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[PODCAST] Building a Nonprofit Brand | Ft. Farra Trompeter

Each nonprofit brand is more than just a name and logo, it’s the experience that someone has every time they come into contact with you. Farra Trompeter is featured in this episode to break down how you’ve built that experience and where to go from here.

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Four Steps to Write the Right Content on your Nonprofit Blog

Maintaining a nonprofit blog is no little task. It needs work and preparation if you truly want to provide the right content on your nonprofit blog.

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Why Nonprofits Shouldn’t Imitate the Art of Corporate Branding

Modeling what already exists—in this case nature—is understandably a favorable strategy because, in most cases, it works. There are many forms of architecture that mimic nature beautifully. Depending on your taste, you might say this home is a work of art or a vision gone wrong. In the case of nonprofits imitating corporate brand management, however, it’s not a matter of esthetics. Four authors agree it simply doesn’t work. Why? Allow me to excerpt each of their views.

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Tips and Tools to Build Your Organization’s Brand

An organization’s brand is much more than what meets the eye. There’s strategy, planning and effort that go into it. At Cause Camp, Shala Wilson Graham talked about anything and everything that is related to branding and how nonprofits can improve. Graham is the principal and creative director of SW Creatives, and has provided branding and design…

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5 Steps to Consider When Rebranding Your Nonprofit

Rebranding can give your brand a fresh spin, help your team communicate more efficiently and help you engage with an appropriate audience.

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How to Craft a Successful Elevator Pitch

Elevator pitch, elevator speech or an elevator statement—whatever you choose to call it, this tiny snippet of information can make a big difference in your networking success.

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4 Nonprofit PR Lessons from Pope Francis

Pope Francis is in the US, and he has a lot we can learn. Check out these four nonprofit pr lessons from Pope Francis that you can apply to your nonprofit.

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5 Tips to Collect More of Your Nonprofit’s Inspiring Stories

Let’s look at five tips to engage your colleagues in storytelling that will result in more stories to share with donors.

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[MCON 2015] Millennials More Likely to Donate, Volunteer When Recruited by Peers vs. Bosses

In the 2015 Millennial Impact Report, which was released Tuesday by Achieve and The Case Foundation, details were released about who specifically impacts millennials. The report examined different ways millennials are impacted through three areas: give, influence and inspire.

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Shining the Best Light—Eliminate Brand Confusion and Mistakes

Success comes when everybody is onboard with your mission. Let’s avoid nonprofit brand confusion with some quick tips.