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10 Secrets to Increase Nonprofit Compensation

You know that there are non-monetary rewards of working in a nonprofit. Check out these 10 secrets to enrich the employee-employer relationship.


Why Simply Listening Can Mean New Funding Opportunities

I recently visited Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Everyone knows Lincoln’s Gettysburg address as one of the greatest messages in our nation’s history. But do you remember Edward Everett? Like many others, you may be drawing a blank. Everett got top billing and gave a lengthy speech at Gettysburg. It was two hours long. Mr. Lincoln and about 15,000 others patiently listened. 13,607 words later, what was planned to be “the” Gettysburg address ended. But few remember it today.

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How Small Nonprofits Can Recruit Entrepreneur Volunteers to Their Cause

It can be exhausting, and costly, trying to get the attention of giant corporations and their foundations. But when you’re looking to recruit volunteers, maybe entrepreneurs is where you need to focus your attention.

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When the F1 Key Doesn’t Work—Attracting and Retaining Volunteers

Volunteers are as important to nonprofits as technology is to a millennial. And we all know how important that is. So how do you go about attracting and retaining volunteers?

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How 6 Authentic Values Can Produce Staggering Outcomes for Your Small Nonprofit in 2014

Core values get talked up a lot. And nonprofits can’t just cook up core values to make themselves look attractive. Those values must be consistently exemplified by the individuals connected to the mission. Here are six values to help you produce outcomes beyond your expectations.

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How to Control the Future of Your Nonprofit (Even if Funders Don’t Grasp its Challenges)

I’ll quickly agree that the pressure on nonprofits is mind-blowing. But I also believe that harboring toxic thoughts can get you nowhere fast. So let’s shift the focus to what you do control.