise my services. I have my EIN number but I can’t afford the 501 c 3. The services that I want to provide are job searching etiquette, mentoring to domestic violence victims and awareness, mentoring for teens to guide them when they finish high, GED tutoring, and after-school/summer programs for children. I am trying to do these things for the betterment of my community without any money. I just recently found out that I need to file federal and state in order to apply for any grants. How can I do this with limited funding?

  • Marianne Pangan

    Hi! I started a youth organization here in my area (Mercedes, Eastern Samar Philippines) without fund however i really invested time and offer almost all the resources I have except an amount of money, i mean the knowledge i gained while working in some local NGOs, the training/seminars i attended, my pc and supplies i shared it whole-heartedly to the org.I founded. Now its almost a year active and kicking, already faced challenges but maybe guided by our Almighty having a mission that is not self-centered and purpose that is not against anyone…This coming Dec. we do have activities not only for the members but for the whole community…time and mgt. really matters…Anyone who wanted to share ideas, etc. to make our org. alive,you’re free to contact me and make comments/replies in here…Thanks and God Bless us all!!!

  • Jacquline Thompson

    Hi everyone I’m interested in starting a nonprofit organization its centers around men who entered the prison system as a child then released as an adult. From what I’ve heard is these men are doomed without housing assistance and social skills training I want to be their mentor and coach. With having a large place to house at least eight-to ten men at a time. I will teach them how to act among regular people. I will help them find clothing and other resources that is difficult for them in the regular world. There are a lot of resources for women felons with children but nothing on the large scale for men. I believe if they know there is a safe place to eat, sleep and get trained these men will make excellent husbands and fathers. If anyone can lead me in the right direction I would appreciate it my organization is some what like a bed, and breakfast or school of not–so-hard knocks and to compliment that another side of the house is for women and children who are from broken homes and need some guidance. The love I would bestow on these two units will create a generation of positive influences. Let me know if this is too much and or even if it is possible I want to see men flourish after prison and not how the media portrays humans by labeling them felons who can’t be trusted.

  • Elly

    Hello everyone. I am in the process of starting a non-profit to help the poor in my community to benefit from e-learning, computer literacy and capacity building.

    I am from Kenya, Africa from a humble background and sixth born in a family of ten. I was a bright student in my early schooling life and was the best in my 8th grade class. I, however attended a poor day school (secondary) due to financial problems and ended up getting a B- which in my country cannot allow direct entry to university. As such, I couldn’t access any form of tertiary education for seven years. This is a predicament faced by many other youth in my community and the country at large.

    I therefore intend to start a non-profit which will be an IT center ( and classroom environment) where such youth can access internet services and get a platform where they can study online. through this organization, they will be able take associate and bachelor degree programs in universities like the tuition free UNIVERSITY OF THE PEOPLE where they will take courses in Computer Science and Business Administration. Once fully established, I also intend to online-based scholarships in our local universities to provide more courses for these students.

    Other services will be a community recourse center where self-help groups and individuals will taught on entrepreneurship development, capacity building, among other developmental programs.

    Kindly assist with advice and in whatever way you can.
    I can be reached at

  • paula billups

    hello i want to start an organization that enables me to help others like me. my mother was murdered when i was 18 and i was the oldest of her four children. since we were all we had i didn’t want them in the system. it was extremely hard for me to raised them without much help but i did it… now i want to help others this was 14 years ago and their was no organization that cater to siblings raising siblings if anyone has has the same passion and need help with their organization. please feel free to email me at by the way im currently in school for a bachelors in criminal justice with a minor in legal studies i also have a associate’s degree in paralegal studies. im willing to help any one out if the help is needed have a great evening

  • Shannon

    I have a friend with a beautiful, peaceful, oceanfront home, too pricey to sell. It sets empty. He’s losing money on this home fast. I want to utilize the home as a temporary safe house for battered women. It’s in a gated community with security. My background is in security.
    What are the possibilities of dotting all my I’s, crossing all my T’s and finding funding for the project? We have the house/location….we just need to pay for it. Our county needs this service desperately, a go between with a little one on one guidance to a better future.
    Any advice is appreciated.

    • Shannon

      Advice on the legalities of an HOA would be very helpful also. Thanks.

      • Shannon

        Does anyone get any advice or tips from this? I’m not seeing any answers to anyone’s inquiries from many days ago.
        Just wondering.

  • Anthony

    Hi guys? I’m 16 years old and ik I may be a bit early to wen he thinking about it, let alone actually looking into it, but I’m working on opening an animal rescue. I really love animals and I wanna help them out, I know I won’t be able to save them all but I plan on helping as many as I can, I will figure out a way to decide what animals I will save since the budget probably won’t agree with them all, and I will just have the local shelter call me at the beginning of every month with a loaf the animals that will be put down in the next month if they aren’t adopted and I’ll rescue maybe 10-20 dogs and 10-15 cats, ideally I want to be able to gain some grants to help pay for vet bills, some land for the rescue base, hopefully even some toys for the dogs so they won’t be bored out of their minds and some trainers so that it’s easier to adopt them out, I have realized that people are more willing to adopt a dog that already knows the routine for the most part. Ik I have probably bored you all with all of this but I was wondering if any of you had any tips or strategies in running a non profit, particularly a non profit animal rescue. Email me at:

  • tammy

    I want to start a foundation to assist memory of my late son. It would offer housing assistance..funeral assistance etc

  • Amy

    We are new non-profit organization with a mission to connect people through donations to provide hands-on care and services to more than thousands animals in the poorest country in Europe. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, APU lets individuals give a little to help create a better environment for animals in ukrainian zoo and shelters. Learn more about APU –

  • David Palasek

    I am trying to start a non profit organization for the youth that is struggling abused emotionally physically, abandon, for youth at risk. I am looking at south east of San Antonio I need some help to start funding this program. looking for donations so these kids can have a better life and have the opportunity to be a successful person in this society and teach good morals and teaching and work ethics in day to day activity.teaching kids how to take care of animals to take care of themselves on a daily basis through God and his teachings to make them young men. if you know anyone that would like to help or even donate. you can email me at

  • Jennifer

    For the last few years I have been thinking about starting a homeless shelter for Veterans and their families and have realized that the time has come to quit dreaming about it and start making it happen. This is actually a dream my whole family holds dear as my husband and I both served. We would like to purchase an older no longer occupied apartment complex, hotel, or senior housing. Go in and fix it up ourselves and with the help of volunteers. We would have at least two units available for emergency housing if at all possible. Once a family comes in anything they need from beds to dishes would be provided. We hope to have a well stocked clothing and food pantry. We also will allow animals as they are often an important member of the family. And because of this we want to be able to partner with a veterinarian to provide basic care for the animals. Transportation will be provided to medical appointments, shopping, and other required business. Our plan is to help them establish services that they need in an environment of normalcy. With stays ranging 6 to 18 months depending on individual case the families will also leave with positive rental history. No one will be charged to stay here just requirements for drug free environment and crime free. We also hope to be able to once a week over our laundry services to non residences. Long term our goal would be to have a couple of locations operating

  • I didn’t know anything about starting a nonprofit but we did it and it has now been running as a 501(c)3 for a little over a year now. It is sure not easy but so worth every moment of it. Would love advice and to share as well through our experience and networking on how to expand and get more funding! Check us out at or any advice and suggestions are desired! Thanks:)

  • Monica Williams

    I’m so happy to have found this website! For the last few months I have been considering starting a nonprofit organization, but it wasn’t until a few weeks ago that I discovered what population I would like to serve. That is the population of children that will age out of the foster care system. I’m sure they are in need of many services, one of the areas I would like to focus on would be that of preparing them to join the workforce. Such as teaching them computer skills to work in a professional office environment, customer service skill, resume preparation and proper phone etiquette and etc. However, I’m really unsure how to begin these services. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached by the following:

  • Mustafa

    I already have a non profit organization working in Pakistan, i,e Pakistan Pharmacy Student Association but i have no funds to run it more efficiently. Kindly help me in this regard.

  • D’Wanna Hicks

    Hello. Im looking for someone to help me start a homeless shelter for pregnant women 18-24. This non profit would help them with housing, finances, parenting, childcare, TASC, and college prep. I live in BKLYN, NY and would to work with anyone interested.

  • Scarlet

    We’re a non-profit organization helping teens of all ages become mentally & emotionally strong to withstand verbal abuse.

  • Jay Nowman

    I am a certified in grants writer in the state of Wisconsin and have previously received grants from several different foundations. I strongly suggest researching your foundations previous awards before submitting your proposal, and in writing your proposal be sure to provide all of the information requested and, in the case of a start-up organization with no budget history or established track record; 1) make certain that your directors and officers have the experience and credentials that will reflect a likelihood of success in the project you are trying to fund; 2) include all sections of the application narrative, indicating “new organization – requested information not available at this time” when the information requested has not yet been generated. You don’t want to risk being rejected in your proposal merely because of an incomplete application, and the high likelihood of success factor will increase your odds of receiving a grant in the start-up phase.

    • Hello Jay do you know of any grant writers in Indiana. I am working on a non profit here for homeless women and children

  • Matt Lowing

    I am wanting to open my own school, I am currently a teacher who is fed up with the politics and buracracy of our failing education system. School is no longer about learning, it’s all about passing and “showing growth” not getting today’s youth equipped for anything but wanting/expecting a handout. Please guide me in the right direction

  • Isac

    Im working to start similar npo. Our focus is to loan funding to underrepresented farming families in developing countries.
    Based in San Francisco, USA
    Connect with me:

  • Debra P.

    Hi, my name is Debra. I’ve dreamed of starting a homeless shelter for single men and women, that would resemble and feel like real home life, which would likely lessen the traumas of the homeless experience as they try to their lives back on track. I’ve noticed that there are so many shelters dedicated to helping women/men with children, those who have suffered from domestic and drug abuse, those who have been released from prisons, veterans, those who are runaways, mentally ill and developmentally disabled. There are many single men and women who haven’t been grappling with any of these situations. Because of this, they are more likely to have the hardest time finding shelter and necessary resources, as they try to get out of their cycle of homelessness. I see a profound need here. I’d like to offer them transportation assistance, computer skills classes, horticulture (growing their own food), help with higher education and learning other trades and skills that would likely lead to gainful employment or possible entrepreneurship. I also want to open a second-hand, warehouse store that would not only help employ some of them, but would also meet some of their other needs, such as clothing and household items when they eventually move into their own homes and apartments. Lastly, I would like to open a small restaurant that will feed them, as well as outsiders. I’d like to have all three of these to be located in close proximity to one another. Any suggestions?

  • W. Gray

    I am located in Maryland and looking to collaborate with someone to start a non profit in the DMV area dedicated to providing housing and development skills (professional etc) to individuals released from prison who would like to start over on the right path. Please send me an email if interested to

  • Salina

    My best friend and brother passed away yesterday, his dream and goal was to work with at risk youth and be a light in this dark world. He wanted to pay it forward and be there for those who needed love. Our youth pastor was the first person to really reach out to him and make a difference and because of one man’s effort he wanted to be just that to someone else young who is where he used to be. I would like to pursue my best friends dream and open a facility for at risk youth that provides: spiritual guidance, education, counseling, etc. I want to continue to carry my brother’s torch on his behalf and make a difference in the lives of our hurt youth. They are Our future!! R.I.P. Mark I got this for you bro……I will not stop till your dream becomes my reality!!!

  • Lauren

    I’m currently 19 years old and am going to school for Public health with a minor in Nutrition and would also like to get my masters at some point. But my dream for a long time has been to start my own non-profit organization for hunger. I don’t think anyone should go hungry and I want to make sure that no one ever has to. I’m very big into nutrition and fitness as well so I was thinking of maybe doing 5k’s and other runs/events for fundraising when the time comes. Let me know what you guys think about my idea and if you’d want to know more or possibly join in my mission! (:

  • Sara Val

    Hello, I’ve been tinkering around with the idea and having a vision to connect and help with at risk youth here in Southern California . The goal would be to provide free clothing, shoe wear, haircuts, tutoring, college advising, and counseling/therapy. Does anyone know how I can start a program like this? I am finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Sociology next winter, and really want to make an effort into taking the right steps into making this Non-Profit a reality and successful for the youth in my community.

  • Greg Benson

    My name is Greg Benson and I am a teacher at a Title 1 school in Sarasota, FL. I have just started a nonprofit education company offering many services to students as well as adults. I am seeking help with raising funds so that I can establish an office and begin offering the services to the community. My website is If anyone can give me a heads up on how I can raise funds to get the office set up to start offering services, please let me know. I can also be reached at Thank you all and Merry Christmas!!

  • Sathya Nelson

    Hello everyone, I’m starting
    a outreach program for teen moms and also wanting to open up a residential home for teen moms. I would love any suggestions on profit and non profit as well as ideas. Im located in Georgia and my email address is

    • Tyeshia

      Hi , I would love to talk about your ideas. I am looking into starting a non profit for single parents also in GA. Send me an email

  • nickole

    Hello, My name is Nickole and I would love to start a non profit organization. I lost my brother to suicide 5 years ago, the worst pain I have ever felt. I decided a year ago to start a suicide support group, that I run once a month. I have many people, unfortunately coming to group, do to loosing a loved one to suicide, and it keeps growing. Men are the highest that commit suicide. ages 17-55 and our Vets. Not a lot of people like to touch on this subject, but it needs to be talked about. I would love to build a place for men to get counseling for individual or family, resourses for jobs, school, internships, financial planning. Clothing closet for job interviews, or new job. Their are tons of resourses for women and children which is a beautiful thing, but we cant forget our men, fathers, husbands, sons and brothers……who can help me with my dream?

  • Michael Vick

    I want to start a foundation to dedicated to helping fathers to stay in their children’s life. Whether it be through education, job placement or housing. Also let fathers to know their legal rights and how to enforce them.


    hello my name is Gwen, im from nyc, and really want some advice on starting an homeless me any advice,.you guys can give would be greatly basically starting from scratch..

  • Keyah Smith

    Hi Group,

    I am interested in starting a nonprofit organization as well. I would like open a homeless shelter for men, women, and children in the state of Georgia. The homeless rate here is ridiculous and I would like to help provide them with shelter as well as help them get back up on their feet.

  • ChristopherWayneJones

    I need help starting my non profit that i have been working on the last 3 years in the development stage but now i need funds to get from start to finish and into the publics eye. The non profit is built around stimulating the economy by assisting with all needs through the use of funds acquired from normal day to day online use that is all age appropriate.

  • Tyeshia

    Good Afternoon, I am on a mission to start a Non-profit In Atlanta GA, For Single Parent Mothers. I am providing Free DayCare, Hot Meals and Life Skill Training. I am looking for Board Members Who can assist to helping this Non-Profit become real. I was a single mother at one point and It hard to pay for DayCare and keep the roof over your head. So I am here to help with stress of that. I am here to give women the tool of budgeting, Interview Skills, Career counseling, and many more. It is a Year commitment and the end goal is to make sure these women can face the real world with the tools giving. I am also providing Room and board for women who had to leave their homes as well. If anyone is interested and want to be apart of this great journey please contact me Have a Great Day

  • crystal

    Hello is there anyone on here living in Houston , Texas that has a passion for youth and love to give back to the community to start a nonprofit business? if you have anytime can you please email me, so we can talk more


  • Keela

    Hello. I need some assistance as well. I’m trying to start up a program for the youth (male & female) between the ages of 8-16 and I’m stuck. I will have different speakers coming in to talk to them about positive things in life, we will also discuss self esteem issues etc. I can be reached by email at thank you.

  • Jillian Henthorn

    I’m thinking of starting a homeless shelter in Rockland County, New York. There is currently a homeless population of over 100 without any where to sleep in shelter. Throughout the County there are soup kitchen type programs but currently only one organization that is helping families and some individuals. This means that’s besides a lack of housing they are also exposed to a lack of hygiene as well. Unfortunately last year, during the winter of 2014, Irene Lenardson was found dead because she froze to death. I am working with a few other people towards making a necessary change. We are not exactly sure of the first step huge step to make. There is clearly a need for change needed to be made for the better.

  • Stan Abney

    Hello, my name is Stan Abney and I reside in Fredericksburg, Virginia and I am planning to start up a Nonprofit that will help get homeless personnel and families off the street into their own apartment, get them back into society in working and/or going to school. I also want to assist with taking care of the elderly whom might need financial assistance. Can anyone provide guidance in getting me started?
    Thank you

  • Angie Soto

    Hi everyone I have a mission to provide shoes, clothing to children in poor towns in Mexico. I want to start with providing them shoes and clothing specially during the winter. I would really appreciate if someone would provide me with guidance on how to start.

  • Tia Colonel

    Hello. My name is Tia Colonel and I want to start a non profit for at risk and troubled teens in the atlanta metro area. This is a passion of mines since I worked at job corps and saw how much good I was doing helping out my students. If anyone is interested in helping or lending a hand for this organization please email me@ I am in the beginning process and would love any info or support on laws, ideas, assistance, ECT. I look forward to speaking with you. Have a great day.

  • Ji Ku

    Hi! My name is Ji and I created a nonprofit (not legal yet) about improving skill sets for developmentally delayed kids with fun activities. Please let me know if anyone is interested or have similar ideas! I would love to talk to anyone! Here is my website!

  • Gloria Eremity

    Hi, everyone
    My name is Gloria I want to start a nonprofit for homeless elderly people on social security low income. They need housing, food……More and more elderly people can’t afford to pay for their everyday expenses. Medication, insurance.

  • Jennifer

    I run a small clothing closet out of home would love to make it bigger and offer other help such household goods and food any ideals

  • Xavier romero

    Hello, I want to start a non profit that works with public schools in texas, which would ensure that each and every child has what he or she needs to reach their max potential. Whether it’s clothes, jacket, shoes, a pen or pencil, sporting equipment, etc. It would be our mission to ensure that if a child has a need that cannot be met because of financial situation we step in to ensure that they don’t go without. I want to call it stepping up, right to succeed …not sure.. what do you think?

  • Jett Harness

    I would like to dive in with helping our nation with clothing our communities that are struggling financially. This organization will piggy back off the idea of the Goodwill and Salvation Army type of businesses. The unique nature of this organization will operate solely off people that want to give clothing to the less fortunate. One thing that we are all aware of, is that we have an abundance of used items that we no longer want and can house. I am clueless as to how to go about starting such an organization up and what I need to do legally for this cause Please help. Thank you in advance for all information and advice given.

  • Carla

    Hello Monique
    I live in a small town where there are no shelters or any type of soup kitchens for the homeless, abuse victims, children etc. I would love for you to get in touch with me I love your ideas. I am very passionate about this and want to start something good here to help. thank you

  • I Started McNairy Chess Club and It is my desire to become a Non-Profit but I live in a Rural of Selmer,TN. U.S. Chess has helped me in so many ways and has changed my life. It is also my Goal to form a Chess for Autism Committee once I become a Non- Profit. There are not to many people in my area that likes chess so tying to get someone to become a board member is out of the question. Any advice how I can still get it going then add people after?

  • iman barrow

    hi my name is iman, My Friends and I have been through a lot of parenting classes together and now we are trying to start our own nonprofit group for young parents. we are starting this group because most classes aren’t being taught by actual young parents that have been through the struggle so our group is just that we have 7 young parents that been through the struggle and we have our own experience but in different ways. I’m one of the youngest moms that are going through this and i’m only 21 we just want to share our story for these new young parents in the world but mainly in the D.M.V area.

  • micaiahbelton

    I would like to start a non-profit organization for a housing community with 20 families can you help me. Can you e-mail with any additional information that you may have on this topic.

  • TheBlacks

    Hello my name is Bernard , I’m looking to start a Nonprofit organization in Central Florida { Orlando } we are looking to help build self esteem and communications skills through the arts for children an adults alike. We see so many people who without the confidence and proper guidance find themselves facing so many obstacles and diversions towards setting and reaching their goals. With certain art programs we have witness such positive growth in individuals and entire families. Any information or connects would be gratefully appreciated .

  • Wally Zafari

    Hi everyone. My name is Walid Zafari, most call me Wally. In August of 2015 I filed my paperwork through the state to become a Corporation. I have also filed with the IRS for tax exemption and I should be tax exempt in about 7 months. I have a non-profit organization called “Miracles for Mothers” it’s a foundation for single mothers. I want to have an emphasis on single mother students who are trying to get out of poverty by obtaining a college degree. My program will have workshops such as; resume building, tutoring, nutrition classes, parenting strategies, fitness classes and possibly bring on a family psychologist and physical therapist to do free clinics for the girls and their kids. I want to provide groceries and baby supplies once a month. I want to do whatever I can to make sure single mothers have the means to not only finish school, but to have the skills they need to pursue their careers and improve the lives of their families. I would love any kind of feed back! I am in Riverside County in the state of California.

    • Naturinda Winniefred

      Hi Wally, I would love to ask you afew questions concerning your organization.. What is your email please…?

  • Yvonne

    I am starting a non profit in Boston, Ma to support adolescent girls on their journey to higher education and overall self improvement (health,mental health, healthy relationships). I realized that I grew up with privileges I never considered to actually be privileges like always having money for field trips and being taken on college tours. My small team of people want to be that support for young ladies. I’m trying to figure out how to raise money to create a fund for these ladies to have access to every educational trip with their schools, but to also take them on college tours and help them with preparing for college.

  • WandaMarie Olubiyo

    Daphne Thornton
    Looking for Grant writers is next to impossible, there is so much involved they don’t like to dedicate themselves to the cause and if so they make it so expensive if you’re on a tight budget.
    The best advice I could give you on this is to buy a book from Books-a-million or similiar book store on Grant writing and applying for Grants and do it yourself, it will be cheaper as well.
    I helped a close friend start her Non Profit it has been up and running now for 3 yrs., and thats what we ended up doing.
    Now I have decided to get back into a similiar Non-Profit business in Georgia.
    A homeless shelter for Women & Children with Meals offered to Homeless Public for Lunch and Supper.
    Good Luck to you.

  • Building self-esteem and motivating students is KEY! Fight Poverty through Education!

    Hello. I am the director of Adult Home Education. We help non-profit programs set up and implement GED programs all over the country. We are experts in our field and all of our classes are LIVE, ONLINE and INSTRUCTOR-LED. You need to see the online classroom yourself to understand how incredible it is and easy to use. It is extremely important to understand the difficulties potential students can face when deciding to go back to school. As important as learning the academics, it is equally important to be able to build self-esteem and a love of learning; to feel success! We can help you begin, assess students so they begin at a comfortable and safe level. We have been online since 2005 work with only licensed teachers and teachers who’s training and expertise is in adult continuing education. You can view our current non-profit programs and talk to me about your dream of helping your community. You can call me directly at (847) 208-9543.

  • To start your own non-profit, G.E.D., Pre-GED, ESL program anywhere in the country at a non-profit only grant price for groups please call at (847) 208-9543

  • Janay Childrey

    I’m looking to start an organization for the youth. I want them to focus more on the life we are capable of living than all this drama and corrupted stuff that’s going on today. I wanna be able to have the children wanting to come to the organization than hanging in the streets. Someone get back with me I need advise and help on starting. My email address is

    • Rahsheda Clark

      Where are you located. What state

      • Janay Childrey

        Detroit, MI

  • Lola

    Hi my name is Lola…I would like to start a foundation to assist with those who are battling depression, severe anxiety and panic attacks. I don’t think many people realize just how badly severe panic attacks truly affect your life and your ability to function as a human being. It’s the worst feeling, and I say this because I too, suffer from it. It’s already unsettling knowing how complicated and costly it is just to get help. A consultation to even see a specialized doctor in that area cost more than $100 and a visit cost more than $250. Really? So many people cannot afford the help or are too embarrassed to seek help for fear of judgement. Way too many people will either think you’re crazy or overreacting. No, it’s a mental illness that truly takes over your life. Employers, Family, Friends, etc…who are not familiar with it may have a hard time comprehending the effects of this and this is why I wanted to put it out there. People need assistance with coming up with money for doctor visits, seeking counseling, going to group therapy, etc…I wish there was something here in my community where it offered little to no money for help with this but unfortunately that doesn’t exist. People go into a depression because they do not know how to handle this. Many are unable to hold a job because the effects of it and something has got to give. The suicide rate has increased and it breaks my heart and I’m not sure if it’s because they had no one to talk to, fear of being judged or didn’t have the right resources to seek help. I want to make this an important issue and spread the word to those who are just as passionate as I am with this. I need to do something. The question is how do I start??!


    I am in the startup phase of my non profit charity that will help save lives, give troubled kids a new outlook at life away from drugs & alcohol through racing and action sports.

    RADD- Racers Against Drugs & Drinking
    A nonprofit charity giving troubled kids the opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of racing or the adrenaline rush from participating in an action sport. Getting them involved in various types of racing & action sports will influence their lives and future in a positive manner while helping them avoid a life of drugs or alcohol abuse. As a former multi world and national pro watercraft racing champion, I have experienced firsthand what it feels like to achieve the ultimate goal of being a world champion and also what happens when drugs and alcohol overtake your life. I am not the only athlete who has experienced the negative effects that come from drugs or alcohol. Recently there have been numerous controversial incidents of premier racers & athletes being involved with drugs in various types of motorsports racing or action sports. Whether it’s an iconic athlete testing positive for performance enhancers or getting caught using recreational drugs, it has permanently affected their lives and damaged careers. Going through it personally has given me a new outlook at life and the inspiration for starting this charity. I have learned valuable lessons from the poor choices I’ve made when I was younger. I want to use my knowledge and experiences along with as many top racers, riders and action sports icons as possible to help kids have a bright and positive future away from drugs and alcohol. Getting them to experience the ultimate rush of racing or action sports is better than any drug they can ever do.

    check out- RADD Racing on FACEBOOK

    If anyone has ideas or advice to help promote my efforts or suggestions please contact me. After reading please forward to as many people as possible to help promote this great cause. If you have any questions or comments please send them to- Thank you.

  • Rahsheda Clark

    Hi my name is Rahsheda Clark. I live in Indianapolis Indiana. I have been in the childcare field for over 10 years. About a year ago I expanded and wanted to start a non for profit organization. I have my 501 (c) 3 I used my own money for it all. Under my non for profit I’m trying to get a Childcare Ministry for children 6 weeks-12 years old,
    A Youth program for children 13 years-18 years old, mentoring, fundraisers, tutoring, youth ministry, counseling, youth council cause our children need to be heard, college funding, financial planning ect….
    Food Pantry a program that focuses on identifying and utilizing all resources for food in the community in order to eliminate hunger, emergency food for family in crisis, special dietary foods, feeding the homeless, ect….
    I’m now at a stand still cause I’m out of funds and I don’t no where to start with figuring out the right resources to reach out to. I’m also looking for Board members to help with my vision and mission statement. If anyone here is in the Indiana area please HELP.

  • Nicki

    I’m starting a non-profit organization for school uniforms, would love feed back & any helpful information, I have a special place in my heart for the youth and I’m so ready to take on Louisiana to help our next generation! Help!!!!

  • Akirah Garrett

    I Know that there are many organizations that deal with people that are homeless, live at severe poverty levels, and lack employment skills. My goal is too help these people to be productive and prosperous. I believe that you have to continually express love. I come from an era when everyone was fighting for their rights and equality. These days it seems that everything our parents, grandparents great-grans, and so on, worked for has been in vain. Every day I hear about families and individuals who have no where to sleep. I would like to open up transitional houses for these people so that the can learn the skills needed to live a stable and self-sufficient live through there own contributions, we would have better results and less poverty.

  • M. Harper

    Hey all, I am a victim advocate for a domestic violence shelter and currently in school to finish my degree, I am looking into starting my own shelter for women and children as well as same sex partnerships and anyone in need of help to escape abuse. Eventually with the success of the shelter I would like to have transitional housing available and be able to network with companies so that my participants may become self sufficient. Everyday I see so much pain, suffering and hardship with the women and children I serve. I have been dedicated to this since I was a teenager and am finally taking the necessary steps to see my vision come to life. I would love to be able to offer a wide range of programming that is otherwise unavailable. I do not have money right now to get it up and running, but i am trying as best as i can. There is a serious need for more shelters to assist the homeless and victims of domestic violence. I was taught to stand for human rights. I will not give up until I have met my goals and beyond. I have read everyone’s post here and wish you all the greatest success, hopefully we can all support one another’s vision and share our resources which could benefit all.
    Best wishes to all of you on your journey!!

  • Larry C

    BTW, is a way you can get in touch.

    It’s great to see so many people making efforts to make a difference.

  • Sandra

    Hi, everyone. I am researching non profits. My goal is to start one that helps others in financial difficulties, i.e., needs money to help pay for rent, car repair, food, clothes for adults or children, medical visits, etc. Any financial help that is unexpected, emergency, etc. I’ve been there done that years ago and would like to help others now that is in need. Most of us can relate, whether we are just starting out or are an established family. I am in need of startup info and funds. Any and all help would be appreciated.

  • For those wondering about furthering their education in the nonprofit area, yes it can be done online. I received my Masters in nonprofit management all online through Regis University and have opened my nonprofit organization. Since my organization is so unique it has taken me almost a year to open. I also received my second Masters in Elementary Education online as well. It is not easy but my passion is Literacy. I wrote my curriculum for the 3 programs that my center runs and the was a major asset for us because thee are no other organizations in my area that run the programs that I run. I have been licensed to run my organization out of my home office and am looking for a building, which is the hard part. I say keep on the journey of helping others and it will all pan out!
    Mz. Coffee

  • Nate Samuelson

    Hey Everyone, I am trying to put together a non-profit organization that is two fold. First it addresses seniors health, specifically around chronic conditions like diabetes, autoimmune conditions, and neuropathies.

    I am a practicing doctor and all too often I get seniors in with limited income unable to treat their conditions. It truly makes me sad because in regards to neuropathies they can lead to falls. My wife’s grandmother passed away two days before Christmas which was three months post fall where she broke her hip.

    In addition, there are so many families out there today that can’t afford the thousands of dollars to get treatment for chronic pain, thyroid conditions, autoimmune conditions, neuropathies and the like. I would love to work with churches first to get their members feeling amazing and then have them go into the community and help those in need.

    I believe there are so many out there that want to do good but either can’t because of how they feel or they don’t know how. This would provide them with a means to do so. It would start changing our communities much like when churches do mission work overseas. They begin with food, water and medicine.

    I would love any ideas, feedback or help that anyone here might be able to offer.


  • Hi everyone it seems we all have similar visions. I currently have a non-profit organization service at risk youth. I am looking for funding for my organization. We have our 501 c3 and recognized in our start as a nonprofit. We are based in Charlotte, NC. We have been established for 3yrs, I am looking to link up with you all and someone who could assist with funding and someone who has a similar organization that has obtain funding. I have a project that we are working on at this time and looking for ways to raise money instead of going to bank and getting a loan. Please help!

  • Kristy Wise

    Hello everyone!

    I am hoping to open a community center in my home town in Hegins, Pennsylvania. However, I am stuck on where to actually start.

    The center will be based out of a church due to the fact that it has a full size gymnasium. Being that the church is still running, do I still have to file a 501c3 to be nonprofit? All churches are typically already nonprofit, but I do not know if I need to file the form again since the program will be its own thing just utilizing the church space… Any information would be great!

  • Nicole Lawrence

    Hi, I started a non profit to provide a Christian based sober house for women in recovery, homeless women, and homeless female veterans in Massachusetts. I have a mission statement, business plan, house rules, and application packet completed. I have every except for funding. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or know where I can get help?

  • Rania

    My sisters & I live in the same small town (3300people) that we grew up in.We are all three discouraged by the fact that there are no activities for kids (especially teens) to do to stay out of trouble. Our town does have a nice, new rec center, but several items we liked in the proposal ended up being cut for lack of funding.
    We would need to buy property that is large enough for permanent outdoor activities.
    We want to have an indoor bowling alley, skating rink, hopefully a swimming pool, plus room for a noise proof room for computer access for studying & tables for doing homework,also with volunteers to help with work. A good sized industrial kitchen to have a small cafe. Finally, we would like a drive in theatre,but if not possible, an indoor theatre.
    As kids,we had a drive in, bowling alley, and some parking lots we were allowed to hang out in.
    We see having a cut off time for younger children,as that would give teens one large place that is all theirs from say 8 to 1.
    There used to be cruising town & finding a central place to gather to socialize. Now town is dead on the weekends and teens hang out on their x-boxes, or whatever system they have talking to their friends (or strangers), chatting online, or texting on their phones. They don’t participate in school dances or pep club or even sporting events like they used to.
    Since we would have a roller rink w/music already, we could have a dance party one Saturday night a month. Or a bowling competition where they put together their own teams & sign up in advance.Lastly, I forgot to mention a few pool tables. This idea came to us when my niece had a heart attack while running a mile at school, which caused a seizure & was legally dead for 10 minutes.She had been on our local swim team for 9 years and cheer for two, which have both been taken away. Even with a pacemaker, she is allowed archery & golf. I don’t know about having room for a 9 hole golf course, inside or out, but an indoor or outdoor archery range would go over great in our community that hunts with bows. I know several people who know how to teach & keep the bows in shape.
    Of course,we could join winter swim leagues, bowling leagues, & even some sort of roller hockey team.
    Entry fees, admission, & concessions at such events will go to our over head as donations.
    Maybe we r biting off more than we can chew, but if I am going to do it, I am going to do it all or none.
    Literally, kids are not learning the social skills they will need later in their adulthood.

  • Amy Peach

    Such great advice! Thank you…I’m in the R&D phase of an app and website that will connect teachers based on their interests, strengths/weaknesses, and geographic location. The model is starting to look more like social enterprise, so I keep going back and forth between non-profit status and finding investors and just making social responsibility the key purpose. This helps a lot!

  • Sonia

    some friends and I are looking to start a non-profit Mental Health company that will also include parenting class, etc., We are in California and in need of some guidance as far as funding assistance, best way to keep records…more of an insight to start up. All of your advice will be helpful. Thank you so much for taking the time to reply.

  • Linda

    Hello guys,

    Currently I am waiting on my 501c3 status. This will come next week. My idea and what I want to accomplish is to help children with their hobby needs. So many children want to play ball, dance, play music and etc and their parents can not afford it. I have been trying to network and have started a gofundme account. Currently I have no donations and unsure what I am doing wrong. I am very passionate about this and am seeking a psychology degree at this moment to help in a couple of years with counseling. There is no place that I know of that helps with this and I feel it is a needed service to the community.

  • I am seeking “seed” money for my nonprofit startup. My organization is designed to empower victims of domestic violence to take control of their lives and their destiny. Please read full description – click on website.

    I KNOW this would have made a HUGE difference in my own life.

    • What is your website? I am in the process of trying to open my non profit homeless shelter home for women and children

  • Hello Everyone,
    I have a non profit and the vision is for all of the things mentioned. Helping at risk youth, providing shelter as in group homes, advocacy services etc. It has been increasing difficult to find funding for our first project which is opening the group home. We are in the Atlanta Metro area. If any one has any resources please reach out to me. This is my passion and i know I need to leave corporate america to work this vision. i grew up in social services so I know first hand of the struggle.

  • Hi Im working on starting a autism foundatio in my daughter is High Functioning Autism and Id like to be able to start a business to help children and familes in need of finance assistance or guidance for treatment therapy, workshops on social and mental developments, swim or horse therapy, things of that nature .. has anyone got any info on getting non profit started like this and what was your process

  • Tricia Puckett

    Hi, I am wanting to start a nonprofit to help my area to offer low priced or free dentures. We have a lot of young people recovering from drug abuse or just unable to afford them. This will hopefully snowball into more opportunities for these people to improve their lives and contribute positively to our community at large. I see the need but I’m not sure how to structure or finance this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Valerie Saviano

    Do I need to be living in the state I want to start my non-profit in BEFORE I apply for incorporation and non-profit status? We currently live in MN and I operate a ministry that does not receive funds or donations.,,if donations are given they are less than $200 a year. However, I want to start a ministry program in WI related to mental health but we have not moved there as of yet. We are looking for the right house and living situation which we can afford. Do I have to wait until I move to WI in order to get started in the process? I would love to be able to start the process now instead of having to wait until we can afford to move.

  • James

    Hello my name is James in i would like to start making a nonprofit organization to help out family’s that cant afford child care this organization focus on all part of a child life this organization focus on a child future these program will have a lot to offer for every family in need of help the program is to help the children of the future build a better world then what we have today this program is the new being of the new world to come.This Daycare don’t only focus on one age this program will focus on every child Intel collage this program help kids to become a adult as well as managing there money all i wont is to build a better future for the unfortunate the organization has so much to offer i would like for it to be all over the can contact me by email

  • Nakisha Nash

    I would like to start a non profit homeless shelter, there isn’t one in my area but there are people that are temporarily without homes. It makes me wish that my house was bigger because I can’t stand to see people out on the streets. I need some advice and a good action plan. Also I need to know where I can get a grant to help me get started.

  • Charles Ruggles

    Hello my name is Charles Ruggles and I founded a free senior picture project for high school seniors affected by the Flint water crisis and am currently trying to turn this into a 501c but lack funds to start any advice. My site is
    We already did class of 2016 and will start 2017 very soon

  • Brandon Goodell

    So, currently I act as a 3rd party organization that navigates for profit and nonprofit organizations for transitioning and disabled veterans. I started by taking disabled vets on guided hunts(I guide, and outfit hunts) and i incorporated financial needs, housing needs, educational and job needs. I started a Facebook page(@happyfewsportsmen) but really other then that, I’m not really sure of my next step, i obviously need money to buy additional resources and property, as well as everyday things, office supplies, communication and travel, etc etc…. if anyone has an idea, please shoot me an email @

  • Kerry-Ann Henry

    Hey guys and gals, so I started a non profit mentor program for adolescent men and I need help getting it up and running. I have 501 status and started working with a local technical assistance provider. Much of the barriers have to do with writing the business plan. I feel stuck. Any help, or pointing me in the right direction, would be greatly appreciated…thanks so much.

  • Saqueliah Cowell

    Hello Guys my name is Saqueliah,
    I want to start my own non profit organization in Az, here is want I want to do. I want to help felones and help them get reintegrated back in society, I want to help fight against police brutality, help with the LGBT community, I want to help raise minimum wage and earn sick and safe time in the work area as well. I have a lot of positive things I want to do in my non profit organization, was wondering if anyone has any suggestions that could help me get started on my journey in life?

  • Kari Wetzel

    Hi, 4 years ago my best friend and I started the process for a nonprofit to mentor young women on self esteem and teach life skills. At the time, I went back to college for my bachelors degree in psychology. One month before graduation, she passed away and at the time, so did the nonprofit. It has been a year since she passed and I would like to start the nonprofit in her honor. I am in the piedmont triad area of North Carolina. Any advise or help would be greatly appreciated, please email me at

  • steve jones

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  • Becky B

    I’m starting a non-profit to support literacy and libraries in Wes Virginia. I got the idea from helping re-establish the public library system in flood affected counties, from the devasting floods we had earlier this year. Does the paperwork need to be filed before any fund-raising begins? It would be nice if to work on the mission now, and perhaps also the $400 needed to start the non-profit. Thanks!

  • Ileana Serrano

    I love helping people that’s something I always have no matter the circumstances I believe people deserve a chance. So I’m thinking of how I can actually open a business in that field I have no experience but my heart aches seeing so many people suffering and dying. I have lived around it all my life so I know the struggle. I love working with homeless, disabled, addiction, ect. Can someone please give me advise.

  • Mutwiri Kaaria John

    I’m on the verge of starting an organization that seeks to help kids with hearing disabilities and from poor backgrounds. I am working with some who, unfortunately can’t even aford school fees. Some have been disowned by their families and even their communities while others are orphans. I wish I could be in a position to do more in actualizimg the vision i have for these kids. Impacting them with life skills and empowering them by all means possible…I just pray God that this passion yields the best fruits for all these kids.. Only God knows.. We all all His(God’s) property, nothing bad will happen to us(Abled* and disabled)…

  • Lacole Oakley

    Hello everyone my name is Lacole Oakley,
    I’m asking everyone for any resources on starting a non profit organization for single mothers that have felony’s on there background and unable to find a decent job. I am very pasonite about this because I am that person. In 2004 I wrote a check at my local grocery store for food and items my kids needed. The funds were not available so check bounced due to insufficient funds. At the time I wrote the check I was at my lowest my braking point. I had no money not even 25¢. I also never be in trouble with the law never been to jail good girl all around. So I ended up going to prison in the state of Nevada for 8 months my charges were fraud, forgery and theft, class D felon. If you seen this on someone’s background you would think I was stealing from people taking there money signing someone else name on documents etc. It wouldn’t cross no ones mind that these charges were the act of a single parent trying to feed her kids. Since I been off parole its been hell finding a decent job no one want to hire a felon with those charges. In the state of Nevada I cannot sponge my record till 12 years after my release due to those charges. So my non profit organization well help single mothers that are in the same position as me. Good people, loving mothers. Its not fare for single mothers who are struggling to provide for their kids get denied a job because of there background that has nothing to do and how that person really is and how that person lives there life. We are judged without knowing who we really are. This affects our children or life. I need to know where and how I can get started is there any resources that can help a felon fund this organization? Can a felon even start a non profit? Is the question. We have no voice. And its time we get heard. Please reply with any comments, opinions, resources, etc. Thanks in advance. Lacole

  • Fusy Marc

    I am Marc. Writing from Cameroon. I wish to start up a small non profit making NGO to help underprivileged kids in my country gave access to education and health facilities while not being displaced from their default environment.
    I already have a few kids whom I am helping and I wish to expand. I would appreciate any idea or contribution that would help me establish and expand to as many kids as possible.

  • angela brown

    Hi. My name is Angela Brown and me and some friends are working on an anti bully organization. There are alot of kids dropping out of school a 160,000 a day over 3 million a month. This is a very serious situation so i would love to see ic you could help us. Thank you

  • 1Touch Ministries

    Hi, I Founded a 501c3 Non Profit Org in 2014 and our goal is operating 8 outreach ministries one at a time. We have been raising funds and donations and covering all costs ourselves but to fully fulfill the mission and obtain funding we need a building. Does anyone know how to go about this process so that we can provide all the services we are fully capable and ready to give in our community.

  • Joyce Gray

    Hello, I am interested in starting a program to feed hungry/poor nutrition children in small town Iowa. I have an extensive business background but not sure how to maneuver in the non profit arena thank you

  • Maria Burke

    I have just started my non-profit in Colorado. The Elevation Project. We focus on bringing high school students out into their communities through service work.
    We work all over the state volunteering with different organizations, and the students are learning about their environments, culture and community members, Then in the summer We take students on an international service trip to central or south america. I have been doing this work since 2011, but just recently applied for my 501(c)3 status and built a website, My goal is to expand outside of Denver, and focus on students from minority backgrounds, and students that have a need for financial support to participate in all the projects including the international trip. By obtaining my non-profit status it will allow people/organizations etc.. to make tax exempt donations to help me fund all if this and expand my programming.
    I have always volunteered my time, and done fundraiser with the students to pay for our service trips. So non-profit funding is a brand new world to me. I am hoping there are some people here that may have some good advice, know a good place to start etc… I am looking to raise about $50,000 in capital by June 2017. So I need start-up funding, or direct give money. Any thoughts/ideas/advice is GREATLY appreciated!!!
    Thanks 🙂 Maria

  • Robynne Hayes

    I have a passion to open a Women’s Facility , and I need so help in raising the money for my 501(c)(3), however I am on gofundme and have started a fundraiser campaignWoman Christian Re Entry Facility Robynne Hayes please if you have any ideals I am open for sugestions and how to do a budget for this program.

  • Marty Bugg

    Hi. I currently am the Assistant Program Director for The Place of Restoration in Washington. We take homeless and ex felons fresh out of prison and others into our program that live on our property and teach them job skills in the construction field. They live here and do charity work in the community fixing the homes of people in need that wouldn’t normally be able to afford the work and it gives them a learning opportunity. We get our funding from the parole system for housing them like a half way house and taking on some clients who have money and do a nice donation to the program for the work. Once they are with us for 9 months to a year we help them with applications for construction jobs and talk with local contractors to get them hired or assist them in starting their own private contracting company if a few want to get together and do that. A hand up and not a hand out. It’s clean and sober so if homeless they must be clean and not drink while in the program. Places like Home Depot and Lowes fund tools for us and occasionally materials. I would like to do something similar in another area. I got into this job while I was homeless and live on the property with the guys in a separate trailer from the main houses they stay in. Helps with accountability and it’s a free place to stay for me and my wife. She runs a thrift store on the property that we stock with donated stuff and occasionally give things away to people in need out of it. Not a big money maker but 1 more way we can help. If you want to start something like this I would be more than happy to spit ball some ideas about it back and forth with you. Finding funding isn’t to hard for me. Main costs are startup and finding an investor willing to get a property big enough to house people on. We have gotten trailer donations from people in the past as well and they make great starter projects for the guys to fix up and learn some basic skills like sheetrock and painting.
    Thank you for your time. Hope to hear from you.


  • Eliz

    I am being hired to work with a company who wants me to create their non profit for them. Their mission is to create types of gardens, grow foods, in Africa, teach to grow foods, to help reduce hunger and more. Can you relate or provide resource in any way to help get off our feet so that we can assist quickly? Thank you!

    • Naturinda Winniefred

      Hi Eliz,
      That is a great initiative that would bless very many people here in Africa and a lot of impact will be released.
      There is tremendous need for those services. many people here have only one meal a day.. even children just because of Poverty. Some people here have land but utilize a very small portion of it only to grow food for consumption, leaving the rest of the land do remain with no use and this is because of the poor farming methods that they use. Teaching them will really fight poverty and hunger.
      Will be glad to help in anyway.. no worries.

  • Shamika

    Congratulations!!!! That’s awesome 🙂 I’m looking to start a organization very similar. I have been studying and doing a lot of foot work. If someone can lead me in the right direction please feel free to email me at

  • Gege Emile

    Hi, my name is Gege Emile, Haitian. Growing up I struggled with self esteem issues, confidence level was nonexistence, and I felt unloved and lost in big ol America (born in Haiti). In the home I dealt with alot of criticism, talk downs, let downs, and hardly no support. Oh and might I add, I was fatherless. I grew up looking for love. Looking to fit in. Looking to be wanted. By the age of 15 I became a teen mother. By the age of 16 I became a homeless single teen mother. Life was hard, and there wasn’t much help out there when it came to having a shelter or home. I feel like there needs to be more teen mom homes/groups. The world needs more people like my self to push our Queens to be GREAT! I wish I had someone to let me know I can and will be great. I want to open a teen moms home for homeless girls in the state of Georgia. I also am writing a book to inspire young girls, teen moms, single mothers. Anyone, that can advise on how to go about opening up a nonprofit teen moms home, I would greatly appreciate it. I want to thank you in advance. I find alot of these post to be very helpful, you all are great. All your different ideas are great. It’s great to know that good people with big hearts like myself still exist. ♡

  • Ryan

    Myself and a close friend went through traumatic events. I had a bone marrow transplant and he was severely injured by an illegal driver ( now a paraplegic). We want to start a non profit to help others going through traumatic experiences. He is going to school for animation and 3D software while I’m finishing up business management. Our goal is to setup a non profit that we can contact a hospital specifically a group of children and have them draw their favorite character and give us a small backstory on he, she or it. We will then turn the picture into a 3D model for them and produce a small animation video they can watch. Also as they get better and begin looking for careers they are able to gain training and “work experience” with us. Any input or feedback is greatly appreciated.

  • Rebecca Lindsey

    Has anyone had success with organizing a charity. I need guidance

  • Destiny Torgerson

    I want to start a non profit for addicts that can’t afford or don’t have insurance for treatment, I’m not exactly sure where to start at all.

  • Ericka

    If I ever make enough money I want to own a homeless shelter I really want to help people I want to have a lot of clothes and shoes in different sizes to provide for people that come a bulletin board and a lot of Flyers with different resources for things that can help them find jobs housing food benefits and health care things like that I want to have comfortable mattresses for them to sleep on pillows blankets a lot of hygiene products for men and women a lot of showers toilets cafeteria area also want a computer lab in the building laundry room

  • Tiffany

    Hello- My dad took his life, and since then my family and I have found comfort in raising money for other survivors of suicide. The grief still washes over me like an ice bath, but there is solace recognizing that I’m not alone, and neither was my dad. Ive begun the planning phases to start a non profit, and my hope is to continue raising money for survivors of suicide (for funeral costs, lost work, travel expenses, etc) and for overall mental health awareness. Thank you for writing this.

  • iris

    Hello my name is yessy .. I am from New York City I want to start a non -profit for woman and children who have been through Domestic violence and are now in broken home situations living in shelters etc .. I want to introduce them to mediation ,meditation , yoga , and counseling. I have two children and I was in a domestic violence relationship for 9 years with my kids dad .. I believe that families need healing and if we could provide them with this type of counseling and peace of mind we can make a difference. I have so many ideas and would love to meet people that can give me more insight or even want to be apart of it. My email .. please feel free to message me xoxo blessings and good luck .. namaste 🙏🏼

  • Toni Hodges

    I want yo start a non- profit organizationt that assist cancer patients that has little or no support system in anyway possible. It could be housing, Transportatiion to doctor appointments, companionship and assistance with everyday needs. I lost my mom 6 years ago from breast cancer an it took a support team. I want my mom home to be a blessing and safe haven for others fighting cancer. This has been heavy on my heart for 3 years, I don’t know in which direction to go so please if anyone has information, please email me at
    Thank you

  • John Brady Jr.

    I want to set up a legitimate way for people to donate for next and my children to deliver care packages to the homeless of my city. a large bag filled with socks, golves, hygiene items and maybe even 5 or 10 dollar gift cards to places like mcdonalds. this is not going to be a very large or nationwide endeavour in the beginning and 850 to 1000 to register as a nonprofit is to much for me. any other suggestions?

  • Gorata Mmelesi

    hie Naturinda Winniefred..I am from Botswana (sub-Sahara Africa) and am in the first stages of registering my N.G.O.. a lot of African countries are hard hit by cases of vulnerable children…I would love to get in touch with you so we help each other with ideas… Mine is an educational N.G.O targeting children in villages.

    • Naturinda Winniefred

      That’s very OK my email is

    • Chris

      Dumelang Gorata, I am Chris here in Namibia. i would love to start up with a similar org in Jan 2017, en-thrusting in education for disabilities and homeless children in the village too. I would like to work close with u and share ideas. I hope u have started, can u give me some strategies..

      • Gorata Mmelesi

        Hi Chris…sorry for taking ages to reply you..I would love to help you out and am sure you can also give me a few pointers as well. I will be looking forward to hearing from you

  • alexander warlington

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  • Alicia Davis

    Hello all,
    I am interested in starting a non profit for teen parents offering life skills, budgeting, etc. Any suggestions or advice on how to locate start-up grants would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached at Thanks in advance!

  • Charli Albright

    Hi everyone my name is charli Albright and I am just getting information right now I am interested in starting a rescue for animals in my area around Janesville Wisconsin

  • Miriam Areizaga

    Hi My name is Miriam Rodriguez born in NYC but moved to Puerto Rico since 2008. I live in a small town call Las Marias, PR. Since then i ran the whole town and in inner rural poor areas that many don’t see or ignore that poor families and kids exist. I started last year with my little bit of money and bought toys for 3 Kings Days and personally went to these rural areas to put a smile on kids faces. I want to continue putting smiles on these faces but I’m looking for donations of toys, clothes, canned food for this year. If anyone is willing to help donations can be sent to the address provided. this is no gimmick or false ad, is true and i personally will be giving myself to these kids their toys. I have a link that said Ayudando al pobre y ninos olvidado el dia de reyes in my facebook page which you can find me as Miriam Areizaga. You can scroll on this page and see what I’m about and my humanitarian way of being. Please help put a smile this year.
    If shipping cost i will gladly then pay for the delivery as long as is for the happiness of these inner rural areas of poor families and kids that exist.
    Thank you, God Bless
    Miriam Rodriguez
    HC2 Box 10233
    Sector Los Millonarios
    Las Marias, PR 00670

  • Beatrice Thurman

    My name is bea in a single mother with 3 boys and I’m trying to get my campaign going to help in Cameroon to do work there . I’ve met so many people who just need an oppurtunity to be able to provide for their own families and have the ability to start a quality of life. I have no idea how to start what to do just jumped in to it..I’ve started a go fund me page and nothing lol. My goal is to get to 2,000 to get to Cameroon to get things going with some people who have started an organisation this is just for me to go my kids will stay with my mom until I get settled over there. Please anything will help so I can get an idea how to get this going .

  • nastassia evans

    well really i would love to start a dress for success but for young black women in poverty with very little to no job experience

    • Naturinda Winniefred

      Young women in poverty just need empowerment and they will just soar as eagles on wings.amaizing dream ….go for it!!

  • Deborah Colzie

    I would like to start a non-profit for mental illness because I have experience to deaths in my family as a result of suicide. If any one can help me please contact me at your earliest convenience. Thanks

  • Thabitha

    I’m looking to start a nonprofit organization to help children who have cancer. My best friend had cancer and she died 4 months ago. Her last days were filled with happiness and joy. My mission is to make sure that all cancer patients fell this way everyday not just one day. If you want to know how to help email me at.

  • Kate Nomsa Jele

    Good day,

    I want to foundation that will be dealing with children in my continent, African dressing the children. I will be collecting clothing for the children and arrange camps for them where they will be taught different life skill to according to their ages. I will be working with children’s home especial. can you advise on how i can start off this?


    • Naturinda Winniefred

      Wonderful dream that could come true.I am African and that right there…, Will bless millions of lives.Could advise you in some areas according to what I’ve learnt so far with mine…

      • Kate Nomsa Jele

        Please I would really appreciate your advises…

        • Naturinda Winniefred

          What is your email?

  • Juan Adriatico

    LOOKING FOR INTERNS and THOSE WHO WOULD LOVE TO A Part of a cause worth growing together:
    “Military Baseball is committed to building institutions, nurturing ideals, and improving and enriching the world.” Juan Adriatico CEO

    About Us

    Military Baseball is a non-profit and charitable organization giving back to military veterans and youth through the game of baseball. Our foundation is based on 5 pillars. Faith, Family, Veterans, Youth and Baseball.


    Connecting people and building communities through the game of baseball in recognition and tradition of the Armed Forces. Our aim is to honor the memory and bravery of our fallen heroes.


    We compete against collegiate and professional baseball teams within the US and other foreign nations. Military Baseball brings an atmosphere of healthy expedition games to fans by honoring our fallen heroes.


    Military Baseball headquarters is located in San Antonio Texas and competes worldwide.

  • Richetta

    I want to start a nonprofit organization from my home. I would like to purchase a home first then have the organization there. Im going to offer family counseling, individual counseling, mentoring for children and adults, support group once a week and finical advisement. Building positive relationships with family, friends n community. My question is can I start the paperwork for the organization without having a house yet?

  • Taufao Afo

    Hello My name is Taufao. I reside in Las Vegas and is currently a manager for tech company. I am nearly done with my Masters in Public Administration. My life has been on hold due to major set backs but this is my break through and I know it because I feel it all over and in me. My goal is that by March I should receive my 501 C3. Our missions is to tie education with feel good hair cuts. I got this idea from combining what I love (education) and what my partner loves (barbering) in order to service the under privilege children. There are so many non profit programs in Las Vegas that are already helping the youth but nothing like this. I am so excited to get this going because I know that the timing is right. The first step is obtaining the 501 C3 and then on to the 2nd step which is to formulate a group of team willing to make it all happen. A major part of making this all come together is to gather as much research possible to support our mission and then knock on doors, shake hands and close deals with major or any grants in the city. Of course this non profit will have to start at ground zero, fresh or acquainted resources will be needed, and whole lot of love. To begin I would focus on low cost overhead but maximum exposure. Boy its going to be work but its going to happen. My deadline is March so March here I come, and Im bringing the finish product. #BLESSINGS

    • S NV Nonprofit Info Ctr

      Hello Taufao,
      Contact the Southern Nevada Nonprofit Information Center at the Clark County Library for assistance. See our website at , email us at sonnpic at lvccld dot org or phone 702.507.3421. Looking forward to assisting you.

  • Donald Chris

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    I have started a non-profit organization called “The Humbled Helping Hands Initiative” we feed about a thousand homeless and less fortunate people a month in WILMINGTON DE, and PHILADELPHIA PA, also we just gave out over 200 brand new coats to children in public housing! All of our donations have come from every day people and even that is slowing up it has been very hard to get corporate donations and even fewer people willing to share the information on how they obtain grants and funding!! But we will keep pushing as long as we can in hopes that things get easier!

  • I wanted to start a foundation called “Quilts for the cold”. Essentially it was the goal of making yarn quilts for homeless people. The quilt is very easy to make you just need a potholder loom that you can buy at craft stores, and you wrap yarn around it twice for thickness, then you just weave and tada! You have a square. Then you just continue making squares until you have enough for a blanket then sew them together. It’s super easy to make, but I don’t have enough funds for yarn. I already asked for donations on donors choose and go fund me. But I wanted to go a step beyond. This is a community thing. I wanted to give the blankets out for free in hospitals and homeless shelters. All I need is the yarn. I can work all day and night on this project by myself and I will, all I need is the money for yarn. I wish that someday soon I can start an organization were the community can pitch in and donate (if I’m lucky maybe the government could help a bit with the funds) and I could have a successful foundation were volunteers help make quilts and cookies to make the less fortunate feel better, because I remember a time when I was at a hospital, and some organization called project linus gave me a cute pink blanket, and a teddy bear and it really made me feel alot better. I just want to help out others in the same way but I can’t afford to. Is there anyway anyone can help me start this organization? I will gladly work after school and on the weekends and winter breaks if anyone can help get the project going. What’s your best advice for helping me do this?

  • Ruth Juma

    I am a private mentor and have trained orphaned and destitute children in various organisations.i have a burden to help orphaned and destitute children from their own families and communities, i reside in Kitale Kenya am looking for people with an interest to to help me achieve this objective. If that is you, contact me on this email, or you could send me an sms on 2540704071909.

  • Brian Bentley

    Hi everyone! My name is Brian. I have founded an unofficial family advocacy group. It started as a website I created in order to give my daughter a way to find me as she was kidnapped by her mother as an infant. I need to build the means to more effectively search for her and help other families in distress along the way. I will like to provide legal, housing and counselling services. If anyone can help please contact me at
    Thank you and God bless all!

  • I want to start a homeless shelter, with a housing program to get people back into the mainstream housing system. I don’t have where to begin. I don’t have a space, a name, i’m nowhere, the same place i’ve been for a few years now.

  • S.Jill

    I recently started a Nonprofit HorseSanctuaryMinistry where it is my goal to link disabled people with a ministry in which the animals help them thru ministering thru the Santuary! And and vise, versa…where the animals get help thru helping support disabilities such as PTSD! autism, downs syndrome, hearing impaired, etc, etc, etc.Praying! Sanctuary! Forward!
    Angels! 4! Horses! Etc!


    Hi I was wanting to open my own Recovery Home and help people who are struggling with Addiction. My goal is to have a safe haven for those who are trying to get into treatment. There are so many families being destroyed due to they do not have the resources or housing to get help with their Addiction. I see in every community there is a family that have a family member who is struggling with an drug and or alcohol problem. I always been the kind of person to help those in need. Just want to form my own team of compassionate people who are willing to give there time and help those in need. Part of the recovery program will have a vocational program to help them with job search , counselor to assist with any issues they maybe having to refer them to a higher level of care. I would also like to make sure that they have an opportunity to rebuild with the families. A t this point I am just networking trying to see what exactly I need to do to get started. I love my job but would love to branch out and help others in different cities who struggle with trying to get help with their Addiction if anyone have any information that would help me Iwould greatly appreciate it thanks and be blessed.

  • Juma Ali

    I want to start a non-profit organization for the aim of helping homeless,mainly focus on helping them to get a food and shelters,GED,finding a job and help them to get back on their on feet..I have a name on my mind called THESE IS MY PEOPLE.Pls feel free to help me with any guidance to make this happen.

  • father makewa and associates

    fr.makewa is an ordained catholic priest who has been in service for 34 years now. during his mission, where he mainly served in the northern horr of east africa, a burden fell on his shoulders upon seeing the suffering on the people he called to deliver good news to. he started the initiative of giving basic amenities like water, food, clothing, health center and education. the load went on increasing and currently he has started a foundation which has 62 sponsored secondary school students of which 41 are orphaned. the needs of these kids goes along helping the specific families of the ill stricken children. there are plans to expand the outreach to cover old aged individual, the infected/affected with HIV&AIDS scourge, and the vulnerable (girl child, and disabled). this is motivated by number of factors. it is for this reason that we are calling on well wishers, persons of good will, and the passionate to join us in this journey. the art of giving starts with taking care of that which we have. save water from wastage, safe food from wastage, and the fairly good clothes could be very fit to another suffering individual. hit our address and leave u a comment, contribution or word of encouragement. it really helps.

    Fr.makewa foundation

  • Maria Esquivel Limon

    Hi , i would like to a organization helping families provide shoes and socks to needy children in mexico. How do i start that.

  • Sonia Esparza

    Hi my is Sonia Esparza and I am hope and praying that someone out there can help me,everyone out there that is starting a nonprofit organization it can be stressful,some times heart breaking,wanting to reach your goal just to help more but sometimes feels like you’re goals are so far away when you run out of funds or run out of your personal things to sale just to reach your dreams ,hi to who ever maybe seeing this .My name is Sonia Esparza my personal mission is just to help, to help unfortunate children there is a lot of homeless kids out there that don’t have a mom or daddy to love them,hug them, kiss them and give them that “Faith For Life “I have a daughter name Faith Esparza who has autism ,age 5 and me and my daughter have started a nonprofit organization on our own by having yard sales to help other kids,this Christmas we have raised 450 toys to pass out 😊If anyone out there can help us get our nonprofit started you we’ll be a blessing to us and so much others. Please feel free to call or text me 480-553-3108

    • Naturinda Winniefred

      Very nice idea.Where are you planning have your organization operate? What’s your email?

    • Naturinda Winniefred

      Hi Sonia,
      Great dream you got there…I’ve started mine.Guess I could discuss with you what I know…what is your email…?

    • S NV Nonprofit Info Ctr

      Hello Sonia,
      The way private foundations fund is very straightforward. First, you have to be incorporated as a separate nonprofit corporation (from a state) AND obtain IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. Second, in

      99.9999998% of the time they will fund only specific programs – not operating expenses (you know, those things like rent, internet connections, stationary etc). Private funders like to see a successful track record of 1-2 years of programming before they will fund you. The funders that award “start-up
      money” is quite limited (something like one in 100,000 funders).

      The majority (71%) of income comes from individuals (“donations”), not private or corporate funders (“grants”). You stand a better chance of getting funding if you put together a simple 1 or 2 page
      statement of need (why there is a problem and what you propose to do about remedying it), and then start talking it up with individuals. If you are clear in your mission and can clearly articulate what you will be doing (eg. goals, objectives, strategies, outcomes) people will usually donate to the

      You can get reliable and comprehensive help and information from a Foundation Center Funding Information Network Partner. Search for a nearby partner at

  • Shanel McMichael

    Hello everyone! My name is Shanel McMichael, Founder and CEO of Her Life’s Design, Inc. a 501c3 non profit organization that fully furnishes and interior designs new homes of Domestic Violence Survivors and their children, exiting homeless shelters, upon completion of our seven week empowerment program. We are in the beginning stages and are seeking funding and support from all who believe in our cause. Feel free to email me at Our website is HLDNY.ORG

    • S NV Nonprofit Info Ctr

      Hello Shanel,
      The way private foundations fund is very straightforward. First, you have to be incorporated as a separate nonprofit corporation (from a state) AND obtain IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. Second, in

      99.9999998% of the time they will fund only specific programs – not operating expenses (you know, those things like rent, internet connections, stationary etc). Private funders like to see a successful track record of 1-2 years of programming before they will fund you. The funders that award “start-up
      money” is quite limited (something like one in 100,000 funders).

      The majority (71%) of income comes from individuals (“donations”), not private or corporate funders (“grants”). You stand a better chance of getting funding if you put together a simple 1 or 2 page
      statement of need (why there is a problem and what you propose to do about remedying it), and then start talking it up with individuals. If you are clear in your mission and can clearly articulate what you will be doing (eg. goals, objectives, strategies, outcomes) people will usually donate to the

      You can get reliable and comprehensive help and information from a Foundation Center Funding Information Network Partner. Search for a nearby partner at

  • Marshelle Woodland

    I am doing a lot of work raising awareness for homelessness and mental illness but I’m not non profit. I’m planning a major Guinness World Record event to pay it forward to help the homeless. I would love to have some advisors on my team associated to some sort of non profit organization. The event I’m planning is a mass participation event to fill a stadium and have a raffle with the tickets for rent/mortgage payments. If anyone here is interested you can learn more at #ENDHOMELESSMISSION or my petition on titled: Let’s Use The Dome To Fix The Homeless Problem In St. Louis. Feel free to call me if you like. Marshelle Woodland 314-243-6034

  • m Dfox

    Hello. My name is Marcus. I’m looking to have a shelter in Dallas. This shelter is a little different. The men have to work or in school and will pay a small fee to stay there looking to start from 40 to 80 beds and it will be computer classes and a miniature store there. How would I get a start money and location.

    • S NV Nonprofit Info Ctr

      Hello Marcus,
      The way private foundations fund is very straightforward. First, you have to be incorporated as a separate nonprofit corporation (from a state) AND obtain IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. Second, in
      99.9999998% of the time they will fund only specific programs – not operating expenses (you know, those things like rent, internet connections, stationary etc). Private funders like to see a successful track record of 1-2 years of programming before they will fund you. The funders that award “start-up
      money” is quite limited (something like one in 100,000 funders).

      The majority (71%) of income comes from individuals (“donations”), not private or corporate funders (“grants”). You stand a better chance of getting funding if you put together a simple 1 or 2 page
      statement of need (why there is a problem and what you propose to do about remedying it), and then start talking it up with individuals. If you are clear in your mission and can clearly articulate what you will be doing (eg. goals, objectives, strategies, outcomes) people will usually donate to the

      You can get reliable and comprehensive help and information from a Foundation Center Funding Information Network Partner. Search for a nearby partner at

  • Harry Grapes

    I just want to help the elderly in high crime neighborhoods feel safe when going to and from places. I am willing to walk them to bus stops stores etc…. I am an ex gang member/military veteran. Who is getting sick of people preying on the old and the weak. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

  • Judith Dinardi

    I have been divorced with 2 children for 8 years. The struggle was extremely hard being that I was a stay at home mom for 13 years and left my job to raise my family. I lost all my experience and was faced with going back to work and basically starting from the ground up, literally! If I knew then (when I got divorced) compared to what I know now, my life, I believe, would be totally different for the better. My dream for the past couple of years would be to have a non-profit organization for recently divorced mothers to help them back into the workforce, having other moms help each other such as babysitting and offering jobs at where they are employed, knowing what and how to make sure the child support payments are on time and help in getting that money in case it is not paid, to be one step ahead of the “what ifs”. A place where they can come to for help, advise, or vent. Help them to prepare for the dreaded court date where judges often lean towards the male and they get everything. I know municipalities have such things as this but sometimes you feel like you are put on the back burner and have to wait and listen who has time to wait when your children are hungry and bills are due. I would like to make this the First Wives Organization. But unfortunately I do not have any funds, where to look for a place, etc. Any suggestions would be very helpful!

    • S NV Nonprofit Info Ctr

      The way private foundations fund is very straightforward. First, you have to be incorporated as a separate nonprofit corporation (from a state) AND obtain IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. Second, in 99.9999998% of the time they will fund only specific programs – not operating expenses (you know, those things like rent, internet connections, stationary etc). Private funders like to see a successful track record of 1-2 years of programming before they will fund you.

      The majority (71%) of income comes from individuals (“donations”), not private or corporate funders (“grants”). You stand a better chance of getting funding if you put together a simple 1 or 2 page statement of need (why there is a problem and what you propose to do about remedying it), and then start talking it up with individuals. If you are clear in your mission and can clearly articulate what you will be doing (eg. goals, objectives, strategies, outcomes) people will usually donate to the organization.

      The Foundation Center Funding Information Network can help you with information and resources. They are located in every state. You can see a list of all the network partners here:

  • Elisa Bennett

    I have started a charity to help a variety of people. Homeless, people in recovery, poor people. People with kids and without. Families with children with disabilities. And families who cant survive but cant get foodstamps because they dont qualify. Domestic violence victims. And just generally people who need help. People donate clothes, furniture… just about anything you can think of. We helped 4 families and 10 kids this christmas. I just started it about 2 months ago. And already amazing things have happened for people. I am slowly growing but rely on donations. I have no monetary donations or any money to buy things i need for people. But i will get it figured out. Bless everyone, happy new year ❤

  • Ashley Moultrie

    I am in the process of starting a non-profit in the Georgia area. I am working on a mentoring program for teen moms to help them focus, be successful and not allow them being young mothers to stop them from reaching their dreams. So often young girls have children and end up depending on the system and work minimum wage jobs and dont strive for more. I want to help them refocus and get back on track. I would love to provide scholarship funds and support through my organization. If anyone has ideas as far as grant funding and help with some advice or guidance that would be great.

    • S NV Nonprofit Info Ctr

      The way private foundations fund is very straightforward. First, you have to be incorporated as a separate nonprofit corporation (from a state) AND obtain IRS 501c3 tax-exempt status. Second, in 99.9999998% of the time they will fund only specific programs – not operating expenses (you know, those things like rent, internet connections, stationary etc). Private funders like to see a successful track record of 1-2 years of programming before they will fund you.

      The majority (71%) of income comes from individuals (“donations”), not private or corporate funders (“grants”). You stand a better chance of getting funding if you put together a simple 1 or 2 page statement of need (why there is a problem and what you propose to do about remedying it), and then start talking it up with individuals. If you are clear in your mission and can clearly articulate what you will be doing (eg. goals, objectives, strategies, outcomes) people will usually donate to the organization.

      If you’re near Atlanta, the Atlanta library branch of the Foundation Center’s Funding Information Network can assist you with information and resources. See .

      If you’re not near Atlanta, you can see a list of all the network partners here (search for Georgia):


    Greetings from Samuel in Uganda East Africa, I wish you a happy and prosperous 2017 my friends.

    At the same time I am hereby introducing to you; Peculiar Child Care Support (PCCS) a registered small growing Community Based Organization (CBO) operating projects in wakiso and Kampala Districts/communities in Uganda Africa, to address critical issues facing children, youth, woman and communities impoverished in Uganda through meaningful volunteer service programs.

    We work with volunteers to provide and improve the quality of education, human rights, healthcare, nutrition and sanitation and care for vulnerable children while working in partnership with slum areas and rural villages to create and establish sustainable solutions for community growth.

    2017 VOLUNTEER PLACEMENTS ARE ON FOR Applicants from Europe

    At PCCS, we believe in the power of volunteering to enrich the lives of vulnerable people and communities. We run a range of projects, which rely on the skills, experience and support of volunteers from around the world. Our projects are community-based and sustainable, focused especially on empowering the next generation living in rural communities and slum areas of Uganda, with an action for fundamental change and development to eradicate poverty.
    Help Make A Difference – Volunteer with Peculiar Child Care Support (PCCS) in Uganda East Africa, Take an action for fundamental change and development to eradicate poverty.

  • Michael Baptiste

    Hellow, my name is Michael Baptiste, i am a nonprofit tax exempt organization owner, we provide homeless services to homeless adults, i am going to be opening up a community recycling center, and i am looking for business partners to assist me in getting the community recycling center started from the ground floor, here is a chance that someone can get ahead in life even moore, by becoming a business partner of mines, and the business is a ongoing business.

  • Maria Flux

    I love that it starts with 850 and 400 fees! Anyway those are useful informations! Thank you!

  • S NV Nonprofit Info Ctr

    What this article fails to mention is that a nonprofit organization is actually a corporation, just one with a different legal structure. Besides what you want to do (your mission), you have to have business skills if you want to succeed. YOU will have to do the work, no one else can do it for you. You also have to realize that a nonprofit organization is NOT owned by a single person, that the Board of Directors has the ultimate legal responsibility for the organization and they can kick out the founder and there is nothing the founder can do. There is no such phrase as “MY organization”, it’s “the COMMUNITY’S ORGANIZATION”.
    You also need to realize that just because you want to help the homeless, feed the poor, shoe the shoeless, rescue animals, tutor the kids, whatever it is you want to do — there are only a finite number of individuals that can donate to a particular organization. You will have to do research beforehand to see whether there is already an existing organization in your area that does what you want to start. DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL. How will this new organization be different than the ones already in business? “We have more passion” or “We’ll do it better” and similar phrases is NOT a reason to compete with those already successful organizations.
    If you have absolutely no business skills, have absolutely no nonprofit background … find an already existing organization in your area that does what you want to do. Go volunteer with them for six months to see what the reality is. Then decide whether you want to continue.

  • Nina

    I have just received my 501 (c) (3) status.
    Our mission statement:
    To reintegrate ex offenders into society to reduce prison recidivism,through job skills training, job placement and community involvement

    Good luck to all of you as you persue your purpose.

    • Kristin Marie


      • Nina

        Thank you Kristin!

        • Kristin Marie

          Please keep us posted on your progress! You should be so proud of yourself!!

          • Nina

            I sure will! I believe this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Changing MY life, by changing the lives of others. Thank you again!

    • Stravenski Sylvain

      How long did it take you to finally receive your 501 (c) (3) status?

    • Sonja D Harris

      Congratulations! I’d love to know how it’s coming along.

  • aldrienia

    Anyone in the VA area looking to start non profit please email me, looking for people with same interest and goals, that are seriously looking to start their own to help and assist the homeless. Targeting towards homeless pregnant teens and single mothers. Please feel free to contact me at I have a few people that I’m communicating with that also have non profits organizations and have had them for over 5 years. Thank you for reading and God bless!

  • Lisa Bishop

    Hello everyone,
    I have dreams of opening a non profit crisis center for the youth. I am in the very , very beginning stages of this dream. I am currently in school fro Human Service. I really am unsure as to where to even get started with my vision . If any one has the “step one” to my dream please let me know. Thank you in advance

  • Carry Avery

    Hi, I would like to start a non profit organization in my son’s name he is 14 and was diagnosed with stage 4 glioblastoma multiform 20 months ago. The reason for this non profit is to not only help families of children with cancer but to help all families with a disability in need and not to single out one illness. This is what my son wants. Is there any advice as to how to get started? #Ry-Ry Strong#

  • Brian Massey

    Hi everyone I would love to start a foundation in the name of my son Ryan who was murdered 10 years ago. I am a Christian and I know the pain of burying a child. Thus I want to start a ministry to help people who have lost a child. My email address is Any help or contributions would be wonderful. God bless you.

  • Gwen Jones

    Hello Everyone, my name is Gwen. I live in Southern California and looking to start a non-profit organization for battered and displaced, Teens and Women with Children, in this area with different types of services to be made available as soon as possible under the same roof.
    I am starting a non-profit organization that helps Women and Teen with children in our under-served communities of San Bernardino and Los Angeles counties. It would be a wonderful experience and I cannot stress this need enough.
    To offer shelter to Teens and Women with children, offer mental health and substance abuse services, interview preparation and resume building, Dress 4 Success, domestic violence services, family planning, and housing assistance for people on the path to recovery, and furthermore to offer HIV/STD confidential testing and counseling all to be done on site.
    This is the most rewarding adventure you will ever partake in. The one thing that will make our organization different and what will put above the rest, is that I will not let this organization to become political ran and that we forget the most important reason why we exist. It is the people we assist.
    They are the ones who matters the most.
    any help would be great on how to start out with this project contact me at 909-282-5949 or e-mail God Bless…

  • Trinity

    I am a teen wanting to do work for the greater good in my city. What are some things I must do get started on my organization?

  • Minister Natasha Harper

    Feel My Real Ministry
    I am starting a Christian, faith based, non-denomination ministry in the Roanoke, Va area. My goals to name a few is to minister the gospel to prisons, troubled teens and focus on the rising numbers on suicide amongst our children (as I lost a son a year ago to suicide), nursing home and assistant living ministry and my biggest goal is to have a home for people (one for men, and one for women) who have recently been released from the prison system on good behaviour. These homes will have curfews, work programs and responsibilities to help them get back out to the real world prepared. Drug screening, church of their choice and AA or NA would be requirements. God has placed all these visions inside me..but I feel stuck. I need a business partner and team to help pull this off. 24/7 prayer line 5403975063 also can contact ministry fb page. Thank you and God bless each of you in your God given purpose!

  • Dawn Finney

    Hello I’m interested in starting a non profit providing foster housing for pets and also homeless. I would like the homeless to share responsibilities in the home including pet care in exchange for housing, this seems to cover everything that my late husband and I believed in and I am trying to fulfill both our dreams in some form, any advice

  • Truth

    I was wondering if my plan would even be considered a non-profit. I would like to start a weekly event to bring STEM to our our county school system, for elementary school children AND their parents.

    Back in the 80s, my mother was part of a test program where the school district taught the parents to be better equipped in helping their children be successful by showing them tactics of being involved.

    My mother was chosen when my eldest brother failed his kindergarten screening for not following directions. My mother was told with other parents in similar situations, to meet 4 times during a one month span, to participate in learning with your child. These parents were taught wroth a different range of IQS how to be actively involved and given the tools to help their children succeed. Fast forward: My brother, in high school, received a perfect ACT score.

    With similar tools, I want to bring parents to learn to interact and help their children with STEM learning, outside the classroom. So, whether or not the parents excelled in school, they can be on a similar platform with the parents who actively participate and help their children succeed.

    The biggest complaint in many districts according to the teachers, is parent involvement. To some parents, it’s not feeling like they can help their children. I have the tools, but the resources for some of the STEM projects in bigger quantities cost money and it’s hard to justify it using personal funds to supply it.

  • Cassandra SoccerMom Montgomery

    My name is Cassandra Montgomery, and I just incorporated my non-profit. Now working on my 501c3. My organization helps adults 18+ prepare for their GED. My goal is to not only prep them, but also have the test administered at my location. I also would like to incorporate ESL classes, GED preparation in Spanish, Resume writing and career/college services. I never realized how hard it is to start a business, but this is my calling. Looking for help and guidance. Please email me at!

  • TeAndis Elliott

    Hey guys,
    I am in the ups about starting my non profit organization here in CO.. targeting families with heart disease, seeing the children really have no support or outbreak for the stress it causes when their mother or father grandmother and caregiver of theirs who have a heart condition, I am looking into filing for my non profit but want to make sure I have all my ducks in a row so when I do get these families ill have activities and family events in mind of ways they can connect with their children and forget they have these conditions for a day, finding resources for he lower income who families are crippled by the condition they can’t work and provide for their families fully, when ever I think about it so many things run through my head because it’s going to be beyond dope and create that memorable experience their children and them will hold on forever lol! I want to mission work In the future branch out of the US and provide some kind of support for people in 3rd world countries! It’s going to be great just nervous on investing all my money and failing!

  • Tara

    I’d like to start a foundation dedicated to getting cancer patients with low incomes supplements and alternative treatments that they can use at their homes. Juicers, steamers, teas, oils, anything that has to do with eating healthy and not going poor because of it.

  • Elvis whyte


    Do you need financing for your home, for real estate investment, to buy a car, to create your own businesses or for your personal needs, we give both short and long term credit with an interest rate well studied.Please contact our email for more information.Best regards.

  • ruth vinga

    Hello every one I want to start a non profit organization to help the underprivileged children in Cameroon, I want to focus on the girl child, against violence and health issues. I need info about how to go about this. thanks to anyone who can help.

  • Wanda Dietrich

    I am in the research stage of starting a non profit help center! I want to help women who are single, single Mothers with Children. As a women myself, and a cancer survivor, and yes I was abandoned by my x. I have great empathy for those I see or meet! I want to help with getting them homes, and to have funds put in place for them, to do just that! No one should ever have to be prone to homelessness, nor children! There are people who prey on this type offer housing, and do not produce a home, but rather take what little they do have! It is very hard to believe that some people can be this heartless, and cold! We are just visiting in this world, and what we do for others is one of the most humanitarian things we can ever do! Praying for God’s help in this noble cause! God Bless!

    Input and prayers Welcome

    Thank you, God Bless
    Ms Wanda

  • Stacie D Rathbone

    I have a question please my goal is just started non-profit organization to help fix feral cats and find them homes but it looks like it’s going to be really expensive should I even bother..

  • Justina

    I am the victim of domestic violence, and there are no shelters in the town i live in, besides the homeless shelter. I would like to figure out a way to maybe get something started and get a few shelters in town. Anyone have any experience in something like that or know where i can go to really start researching how to get something like that started?

  • Gail Greene

    We all are aware or have some knowledge of the homeless population throughout of country. There are far less shelters than one could even image. Homelessness out weighs the shelters. A lot of the shelters that cater to this problem is only temporary/overnight come out of the cold/heat type but my endeavor with the help of the God I serve is do establish a total different kind of shelter. More of a feeling of being home type shelter. We are still in the research stages as far as how laws apply to certain categories of our program but with the design of our program will be totally different from any other shelter. Iit is imaginable working all day and when the shift has ended there’s nowhere to go. Misfortunes do occur and it doesn’t pick or choose who’s next. Things happen sometimes beyond ones control.Welcoming Home after a hard days work, daily meals, being able to take care of your personal hygiene who wouldn’t want that. This is not a just a shelter to lay your head at night, grab your things in the morning and walk the street all day until night fall and then back to the shelter. Our ideas and plans are extremely different. Again, we are still in the research stages of the laws of non profit organization in our area. This is a much needed program geared toward Men, Women, And Families. Non-violent offenders are often released and no one wants to hire them, rent to them based on the past experience. They’re just shot down and often not given an opportunity even if redemption has taken place in the lives of one who filled those shoes. Simply meaning, Fulfilled the obligation required for whatever was done and now back in society living up to doing what is right and all doors being closed in their face. They are people and need a hand up as well. Now that is not saying what the cause was for the situation goes unnoticed, simply put oneself in any situation where a handup or out is needed and all doors are closed what a feeling of deprivation. We have our mission statement, and our business plan ready but again still doing research in other facets of our program. Any good and honest suggestions are welcome!

  • Anthony Bells

    Hello every one, I am in the same boat as most of you.
    I am in the US Army (reserve) and a medical provider in my civilian job. I was deployed to Honduras (Humanitarian mission), and just returned a couple of months ago.
    After seeing what these people go through especially the children in other to get medical care, I was touched, and although always wanted to serve the community,( never thought in Honduras) I have decided to start a free clinic for children. This children will not only treat illnesses, but will teach on prevention of preventable diseases.
    I have spoken with the local government in Honduras and ready to help.
    I have not done anything in the states yet.
    I need help from people who already have the experience.
    I really want to start as quickly as possible.
    I need as much help and advise I can get.
    Please write to me.
    God bless each and everyone of you for doing and willing to do what you are doing.

  • Sunshine2

    I’ve been taking in stray and injured cats and dogs for many years. Since 2001 have gotten about 75 spayed or neutered on my own,but don’t have funds to pay to start a non profit. I built a large Sanctuary for cats and take in Senior dogs. Any information would be helpful and so appreciated.Thank you,

  • Nicollette

    I just cant figure out how to write my business plan Im so lost

  • Jermiel Mitchell

    i want to start a non-profit organization dedicated to helping teens and young adults to get adequate with their the importance of good hygiene and health. I just need a few suggestion where to start and how raise money to get it started.

  • kquick

    Im trying to start an organization where teens and children can go and have free experiences. Including counselling and free classes (languages, tutoring etc.) as well as classes on real world things. I know way too many teens who can’t get any help for their mental health and way too many teens who are going to live on their own soon and have no clue how to live their own lives. Teenage years are hard because teens are treated like children but are expected to act like adults. I want to provide a place where teens can be themselves and they can be treated as a unique individual.

  • Maritza van der Kieft

    Hi my name is Maritza van der kieft. I am a dental hygienist. I am from a little town in Haiti called Bainet. The people there has no access to dental care at all. They don’t even have a dental clinic. My goal is to start a dental care organization so I can give back to the community. I have no idea what to do and how to start. I was looking online and find this link. Is there any way someone can point me to the right direction.
    Thank you

  • Steven Sentes II

    I am looking to find a building for my youth wrestling club I am trying to start up. I do not want to make any money and I do not want to spend any money. I am looking for a person to donate a building for me to host… Anyone have any ideas on how I can go about doing this?

  • Angel Harper

    I’m looking for help in Texas. We have a German Shepherd Rescue that has been going for about a year and a half specializing in providing service dogs for veterans. We are now trying to turn it into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit. However, having never done this before we are looking for someone who has experience in this area. Does anyone here know a pro bono attorney that can help us with the paperwork to get this started?

  • Lk

    I adopted 4 special needs kids 23 years ago. They are now in their 20’s. Two are TriCounties, unable to cook, clean or remember to change clothes or bath without reminders.
    The other two are autism & fetal alcohol effect.
    None will be able to live on their on.
    Can I turn my home into a non-profit while I’m still alive & they still live with me.
    I care for them 24/7. Three are on Disability with minimal payment from government.
    Mostly I support them on my retirement & my partner still works.
    Having the house be a non profit might help. We spend so much on electric, food and other essentials. It can be devastating to the normal person.
    Thanks, Mama of many

  • Amanda Winters

    I want to open a thrift store that will donate all its profits to the other local non profit organizations in my area. Donated items can be given to local non profits that need them, to schools, disaster victims, animal shelters, and so on. I am wondering what I can pay myself and what are the limitations on buying the space. Property is very expensive in my area. Are there limitations on what I can spend for start up costs? I will need to pay myself my current wage and benefits. I have no experience or college degree. Is this realistic?

  • Bonita Watkins

    My name is Bonita. I’m starting up a feed the children outreach ministry that will be mobile. Where we will go into the neighborhoods and distribute already prepared lunches and dinners every Saturday and su day to assure that children just don’t eat Mon thru Friday during school hours but assure that they are fed seven days a week and holidays. Also the outreach will also cover unfortunate homeless people as well. There is a gofundme account campaign called feed the children. This outreach will start April 1st…

  • Levy Wafula

    I was orphaned when I was 12 years and my parents died from HIV. I am not sick but there are a lot of challenges and stigma that kids in that position face. I am graduating from the University next month where I pursed a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology. I want to start an non-profitable organization that will help HIV orphaned children since the ones available are not doing much. I am a Kenyan and anyone with experience please guide me.

  • Danielle Nugent

    I’m look to open up a domestic violence shelter for both women and men in my area. My plan is to open the shelter and be able to the men and women get back on their feet. Help them get back in charge of their lives and take control of whatever comes their way. So any advice on how I should go about getting help to open my shelter and be able to help them the way I want?

  • Cheryl Green

    want to start a project that will help welfare to work recipients gain employment by teaching them to cook and bake in a professional kitchen. the program will also offer GED classes banking and finance and budgeting…The food service market is a large area that cover hospitals,hotels,restaurants,resorts, cruise ships,food franchises,truck and rest stops and there is a growing need for professional qualified candidates

  • Rene Momene

    Hello. I am Rene and I live in DC. I am so passionate about the welfare of persons with disabilities and older adults, the education of children with disabilities in an inclusive classroom system,and above all the protection of refugees and those trapped in humanitarian emergencies. That is the mission of our organization.
    we need financial help to start our activities..please can anyone help us?our email address is
    Rene CEO

  • Good evening, for I feel blessed to have ran across this page. I have a non profit, People All In Together that has been an S Corporation for about 6 yrs now. I am looking for INVESTORS, PARTNERS, AND THOSE WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS TO REACH A COMMON GOAL. Please feel free to contact me by email at: or on my website at: Serious inquiries only please because together we are strong.

    Our Mission: P.A.I.T. seeks to reintegrate non-repeat ex-offenders into the workforce by collaborating with community partners and the Department of Corrections (D.O.C.) personal and their subsidiaries.Our Vision:To promote positive living and a positive image for ex-offenders of the criminal justice system, while working towards finding non-repeat offenders reliable, stable and character building employment.

  • Mission Meditation!

    Hello! My small 501(c)(3), Mission Meditation and Qigong, focuses on providing meditation and Qigong (the mother of Tai Chi) classes for free to at- risk, underserved and high need communities. This includes, but is not limited to, LGBTQ, correctional, veteran, refugee, and youth communities. I am now in the fundraising phase of my non-profit. I find networking is invaluable. I am certified as a Master meditation teacher and a Qigong teacher. My goal is to go into the communities or to organizations that support those communities. The lion’s share of my expenses are travel. Followed by expenses of running a non-profit, which at this point are nominal. I also am allowed legally to compensate myself. Any input, advise or recommendations is greatly appreciated.

  • Eva Smith

    I am the Project Relations Coordinator for a non profit in Atlanta Ga whose mission is to ‘Empower single women who are underemployed become self-sufficient.’
    When we look at the homeless population in Atlanta Ga, we don’t see the single women who are going to work every day,yet leaving the job not knowing if they are going to have save,clean shelter for the night. Our organization will help single women overcome this problem. First,by providing transitional housing. Second,by offering several workshops to help with barriers that lead to homelessness. Our objectives are to address vocational,financial literacy, life skills,and relational skills. Providing the women with support in these areas, will allow them to have better access to gaining employment with substantial liviable wages. We have our 501C,but are having problems with locating Start-Up money. We are at zero dollars.
    Any assistance/ suggestions???

    Best Regards

    • I think your cause is great! Maybe we can put our heads together for both of our ventures.

      • Eva Smith

        Hi Sonja, thanks you for replying. Can you go to our page,,and view in detail.

  • I am looking for INVESTORS, PARTNERS, AND THOSE WITH SIMILAR INTERESTS TO REACH A COMMON GOAL. Please feel free to contact me by email at: or on my website at: Serious inquiries only please because together we are strong.

    Our Mission: P.A.I.T. seeks to reintegrate non-repeat ex-offenders into the workforce by collaborating with community partners and the Department of Corrections (D.O.C.) personal and their subsidiaries.Our Vision:To promote positive living and a positive image for ex-offenders of the criminal justice system, while working towards finding non-repeat offenders reliable, stable and character building employment.

  • C.Fisher

    Good Evening. I live in Dallas Texas location and was thinking about starting a non-profit that will help keep our teens off the street. Our mission will focus on providing a fun safe haven for them to attend after school instead of hanging out and getting in trouble. I want to provide opportunities for tutoring, talking and interacting with others, as well as other fun and creative ideas we can provide in the time allowed. I really need ideas on how to get this started besides the basic filing paper work.