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Seasoned Product Software Analyst, spearheading B2C product innovation for over seven years. Shruti began her career as a software engineer, but her interest in making a difference through cutting-edge digital products quickly evolved from exploring the big picture rather than the details. Shruti has used her knowledge to improve consumer experiences, enhance product offerings, and identify new market trends across many different industries. To keep products relevant and successful in ever-changing markets, Shruti is passionate about utilizing data and quality to drive innovation. She aims to connect technology breakthroughs with consumer demands. At present, she is spearheading the creation of a digital communication channel for the future of e-commerce and retail. Through her articles and blog posts, which cover the Agile, Product, and UX domain spaces, she breaks down the difficult world of product management and shares her passion for learning with others. When it comes to e-commerce and education, Shruti has a history of using analytics to propel key company decisions. How about we have a conversation about making B2C products that make a difference? LinkedIn: Medium: Portfolio: Blog: Wordpress Blog:
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