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Five Lies You Tell Yourself About Nonprofit Culture

Some people think they know what culture is, but many of them are wrong. Let's set the record straight on the common misconceptions about nonprofit culture.

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[PODCAST] The Cost of Poor Nonprofit Leadership | Ft. Marc Pitman

One of the most important assets in nonprofit leadership is a well-trained board. Because so many board members come from the for-profit world, leading a nonprofit organization can be confusing and they can get in the way of what the executive director is trying to do, without knowing they’re doing so.

Donor Retention Featured

Where You Should be Spending the Most Time with Donors

The clock is consistently and constantly ticking – 86,400 times a day, to be exact. Here’s where you should be spending that time with donors.

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How to Turn Volunteer Opportunities into a Job (For the Employer and Employee)

Volunteering is an amazing resource and that also serves as a way to turn volunteer opportunities into a job. This benefits the volunteer and the NPO.

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Why Donor Cultivation is the Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

In the world of fundraising, donor cultivation is king. If you’ve done cultivation right, the gift is like ripe fruit falling from the tree.