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Celebrate International Grant Professionals Day

March 14-18 is International Grant Professionals Week and today it culminates to International Grant Professionals Day (IGPD), a day dedicated to honoring the many hours that go into writing, making and seeking grant projects and proposals—a task that’s often done behind the scenes and not highlighted enough in the nonprofit sector.

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Marketing Tools for Your Nonprofit and When They’re Effective

Lately, we’ve been talking about taking an integrated marketing approach. Today, we’re breaking it down further into the most common communication tools used in integrated marketing. Whether it’s direct mail or advertising, each marketing tool has a unique purpose and a place in your integrated marketing plan.

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9 Ways to Take Integrated Marketing to the Next Level

Today we’re talking about a different side of integrated marketing for your nonprofit organization. Check out these nine guiding principles.

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Nonprofit Communications: Are They Helping You Build Relationships?

How exactly is a communication plan crucial to your nonprofit? Today, we’re talking about relationships and how your communication plan can make or break the connections you make with your constituents.

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The Founders Generation: Who They Are and How Nonprofits Can Engage Them

Move over, Millennials. There’s a new generation in town and they are eager to innovate in our communities. Presenting Gen Z, now known as the Founders.

Featured Volunteer Recruiting

The 3 W’s of Volunteer Recruitment

Recruiting volunteers requires much more than a phone call or having someone show up and get to work. Consider the who, what and why of volunteering as you recruit people to support your cause.

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How to Decide if Your Organization Should Participate in #GivingTuesday

On one hand, there is skepticism about the effectiveness of #GivingTuesday, especially for small nonprofit organizations. On the other hand, there are successful campaigns of all sizes that prove that there is value in participating. So is #GivingTuesday right for you?

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How to Create the Perfect Questionnaire (AND Get Responses)

A successful questionnaire requires much more than just a variety of questions relevant to your topic. Use the following format to ensure that your respondents stay engaged and to get the best out of your nonprofit’s market research.

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How to Craft a Successful Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch, elevator speech or an elevator statement—whatever you choose to call it, this tiny snippet of information can make a big difference in your networking success.

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Why Integrated Marketing isn’t Just a For-Profit Practice

Integrated marketing communications. Sounds like long-winded business jargon, right? Maybe, but it’s a concept that many for-profit marketers live by, and your nonprofit should too.