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How to Maximize Your NPO’S Tweets: Twitter Commandment #7 [VIDEO]

Let’s face it—formulas were made for science. And social media wasn’t designed with an exact science in mind. Sure, there are algorithm formulas that help determine how your posts will perform. But for the most part, we can’t predict how a tweet will do after we launch it off into the mythical land of social…

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5 Greats Ways to Use Video on Instagram

No need to worry about creating a Hollywood-esque set or the latest in video camera technology. The power of great videos for our campaigns is the in palm of our hands. Since June, Instagram users have been able to create 15 second videos via smartphone. It may not seem like much time, but there’s a…

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Why Direction is Essential to Nonprofit Videos

Crafting a great nonprofit video is all about what happens before we hit record. If we don’t have a direction and message to be delivered to our viewers, then we have nothing. To create a video that is focused, compelling and personal, we must plan ahead. Think about who the video is for, what we…

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Why Illustrating the Impact of $1 is Such Effective Fundraising [VIDEO]

“3 dollars can feed an entire family for a week.” “A dollar a day can buy a polio vaccine.” “For the cost of a latte, you can cure a child’s blindness.” You’ve heard these kinds of illustrations before—you might even have used them yourself. They’re incredibly effective, but it’s important to understand WHY they’re effective….

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Nonprofit Twitter Tips #6: Don’t Kill Your Personality! [VIDEO]

Let’s say you’re doing everything right with your nonprofit’s Twitter presence. You know: You deftly sprinkle hashtags in your tweets in a way that real people actually use them. You make sure to follow and share other people’s content, instead of just promoting yourself. You’ve even looked into advanced Twitter jujustu, like scheduling your tweets….

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Do Facebook Likes Really Matter for My Nonprofit Organization?

One question we hear time and time again is: do Facebook “likes” matter? Should we care about that metric? Does social media matter at all for my nonprofit? If you’ve ever asked that, this video is for you. Do Facebook Likes Really Matter for My Nonprofit Organization? Transcript: One question you hear over and over…


Can Nonprofits Really Change the World?

“The things we’ve been taught to think about giving, and about charity and about the nonprofit sector are actually undermining the causes we love and our profound yearning to change the world.” Can nonprofits really change the world? Or are businesses becoming responsible for doing charity work? According to Dan Pallotta, the problems nonprofits are…

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Getting Over the Fear of the Ask

Who better to teach you how to ask for money than a professional statue? They make their living by getting “donations” without talking. That’s a serious amount of skill. Within this inspiring Ted Talk, Amanda Palmer describes the task of overcoming the common feelings of hesitation when asking people for money. She’s learned the value…

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The Importance of Nonprofit Storytelling [VIDEO INFOGRAPHIC]

What is it about stories that captivate us so? When we were little, story time was one of the best parts about school. It was a time of endless imagination and creativity. As we got older, other types of stories continued to move us to tears, make us smile or strike some other emotional chord….

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See How Millennial Users React to These Nonprofit Websites [Video]

Warning, if you are feeling feisty this morning do not view the videos below. The following contains user tests of various millennials’ takes on nonprofit donation pages (both mobile and web). Here are some eye-opening quotes that our donors might be saying when they visit our websites: “Why would I automatically click donate?” (Hint: Give…