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We’re on the forefront of what will be the greatest transition of nonprofit leadership in our lifetime. Over the next five to ten years, directorships of all kinds will be passed from retiring baby boomers to Gen Xers and millennials. It’s something we’ve written and talked about at length, both on this blog and in our podcast series What’s Next?

But now we want to tell the stories of those who will be taking the reins of nonprofits large and small. We want to show the world how young nonprofit professionals are already making a difference in their communities, and how they plan to sustain that impact for the future.

In our inaugural episode, Nonprofit Hub’s Executive Director, Randy Hawthorne, chats with Kyle Cartwright, who, at 27, is already heading up two nonprofits in Nebraska. They discuss fundraising, these inevitable transitions and how the next generation of nonprofit leaders are going to change the world.

This is Growing Good.

growing good

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March 27, 2019

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