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4 Tips for a Stronger Nonprofit Mission Statement [VIDEO]

Having a strong nonprofit mission statement is crucial to your organization. Your organization needs a nonprofit mission statement that’s concise and that resonates with your broad audience (donors, staff, board members, etc).

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The Unbreakable Connection Between Donor Retention & Donor Identity

Focus on donor acquisition in your nonprofit’s fundraising plan and expect to feel as if you’re filling an unplugged bathtub. Add as much steaming hot water as you like. When you drain water as quickly as you add it, your tub will never be full. Most nonprofits pour too much money into donor acquisition and…

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Unusual Holiday Events for Nonprofits (It’s Not What You Think)

It’s a rather heartbreaking part of the holidays. December passes without a chance to enjoy it, no matter how much you look forward to the holidays. Time for rest and reflection is also out—you’re on the brink of a demanding new year. While you may not need a week-long retreat to come up with innovative…

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How to Spotlight the People Your Nonprofit Helps on Social Media

Author and nonprofit social media expert Beth Kanter just published a fascinating article on Beth’s Blog. In “Unicef’s Little Bet on Pinboard” Kanter explored the charity’s risky (and ultimately advantageous) use of Pinterest to demonstrate glaring differences between Unicef’s fundraising audience and its beneficiaries. As Kanter explains, Unicef created a fictional profile for a young…

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Banishing the Big, Black Form 990 Cloud

Well at least it won’t hang over our heads much longer. This Thursday, November 15th has been a looming, long-dreaded date for many nonprofit leaders. Thursday marks the Form 990 deadline for many charitable organizations. So if your accounting period spans from January 1 to December 31—and if your nonprofit isn’t a church, political organization…

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A New Kind of Nonprofit Appeal for Thanksgiving

All too often, nonprofit leaders get caught up in the bottom line. Your development director may be careful to write personalized thank-you notes to donors of major gifts. And your online donation form surely includes a thank-you message. But for many nonprofit fundraising teams, gratitude is muddied with bids for future gifts. Some organizations thank…

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3 Presidential Email Marketing Lessons from Romney and Obama

This year’s presidential election hasn’t made fundraising any easier for nonprofit development directors. Your mission is important, of course, and your loyal donors want to help. But financially supporting the candidate of their choice is equally significant (and, this month at least, more pressing) for most donors. Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are cramping your…

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Outreach and Technology for Upwardly Mobile Nonprofits

Technology is only as powerful as you make it. Ignore the tech tools available to you and your nonprofit may miss out on major revenue and donor engagement. Worse, your organization could be left behind as others adopt the technology that was too time-consuming for you to take on. Among the most important tech developments?…

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Visual Storytelling on Social Media—Get the Picture?

Social media, and by extension your nonprofit, is smack dab in the middle of a full-scale shift. Social media used to be more straightforward—your nonprofit only needed a Facebook Page and a few videos on YouTube. Simply being available on social media, to have staked your claim on a couple relevant sites, was the end…

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Want to Recruit Younger Volunteers? Host a Nonprofit Event That Attracts Students

Living in a college town has its benefits—especially because autumn is so much more inspiring with a university nearby. Fallen leaves sound crunchier, your local Starbucks feels so studious and a hooded sweatshirt in your team’s colors is particularly cozy. And basing your nonprofit in a college town is advantageous for your organization too. College…