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The Big Difference Between Branding and Marketing for Your NPO

To me, nothing is better than the excitement of the month of December. My birthday and Christmas both happen in this month, just a few days apart. Family time, snack foods for days and tackle football in the snow are kind of my jam. There’s just one thing that can dilute my giddiness: the inevitable…

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How Compassionate Branding Can Work for Your Nonprofit

Branding is crucial for any organization’s marketing strategy. But why is branding so important? At a very basic level, it raises awareness about your NPO.

Featured Nonprofit Branding Nonprofit Marketing Plan

What I Learned from College and Working 4 Years at The Hub (And What You Can Take From It)

I graduated last weekend. Cue the relentless flow of scared, excited, sentimental and nostalgic feelings. All of the feelings. For the most part I’ve held back my emotions and have yet to cry. (I’m sure it’s coming. Don’t worry, I’m not a robot.) But here’s what I’ve learned during this transitional phase—which naturally is all relatable to the nonprofit world.

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The Way We Should Be Talking About Our Nonprofit Jobs

“What exactly is it that you do?” My gut reaction was to say “I work for a nonprofit.” The moment I utter those words, I paint myself into a corner.

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[Cause Camp] Why Sometimes Less is More for Nonprofits

Big Duck president Sarah Durham presented at Cause Camp in Lincoln, Neb., but she did more than just dispense her wisdom about the Rebrand Effect—she also learned a few lessons from the other speakers.

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Nonprofit Branding: The Big IDEA

In “The Brand IDEA,” Nathalie Laidler-Kylander and Julia Shepard Stenzel looked at 70 nonprofits to see what the most successful organizations are doing right with their brands. The pair identified three factors that can make or break a nonprofit’s brand: Integrity, Democracy, and Affinity.

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Tap Into Millennial Potential by Creating a Stellar Website

Millennials are set on making a difference. In fact, only 15 percent of millennials didn’t give to an NPO in 2013. So how do you get even part of that 85 percent to donate to your organization? The answer for your nonprofit is through branding. Yep. I said the words “brand” and “nonprofit” in the…

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Plant Your Roots and Watch Them Grow: Creating Brand Evangelists

Every nonprofit wants one thing—to achieve their mission. So what’s going to make your constituent become brand evangelists?

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Nonprofits Need to Find Their Voice and Stick With It

Your website is the face of your organization—what people see online should reflect who your nonprofit is offline. Think of it as a window into the soul of your organization.

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Why Your Nonprofit Doesn’t Need to Compete with the Big Kids

The Karate Kid, Harry Potter, Remember the Titans and Seabiscuit are some of the most classic tales of our time, and they’re stories of underdogs. Stories of people who were told they couldn’t, but proved society wrong and came out victorious. No matter if they’re fact or fiction, these stories should inspire you as nonprofits….