About Nonprofit Hub

We’re Nonprofit Hub, an online educational community dedicated to giving nonprofits everything they need to better their organizations and communities.

Here’s what makes us different:

  • We give you one location to find the highest quality nonprofit resources – by creating and curating the best content available online.
  • We provide tools that spur action.
  • We come from a nonprofit marketing AND organizational leadership background.
  • We make your nonprofit a brand people love.
Here’s our vision of your success:

  • Increased fundraising dollars.
  • Believing you can improve by investing in yourself.
  • Caring about and understanding your image, brand and marketing.
  • Treating your organization as a system and a business.
  • Being remarkable.

Now you know a little bit about us, we encourage you to read and interact in the comment sections of articles to learn more about your organization, collaborate with other nonprofit professionals and see how you can better yourself to better the world. While we love the entire universe, our resources only allow us to focus on U.S. law but our friends have still been able to gain valuable information from our work.

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