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Matt Spitsen

Matt Spitsen is the Senior Editor of Nonprofit Hub. As a millennial, Matt provides direct insight on how nonprofits must evolve to be relevant to his generation. Through his experience in leading nonprofit organizations, he understands the challenges many nonprofits face in evolving their organizations and embracing marketing and fundraising trends. Connect with Matt on Twitter at @mattforgood.

Featured Grant Writing

Where to Find Grants for your Nonprofit Organization

Finding grants for your nonprofit organization is a lot like shopping for a pair of jeans. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be hard to find a fit. But alas, we’re here to help.

Board of Directors Featured Human Resources

Succession Strategy: Mapping the Next Generation of Leadership

Succession strategy planning needs to start today. It sounds intimidating but simply means creating a plan to choose the next generation of leadership.

Featured Human Resources

Succession Planning for the Next Generation of Leadership

Imagine your executive director takes a new job tomorrow. Now what? Without succession planning, your organization goes into full-on crisis mode.

Email Marketing Featured Nonprofit Marketing Nonprofit Web Design

Why Nonprofits Need More Than Just a Responsive Website Design

There’s no doubt that in order to secure more donations for your organization, your website needs a responsive website design. But don’t stop there. Here’s why you need to keep focusing on mobile.

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Web Design

The Reason Your Nonprofit Brand Revolves Around Your Website

Every dollar we receive from fundraising is given because that donor believes in us. They connect with the mission. And they trust that we’re going to use their money to achieve the mission. So how do we gain their trust in the first place to secure those fundraising dollars? At the 2014 AFP Conference, we…

Board of Directors Featured Fundraising

Why Board Members Need to Be on Board with Nonprofit Storytelling

Nonprofit storytelling is crucial to conveying your organization’s message to donors and volunteers alike. Your staff knows your mission backwards and forwards—but who’s missing?

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Why Marketing to Millennials Won’t Get You Major Donors–But That’s Okay [VIDEO]

Learning how to market to millennials is a hot button topic in the nonprofit sector right now. But are millennials worth the time and money it takes to court them? The answer may surprise you. Why Marketing to Millennials Won’t Get You Major Donors–But That’s Okay Transcript: Nonprofits marketing to millennials. Should I do it,…

Featured Fundraising Nonprofit Web Design Video

3 Can’t-Forget Essentials for Effective Donor Pages [VIDEO]

While it’s not about the money (otherwise, you wouldn’t be in this gig), your nonprofit simply needs revenue to operate. Without it, how are you going to fund those amazing programs (much less, pay your employees)? That’s why the donor page is probably the most important individual element of your nonprofit website. It’s critically important to…

Featured Fundraising Video

3 Major Donor Fundraising Tips to Get that 2nd or 3rd Donation [VIDEO]

When you’ve been courting a major donor for weeks, months or even a year, it’s a great feeling to get that big commitment. You’ll probably want to shut down the office for the day and take your staff out to celebrate–and you should! But major donor fundraising (and really, all fundraising) doesn’t stop after the…

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How to Engage the Next Generation Donor

One of the biggest mistakes nonprofits make is treating Millennials differently than any other donor. With more involved, older donors, would you start communicating with them without finding out how they’d like to be engaged?