Featured Hubcast Human Resources

[PODCAST] The Importance of Ethics in the Nonprofit Sector | Ft. Robbe Healey

In this episode, we sat down with Robbe Healey to discuss the importance of making ethics in the nonprofit sector an everyday conversation.

Donor Retention Hubcast

[PODCAST] Donor Relationships, Donor Retention and Donor Choice | Ft. Adrian Sargeant

It goes without saying that retaining donors can be the biggest deterrent to success for your organization. Making change starts with donor relationships.

Featured Hubcast Social Media

[PODCAST] How to Use Social Media as a Fundraising Tool | Ft. John Haydon

Social media is social, not transactional. It’s about relationships. It’s like a handshake in that it is a critical tool in a traditional fundraiser’s toolbox to create trust, rapport and likeability. You’re not reaching back to steal their wallet, but simply making a connection with people.