Grant Writing

Grant Writing

Six Small Tips to Consider in the Grant Writing Process

There are plenty of big time issues we must deal with in the grant writing process. Do we have all our figures correct? Is the wording too… well, wordy? For all the big things we focus on, there are small aspects we can combover by accident. One thing we can do is to speak with…

Grant Writing

Hitting All the Right Notes to Make Your Grant Proposal Sing

There are three, ever-so-important all-too-vital characteristics of crafting that perfect grant proposal; Impact, empathy and risk. We’ve all ran the gamut of emotions when giving to a charitable cause. What good will this donation do? How did the story affect me? Can this be trusted? It’s all right there in black and white. We rationalize…

Grant Writing

The Grant Writing Checklist—7 Qualities That Ensure a Great Proposal

Writing a grant proposal can be a quick way to cause instant stress. Worrying about every single detail, making sure to include the right information for the specific grant, being clear of our intent. There’s plenty of stressors that go into the process. But slowing it down and looking at the main characteristics of a…

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The Top 10 from 2013—Your Favorite Nonprofit Articles of the Year

Another wild and exciting year is on the downhill slopes. Don’t worry, we promise just as much excitement in 2014. And this holiday season, our gift to you is the gift of knowledge… again. You’ve already seen these articles (we promise it’s not regifting), but we’ve put your favorites all in one easy place to…

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Form Your Own Grant Strategy for Future Success

It can be easy to forget how much effort goes into the grant writing process. And no—it’s not just using the right words and perfect voice in the application. It’s finding the right grants to apply for. Our best bet in applying for various grants is to create a grant strategy. We can’t waste our…

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10 Grant Writing Mistakes That’ll Cost You the Mother Lode

There are millions, even billions of dollars on the line. Do you want your slice of the pie? The truth is, that money could all be yours…..IF the grant application is right. Jessica Brown is the Chief Professional Officer at the Boys and Girls club of Central Appalachia. She was thrown into the grant writing…

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Don’t Start Your Nonprofit Grant Writing Until You Read This

Before you start your nonprofit grant writing and filling out grant applications, stop. There’s an important question you need to ask yourself before applying for grants: Should we be applying for grants in the first place? The answer: Yes!—but always with some qualifications. Let’s be clear: there are tons of opportunities for grants to be…

Grant Writing

3 Easy Tactics Every Nonprofit Should Know When Seeking Grants

Searching for the right grants to apply for can seem like a daunting task. So much effort goes into the process that we may feel exhausted before we even send in the application. One way we can stay ahead and be prepared is creating a grant calendar. A calendar can help us to properly plan…

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The Benefits of Using Volunteers and Requesting ‘Dollar for Doer’ Grants

You can probably think of reasons not to utilize volunteers, but these are excuses. Here’s why nonprofits should use volunteers, how to even profit from volunteer grants, how to attract volunteers and also how to keep them.

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Where Does Humor Fit in Nonprofit Content?

Who doesn’t enjoy a good, hearty laugh? To some, laughter is the best medicine. But for nonprofits, does humor always work in our writing? We wish it would be easy to simply say ‘yes,’ but unfortunately it’s not that easy. Our websites are filled with useful, informative content in news stories to blog posts and…