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Donor Behavior Shows Longer Fundraising Messages Actually Work Better

Writing fundraising messages is not merely a derivative of commercial marketing, academic writing or business prose. It’s a highly specialized and nuanced technique

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Ways to Plug Your Leaky Fundraising Bucket

A leaky bucket could be contributing to your fundraising dollars trickling out. How does your nonprofit measure up?

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How to Clarify Board and Staff Roles with an Invisible Yellow Line

If there was one universal nonprofit rulebook to clarify board and staff roles, we could avoid miscommunication over getting things done at the leadership level.

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10 Ways to Address the Most Commonly Overlooked Element of “The Ask”

One of the most commonly overlooked elements of the Ask is follow-up. After the Ask, you do not want to give your prospect unlimited space and time and let her contact you because you need to have a system and timeline after all the cultivation work you’ve done.

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Are You Old School or New School When Persuading Others?

Most of us are in the business of persuading, convincing and influencing others. And in Dan Pink’s book, we’re all in the business of moving others—especially those of us in the nonprofit sector.

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In the Market for a New Brand? Don’t Get “Brandjacked”

Can you imagine fundraising in an environment where everyone knows what your NPO is and what it does? It’s important you cultivate action. But with nonprofit branding, make sure you don’t get “brandjacked”

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Where Most Nonprofits Fail When Trying to Manage a Brand

What a brand is may be the same across sectors, but what a brand can do for an organization and how best to manage brands differ between for-profit and nonprofit organizations. Here’s where most nonprofits fail when trying to manage their brands.

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Measurable Fundraising Efforts Begin with a Shared Context

In spite of the intense focus we put on fundraising, it suffers from so many performance maladies. So you can imagine my surprise when I picked up Fundraising the SMART Way™ and discovered a variety of truly legitimate and robust remedies.

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Millennials: Free Agents of Fundraising and Advocacy

Even though Millennials are the next generation of donors and constituents, leaders spend far more resources focused on maintaining their existing supporters rather than trying to cultivate new ones.

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No Instruction Manual? Adopt a Start-Up Attitude

The online world is changing the way we live, work and engage with our communities. Nonprofits that raise more and leverage new heights in advocacy relate with their constituents through a variety of online channels in tandem, meeting each group where it already is: on the Internet.