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Social Media for Nonprofits Starter Guide | Pt. 2

In part one of this series, we covered the big dogs of social media: Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Now we’re taking a closer look at some other platforms

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Social Media for Nonprofits Starter Guide | Pt. 1

The Internet and everything in it is constantly growing, and social media is no exception. That’s why we’ve created the social media for nonprofits guide.

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How to Use Snapchat, Even If It’s Wrong for Your Organization

Just as in life, often times the best leaders, know how to follow. It’s just like Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont tells Jon Snow in Season Two of Game of Thrones, “You want to lead one day? Well, learn how to follow.”

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Your Nonprofit’s Facebook Posts Are Likely Not Appearing on News Feeds Anymore

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been close to 10 years since Facebook first introduced the News Feed. And since then, Facebook has implemented over 30 major algorithm changes to determine what is prioritized on your Facebook News Feed.

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How to Create a Stress-Free Social Media Strategy

First, we were told to worry about Facebook, then Twitter came along. Then Pinterest. Does anyone remember Path? Foursquare. Instagram. Now Snapchat seems to be the shiny object these days. This list could go on and on. Far too often, nonprofits waste precious time worrying about all the noise in regards to social media, when in reality less is more.

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[PODCAST] How to Use Social Media as a Fundraising Tool | Ft. John Haydon

Social media is social, not transactional. It’s about relationships. It’s like a handshake in that it is a critical tool in a traditional fundraiser’s toolbox to create trust, rapport and likeability. You’re not reaching back to steal their wallet, but simply making a connection with people.

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11 Tips to Get Your Nonprofit Live on Facebook

Facebook Live is taking the newsfeed by storm! This (relatively) new live broadcasting feature lets any person, brand, or nonprofit live-stream events, reveals, celebrations, and more.

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The Problem With Crowdfunding

Both individuals and businesses have begun to turn to crowdfunding to pay their way out of misfortune, generate donations and fund startups. The grass isn’t always greener on the side of crowdfunding; less than half of campaigns reach their goal.

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How to Create Video Content for Nonprofit Donations

When it comes to video content generation, there are three main types of video content your organization should be focusing on.

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How to (or not to) Use Snapchat for Your Nonprofit

Like frosted tips and neon windbreakers, to most, Snapchat seemed like nothing more than a funky fad. The tides have changed and people have embraced Snapchat into the same category of social media powerhouses as Facebook and Twitter. Should your NPO use Snapchat?