[AFP 2015] How Your Organization Can Connect with Millennials

Millennials are coming up full force into power play positions for nonprofit organizations. Some of them may not have the monetary contributions to give in their lives quite yet. But that doesn’t mean that others don’t, or that those who can’t afford to make huge monetary contributions aren’t contributing to organizations in other (just as important) ways.

And so, the questions remains—how can we harness the power that millennials bring to the table and use it for good? At AFP 2015, we caught up with Achieve President and millennial expert Derrick Feldmann to chat about it. See what Feldmann has discovered about millennials through his work by watching the video below.

Want more on connecting with millennials? You can catch Derrick Feldmann as a moderator at MCON 2015 in Chicago this summer, June 24-25.

Check out the rest of our coverage from AFP 2015:


Hub Staff

April 10, 2015

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