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The Top 10 from 2013—Your Favorite Nonprofit Articles of the Year

Another wild and exciting year is on the downhill slopes. Don’t worry, we promise just as much excitement in 2014. And this holiday season, our gift to you is the gift of knowledge… again. You’ve already seen these articles (we promise it’s not regifting), but we’ve put your favorites all in one easy place to…

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10 Grant Writing Mistakes That’ll Cost You the Mother Lode

There are millions, even billions of dollars on the line. Do you want your slice of the pie? The truth is, that money could all be yours…..IF the grant application is right. Jessica Brown is the Chief Professional Officer at the Boys and Girls club of Central Appalachia. She was thrown into the grant writing…

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Don’t Start Your Nonprofit Grant Writing Until You Read This

Before you start your nonprofit grant writing and filling out grant applications, stop. There’s an important question you need to ask yourself before applying for grants: Should we be applying for grants in the first place? The answer: Yes!—but always with some qualifications. Let’s be clear: there are tons of opportunities for grants to be…

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The Benefits of Using Volunteers and Requesting ‘Dollar for Doer’ Grants

You can probably think of reasons not to utilize volunteers, but these are excuses. Here’s why nonprofits should use volunteers, how to even profit from volunteer grants, how to attract volunteers and also how to keep them.

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Eliminate the Headache—3 Grant Funding Sources to Help Your Org Succeed

With a little help we can achieve our greatest goals. At our nonprofit organizations we need a solid board of directors, enthusiastic volunteers and generous funders to help us achieve our missions. But sometimes even the most generous funders aren’t enough to propel us forward. Speaking for organizations everywhere—thank goodness for grants (when we can…

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3 Things Nonprofit Fundraisers Need to Write Breathtaking Copy

“All fundraising copy should sound like someone talking.” Tom Ahern, renowned fundraising blogger and consultant, asks you to look at that case you’re about to submit. Does any of it sound like something a human being would actually say? At this year’s AFP International Conference 2013, Tom Ahern has an important message for fundraisers writing…

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Fresh Ideas for Your Next Nonprofit Grant Writing Session [VIDEO]

Not all nonprofits have the available resources to hire an experienced grant writer for their organization. Don’t let that hold you back. Here are a few fresh ideas for your next nonprofit grant writing session.

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Ultimate Guide to Your Nonprofit Grant: Once It’s Yours

Well, well, look at you: your nonprofit just received an offer letter from the foundation you’ve spent months trying to seduce. Your countless man-hours of researching the grant requirements, writing up a proposal and maintaining a back-and-forth with the foundation bigwigs have finally paid off. We’re very proud of you. They grow up so fast….

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All Told: How to Ace Your Nonprofit Grant Report by the July 30 Deadline

Most nonprofits marked the end of their fiscal year on June 30. But finally finishing your organization’s financial statements doesn’t signal a break in critical forms and (perhaps) onerous protocols. No, as with most other projects, the end of one simply heralds the start of another. Funders will typically give a grant winner one month…

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Top 3 Grant Writing Tips for Nonprofits—The Ones Nobody Talks About

Whether you’re an experienced nonprofit grant writer or a total newbie, chances are you’ve looked online for some general tips. And, if you’re finding what we’re finding, you’ve most likely read something along these lines—don’t be too general, don’t be over-detailed, avoid poor reasoning, be logical and forget the quantitative data. While yes, these tips…