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Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Posts Are Likely Not Appearing on News Feeds Anymore

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been close to 10 years since Facebook first introduced the News Feed. And since then, Facebook has implemented over 30 major algorithm changes to determine what is prioritized on your Facebook News Feed. The most recent update this past June seemed like the biggest blow to nonprofits, as it...

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[PODCAST] Donor Relationships, Donor Retention and Donor Choice

It goes without saying that retaining donors can be the biggest deterrent to success for your organization. Making change starts with donor relationships.

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Nonprofits Fail at Following Through and It’s Time to Fix It [Part One]

Nonprofit follow-through is one of the easiest ways to gain and retain donors. Unfortunately, nonprofits often fail at following through. Let’s change that.

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How to Predict What You’ll Raise by Year-End

Here’s a way to predict what your year-end fundraising results might look like. But, results don’t just show up without some sweat on your part.