Grant Writing for a Capital Campaign

Capital campaigns generally only happen once or twice in your nonprofit’s lifetime, and the amount of money to be raised is much larger than any other campaign or fundraiser that your organization may do. Grants should absolutely be a part of your capital campaign, and there are actually specific examples of how this might give your organization an advantage during a grant competition.

Arlene Spencer of Seeking Grant Money Today has outlined some important guidelines for any nonprofit writing a grant application for use during a capital campaign. The biggest advantage for your nonprofit might be that your singular purpose will make your grant application clearer and focused. But an often-overlooked benefit is that the people that work at organizations giving the grants are well connected.

When a foundation or other type of organization that gives grants becomes aware of your organization’s capital campaign and understands the nonprofit’s goal and reason or need for the capital, they might know major donors who would be interested in giving (as individuals) to your nonprofit towards the capital campaign. It is not always the case, but it is not unusual for a grant donor’s program manager to share a few potential major donor leads with an applicant nonprofit’s executive director or board member in the course of discussion about the campaign and grant application.

The Basics About Grant Writing Specifically For A Capital Campaign [Seeking Grant Money Today]